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    Rise and Shine to a Well Nourished Breakfast

    Today I’m super excited to release my very first ebook “Rise and Shine – A Well Nourished Breakfast.” When I began producing this ebook, I was repeatedly asked ‘why a breakfast book?’ My reasoning is that I always aim to help people find the very best health available to them, and breakfast is not only the Read More

  • Cacao Rough

    Cacao Rough

    This super quick and easy raw vegan chocolate slice, is very nutritious and definitely satisfies the strongest chocolate craving.  They are gluten and dairy free – a bit of a change from the dried fruit, high sugar energy balls or bars about.  I think they are so delicious – a bit of a cross between Read More

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    Why I choose SLOW food

    As I’ve previously mentioned, I choose to eat S.L.O.W foods; that is seasonal, local, organic (or at least sustainable), whole foods – these are healthy food choices.  Once again, I simply go back to my philosophy of eating as close to the natural source as possible.  SLOW foods are the only foods my grandmothers, grandmother Read More

Baked Brown Rice Pudding

Brown rice pudding

One of the ways I manage to feed my family unprocessed foods without spending endless hours in the kitchen is to always cook more than we need for that meal. So even when I cook rice to go with a curry, I often cook a little extra and use it to make this delicious breakfast (that Read More

Food Labelling – does it paint a true picture?

Food labelling

I recently read a great article in the Virgin Magazine (I wish I could credit the author, but I forgot to note it down) which highlighted the irony that a product with the innocent and indeering name “Nan’s” would prompt everyday Australians to stop and think about where there food actually comes from. I know my Read More

Indian Vegetable Curry

Vege curry 2

So this is a very basic, mild Indian vegetable curry sauce that I often whip up for a quick meal that is guaranteed to please my family. It is very versatile so even though my main recipe is vegetarian, feel free to add in meat or legumes (see recipe variations). You can also freeze batches Read More

How your ‘control freak’ may serve you


Words by Psychotherapist Jane Faulkner Many people come to my practice complaining that they want to be less controlling and more relaxed. They want to be able to just ‘go with the flow,’ rather than have a schedule for everything.  Because of competing demands and limited resources of time and energy, they feel as though life is passing Read More

Beetroot, Coconut and Ginger soup

Beetroot soup 1

I find the human palate an amazing thing – some people just eat anything that’s put in front of them and others are a little more discerning (sounds so much more classy than ‘fussy’). You might be surprised that I actually fit into the second category here. With age, I’ve certainly broadened my culinary horizons – Read More

Kind words…

“We have a group of school mums using your recipes all the time and you are changing the health and habits of our precious families.” Madhavi

“You have truly helped me and my family to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been referring to your page every few days, very inspiring, so thank you!” Emily

“Thank you very much for your awesome website & facebook page posts, you have motivated & inspired me heaps!” Fiona

“Just discovered your site 3 weeks ago, its been a great help with kids lunches for back to school, thanks so much!” Ange

“What a fantastic blog filled with so many great recipes and information!” Carla

“I just wanted to let you know that you have absolutely inspired me to a better way of eating, I’ve been making my shopping lists based on recipes you’ve shared and am educating my kids with the reasons behind different foods and why they are good etc! This page has become my little bible hehe! Thank you so much for all the detail you give. It’s absolutely wonderful!” Sky

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