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    NEW eBook – A Well Nourished Lunchbox

    The day has finally arrived – my much anticipated new eBook  – The Well Nourished Lunchbox is here!! This baby has taken the better part of a year to put together. I think once you flick through the 150+ pages you’ll understand that this book truly is a labour of love and so much more than Read More

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    Rise and Shine to a Well Nourished Breakfast

    Today I’m super excited to release my very first ebook “Rise and Shine – A Well Nourished Breakfast.” When I began producing this ebook, I was repeatedly asked ‘why a breakfast book?’ My reasoning is that I always aim to help people find the very best health available to them, and breakfast is not only the Read More

Zucchini, Mint, Feta Soup (in just ten minutes)

Zucchini mint feta soup

One vegetable my kids really dislike is zucchini (or spew-kini as they like to call it). For those of you who have followed me for a while, you’ll know that my kids have a great appetite for whole foods and genuinely love a wide range of vegetables. One of the reasons this is the case is because Read More

Crispy Salmon with Coriander Lime Pesto (and sweet potato chips)

Samon with Coriander Lime Pesto

I buy fresh fish from my Farmers Market every weekend and this is my families favourite way for me to cook it. My kids fish preference is always Salmon or Trout (they are less keen on white fish unless I make my fish cakes). Paired with this zesty pesto and creamy sweet potatoes, this meal Read More

Healthy Raspberry and Coconut Slice

Healthy Raspbery Coconut Slice

My nana was instrumental in developing my passion for food and cooking. So many of my childhood memories are centre around food and cooking in her old kitchen. My nan used to pick me up from school every Friday and in summer, we stopped at the corner deli for an ice block and in winter, Read More

10 Tips For Healthy Grocery Shopping 

10 tips for healthy shopping

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – healthy living is a lifestyle, not a diet. The first important step towards adopting a healthy lifestyle is to stock your fridge and pantry with wholesome, nourishing foods. If you don’t buy processed, nutritionally void foods, then you and your family are less likely to eat them. Read More

Simple Green Salad with seeds and an orange balsamic vinaigrette

Simple Green Salad

As you may already know, as part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, I was one of 10 people selected to put my spin on 10 of Jamie’s favourite staple recipes. This is a task right up my alley as I just love the endless possibilities of food creation. So my next JamieOliver.com recipe ‘to save your Read More

Kind words…

“I downloaded your ebooks after hearing you speak at the Health and Wellness Summit in Melbourne. Love them, life changing… Don’t stop! Thank you for getting the whole food message out there, I certainly heard it.” Melanie

“We have a group of school mums using your recipes all the time and you are changing the health and habits of our precious families.” Madhavi

“You have truly helped me and my family to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been referring to your page every few days, very inspiring, so thank you!” Emily

“Thank you very much for your awesome website & facebook page posts, you have motivated & inspired me heaps!” Fiona

“Just discovered your site 3 weeks ago, its been a great help with kids lunches for back to school, thanks so much!” Ange

“What a fantastic blog filled with so many great recipes and information!” Carla

“I just wanted to let you know that you have absolutely inspired me to a better way of eating, I’ve been making my shopping lists based on recipes you’ve shared and am educating my kids with the reasons behind different foods and why they are good etc! This page has become my little bible hehe! Thank you so much for all the detail you give. It’s absolutely wonderful!” Sky

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