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I’ve always loved treating families and children.  Even before my own two came along, I saw a lot of children as patients and I began to gain an understanding of the many issues that have developed in feeding children well.  Since becoming a parent, I have definitely acquired a greater appreciation of the demands and challenges involved in the role of keeping little people well nourished.  However, it’s a role I truly cherish as I believe there is no greater gift than the gift of good health.

I am planning to blog on many topics to promote and inspire good health in children, as there is never a more critical time in the development of the human body, as in childhood.  My initial thought in starting a blog was to post on topics of kids health only.  But I kept getting stuck.  The reason being is that children’s health and eating habits are largely an extension of their families and I don’t believe they can be separated.  So I’ve decided to teach the teacher (that’s you!) with general health and food posts and also ‘Child-specific‘ topics, like dealing with fussiness.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard ‘I just don’t know what to feed my kids’.  The short answer is to feed them ‘real’ food, what you eat (or at least should eat!!).  Sit down and share meals with your children – demonstrate healthy eating and an appreciation of sharing food.  For a child to grow and develop into a healthy adult, proper nourishment is crucial.  That is, a variety of fresh, seasonal, whole foods needs to be consumed on a daily basis.  As children have increased nutrient requirements and a small stomach (and therefore less capacity), EVERY mouthful needs to count.  Processed, packaged and refined foods should be avoided or strictly limited, as they fill tiny tummies but offer little to no nutritional value.  Also, be really cautious of many manufactured foods which make a lot of health claims (normally boldly advertised).  These generally offer little ‘real’ nourishment.  Even though well marketed to children, they are not complete or whole sources of nutrition for children.

My children eat more or less everything.  They love spicy food, raw food, vegetables, salads, all meat…they just love food!   I don’t believe I’m just lucky.  There are many specific reasons why they eat so well – including both social and nutritional factors.  Fussiness in children is not ‘just the way children are’.  It is both learned and/or biological and the good news is it can be resolved (and at any age).

Healthy eating habits and a passion for good food are developed in early childhood, further paving the way to health and an enjoyment of whole food as an adult.  As you have to teach your children manners or to read and write, you also need to teach them how to eat well.  I feel very fortunate to have kids who have a passion for food and who are so remarkably well and robust.  I really hope over the coming posts, I can inspire and guide you through the hurdles of feeding children well.

As always, your input will shape the topics I share.  I look forward to your suggestions.



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“I downloaded your ebooks after hearing you speak at the Health and Wellness Summit in Melbourne. Love them, life changing… Don’t stop! Thank you for getting the whole food message out there, I certainly heard it.” Melanie

“I love your ebooks, I have all three of them now and they are now my only go to receipe books. They are simple, wholesome and taste great. THANK YOU!!! I have spent alot of money on courses about healthy eating and recipe books but your books have covered it all and my little man enjoys the snacks etc. Wish I would have found you earlier “. Brooke

“I just want to say a huge thank you for your amazing website and information. I’ve never liked cooking and never got excited by my ‘healthy’ cooking. My husband is even worse and if he could, he would just eat beacon and eggs every morning and steak every night. He hardly ate any veggies. Since I found your website I have gone through almost every recipe. My husband is loving every meal as well – even meat free Monday, and he’s taking left-overs to work for lunch (honestly, who thought that could be so hard?!)” Rose

“You have truly helped me and my family to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been referring to your page every few days, very inspiring, so thank you!” Emily

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“Just discovered your site 3 weeks ago, its been a great help with kids lunches for back to school, thanks so much!” Ange

“What a fantastic blog filled with so many great recipes and information!” Carla

“I just wanted to let you know that you have absolutely inspired me to a better way of eating, I’ve been making my shopping lists based on recipes you’ve shared and am educating my kids with the reasons behind different foods and why they are good etc! This page has become my little bible hehe! Thank you so much for all the detail you give. It’s absolutely wonderful!” Sky

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