• Cacao Rough

    Cacao Rough

    This super quick and easy raw vegan chocolate slice, is very nutritious and definitely satisfies the strongest chocolate craving.  They are fructose, gluten and dairy free – a bit of a change from the dried fruit, high sugar energy balls or bars about.  I think they are so delicious – a bit of a cross Read More

  • DSC_1078-2-2

    Why I choose SLOW food

    As I’ve previously mentioned, I choose to eat S.L.O.W foods; that is seasonal, local, organic (or at least sustainable), whole foods – these are healthy food choices.  Once again, I simply go back to my philosophy of eating as close to the natural source as possible.  SLOW foods are the only foods my grandmothers, grandmother Read More

Healthy Fish cakes – (that even the fish fussy will love)

Fish Cakes

These healthy fish cakes are so simple and a really lovely way to serve fish.  They are particularly wonderful for those that aren’t so keen on fishy stuff as the flavour and texture changes all together when it is processed and is quite different to grilled or pan fried fish.  My daughter really isn’t keen Read More

The simplest, most profound thing you can do to improve your health


I come across videos and pod casts about health and food on a daily basis.  Few hit the mark like this u-tube video, which has compelled me to share it with you.  Michael Pollen is one of my most favourite authors.  His books are thought provoking, thorough and simply marvellous. This short video encompasses so Read More

A Conscious Easter (with chocolate and all)


A big motivation for  developing the Well Nourished website, was to do my bit, to make a difference to the world I leave my children.  Which brings me to one of todays most environmentally devastating practices…farming Palm Oil.  It just so happens, the chocolate and hot cross bun industry is one of the drivers of Read More

Simply Well Nourished – Healthiest Cheese Choice


Cheese…another fairly basic food that the food processing industry has managed to commercialise so that not all cheese is created equal.  This post isn’t about to eat or not to eat cheese, rather if you do eat it, how to choose the real deal. How is ‘real’ cheese made? Very basically a starter culture is Read More

Healthy Chocolate cookie recipe (aka Oreos, Mint Slice or Tiny Teddies)

Healthy Chocolate Cookie recipe

This healthy chocolate cookie recipe can form the base for a healthy version of an oreo, mint slice or you can even use it to make tiny teddies (you’ll just need to source a tiny teddy cookie cutter).  It is a great, additive free option for kids that are accustomed to a sweet treat in Read More

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