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A Conscious Easter (with chocolate and all)

A big motivation for  developing the Well Nourished website was to do my bit, to make a difference to the world I leave my children.  Which brings me to one of today’s most environmentally devastating practices…farming Palm Oil.  It just so happens, the chocolate and hot cross bun industry are one of the drivers of this practice which makes this Easter, a time where you can consciously direct your dollar and make a huge difference to the world we live in.

Don’t panic, I’m certainly NOT going to tell you not to buy Easter eggs for your kids, or even to reduce your sugar this Easter!  But I would like to share with you the BEST brands to buy in support of avoiding Palm oil, so you can have your chocolate bunnies and eat them with a clear conscience too.

Why should you?
Over 300 football fields of rainforest are destroyed every HOUR in South East Asia to make way for more Palm Oil Plantations. These forests are sadly home to the Orangutan and other endangered species.  When the Orangutan habitat has been destroyed, they often wander onto plantations searching for food, making them vulnerable to poachers.  They are run over by excavation equipment, doused in petrol and burnt alive, captured, tortured, beaten, shot with air guns or slaughtered.  The orangutan is considered a pest by many of the oil palm companies as they often destroy young palm plants in the hope of finding food.  In many cases, the palm oil companies place a bounty on the orangutan.

In addition, peat swamp forests which are carbon-rich organic soils are being drained, making way for plantations which are causing massive greenhouse gas emissions.  Indonesia has one of the largest greenhouse emissions in the world and they have relatively no industry.

What can you do this Easter to make a difference?
Firstly avoid  supermarket brands of the hot cross bun which ALL contain Palm Oil and check with your local bakery for the same.  Better still, whip up a batch of my divine and super simple Healthy Hot Cross Buns, for the recipe click here.

Please download this FREE list of palm oil free Easter eggs (the Palm Oil Free Easter Guide  link, it’s at the bottom of the linked page).  It includes Easter eggs from all of the regular brands like Cadbury, Lindt etc; BUT, please remember that not all of the products by these manufacturers are palm oil free – just some, so I urge you take a look at or print out this list to take shopping.  I’m personally sticking with Lindt Gold Bunnies and little solid or hollow Cadbury eggs this Easter for my kids.

For a truly ethical Easter, this post from Biome Eco Stores is fantastic, read it here.

Also very important…
Remember that Palm oil is not always on the label – many manufacturers call it ‘vegetable oil’ or a string of other names so it’s not enough to just not see it on the label (same goes with hot cross buns).  Personally, from a health perspective I wouldn’t touch a product with any form of dangerous vegetable oil anyway (for more, click here).   

More on Palm Oil? I’ve written about labelling and certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO), here.
PLEASE. PLEASE, PLEASE share this information with your friends and family too, so your kids don’t end up with a heap of damaging chocolate eggs this Easter.  I need you to help me to spread the wordif we don’t buy products made with palm oil, they’ll stop using it. 

All of the content here at Well Nourished is FREE to assist you to be the healthiest you can be.  But you can help me to build a healthier world, please  Share this post with a friend Share this post with a friend.

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Without her, he hasn’t a chance.  Without us, nor does she!
PS: When I was looking for images for this post on Pinterest, I was bought to tears by some of the things I saw, like this series of images, here.
  • Chocoholic

    Great post. However, I think that we shouldn’t support companies that use uncertified palm oil, not just refrain from buying those products that use the oil. Lindt uses uncertified palm oil in their filled eggs and balls, so I am staying clear of my favorite commercial chocolate from now on.

    • I absolutely agree and have written about that extensively in my first Palm Oil post (didn’t want to cover old ground in this one). CSPO (certified) Palm oil is definitely to be supported. G x

  • Thank you for posting this. Once again, another great post!!!

  • Kate

    thank you for a very pertinent post! I now have to go check the Red tulip eggs I’ve already bought, I’m not very hopeful but luckily I’ve kept the receipt!

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