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Meat – why eat it and the best choice

Vegetarians, look away.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you’ll know I eat meat.  In fact, I eat from across all food groups.  So today’s post is about meat and how I came to eat it after many years of avoidance; as well as my take on healthy meat choices and Read More

Berries, why you need to include them in your diet (and how to)

As we head into summer and the amazing array of fruits it brings, I especially look forward to a selection of fresh berries.  Berries scream ‘it’s Christmas time” and are on top of my list of favourite fruits as it just so happens.  So I thought I should give you reasons to eat them regularly, Read More

Are ‘Superfoods” really super?

When it comes to food and our diet, we are constantly receiving mixed messages about the most healthy foods to eat.  Where ever we turn, we are confronted by an array of products all with a variety of health claims.  The food industry is fully aware that we all want to be healthy and raise Read More

More fabulous uses for coconut oil (and a video)

More fabulous coconut oil uses and benefits.  As you all know, I LOVE the very healthy and healing coconut oil.  Why, well I’ve outlined many of the reasons here.  But I’ve been reading further and experimenting (as I do) and I just wanted to share a few more discoveries about the benefits of coconut oil. Read More

Simply Well Nourished – Yogurt, why it’s healthy and clever ways to eat it.

Yogurt is one food I consume regularly.  But like so many foods, not all yogurts are created equal.  So why is it such a healthy food and how do you choose the most nutritious type?  Let’s explore… Yogurt isn’t sweet You may be surprised by this, but real yogurt is not sweet.  You’re forgiven if Read More

Simply Well Nourished – Quinoa

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah), is one of the most nutritious, well tolerated foods available.  It is often considered a grain, but it is in fact, a seed of a plant closely related to spinach and beets.  This is a food I am more than happy to put in the ‘super’ foods category.   In Peru, they consider Read More

Simply Well Nourished – Why Protein packs a punch!

Humans are omnivores, that is we can eat both meat and plants.  Whether this is the healthiest way to eat, is an argument I’m not going to enter into this post.  Rather I’m going to talk about the importance of eating quality sources of protein, from a variety of sources to support optimal health. First, Read More

Simply Well Nourished – Coconut oil, why I’m addicted

Coconut oil – it’s back in favour and the world of nutrition has, at last, embraced this age old tropical fruit.  So is it all hype?  Whilst I’m not a fan of ‘super’ foods (especially of the Amazonian fruit kind), I absolutely love everything about coconut products, especially raw, extra virgin coconut oil.  I’ve had Read More

Simply Well Nourished – Fats and oils

What are healthy fats to eat?  Here it is – the good bad and the ugly!  OK, so here is where the controversy starts – I’m bound to ruffle a few feathers.  To be honest, this is a concept that I have struggled with myself for a little while.  You see, I studied Naturopathy and Read More

Why I choose SLOW food

As I’ve previously mentioned, I choose to eat S.L.O.W foods; that is seasonal, local, organic (or at least sustainable), whole foods – these are healthy food choices.  Once again, I simply go back to my philosophy of eating as close to the natural source as possible.  SLOW foods are the only foods my grandmothers, grandmother Read More

Kind words…

“I downloaded your ebooks after hearing you speak at the Health and Wellness Summit in Melbourne. Love them, life changing… Don’t stop! Thank you for getting the whole food message out there, I certainly heard it.” Melanie

“I love your ebooks, I have all three of them now and they are now my only go to receipe books. They are simple, wholesome and taste great. THANK YOU!!! I have spent alot of money on courses about healthy eating and recipe books but your books have covered it all and my little man enjoys the snacks etc. Wish I would have found you earlier “. Brooke

“I just want to say a huge thank you for your amazing website and information. I’ve never liked cooking and never got excited by my ‘healthy’ cooking. My husband is even worse and if he could, he would just eat beacon and eggs every morning and steak every night. He hardly ate any veggies. Since I found your website I have gone through almost every recipe. My husband is loving every meal as well – even meat free Monday, and he’s taking left-overs to work for lunch (honestly, who thought that could be so hard?!)” Rose

“You have truly helped me and my family to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been referring to your page every few days, very inspiring, so thank you!” Emily

“Thank you very much for your awesome website & facebook page posts, you have motivated & inspired me heaps!” Fiona

“Just discovered your site 3 weeks ago, its been a great help with kids lunches for back to school, thanks so much!” Ange

“What a fantastic blog filled with so many great recipes and information!” Carla

“I just wanted to let you know that you have absolutely inspired me to a better way of eating, I’ve been making my shopping lists based on recipes you’ve shared and am educating my kids with the reasons behind different foods and why they are good etc! This page has become my little bible hehe! Thank you so much for all the detail you give. It’s absolutely wonderful!” Sky

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