+ Another Well Nourished competition prize pack to give away! 

Another Well Nourished competition prize pack to give away!

Well Nourished has updated its commenting system, so to celebrate….


We’re excited to announce another Well Nourished Orgamix Competition!

Win a selection of fabulous Orgamix organic whole food pantry products including organic coconut oil, cacao butter, cacao powder, chia seeds, rapadura, coconut flour and much more (worth over $130).  All that you need to make many of my healthy recipes including my Raw ChocolateHealthy Chocolate and Coconut SliceChocolate, Almond and Coconut bar and more.


How to enter…

1. Simply make sure you are subscribed to Well Nourished (to receive our weekly newsletter).

2. Then post a comment or question on the website between Friday 8th November and Friday 29th November, on any post or recipe (old or new), to receive an entry into the draw.  You can even reply to someone else’s comment for an entry too.

Have you tried a recipe?  Tell me about it and go in the draw.  Do you have a question or comment about a health post?  Have your say and also go in the draw.

The more times you comment, the more chances you have of winning!


Give away draw…

The prize pack is drawn on Friday the 29th November and the winner will be notified by email.  The prize pack will be posted to any Australian street or PO address, (customs dependant).


Sorry, Australian residents only.


Good luck!


  • Natalie Martin-Watson

    What a wonderful prize, thanks for such a great giveaway!

    • Thanks Natalie for kicking off the competition. Keep commenting over the coming weeks for more entries to win! G x

      • BecSecomb

        Thank you for creating well nourished! So much to learn. I’ve just had my second baby 4 months ago and feel such responsibility to nourish my family. It’s challenging but I love it.

        • It can be challenging, but hopefully I can help with tips to make it less so. Without good health, not much else in life matters so it’s worth the effort. Good on you for stepping up! G x

  • Danni Reichel

    This is a very cool comp. Thanks for the chance to be in it.

  • Ramona O’Rourke

    Great comp, thanks!

  • Very best of luck, G x

  • Jessi Edwards

    Great to see such a healthy comp, usually most food comps are laden with additives and the like, so its really refreshing to see such a great comp 🙂

    • Yes it is a wonderful prize – all the things I love to cook with. Best of luck, G x

  • Sally

    Hi Georgia, Just wondering if you have any advice (or an article in the making) about nutrition specifically for pregnant women? I’ve just found out I am pregnant with my second (yay!) and want to make sure I look after myself and my newborn bub and my one year old (who is still breastfeeding) as best I can. I need help 🙂

    Thanks also for the comp opportunity.

    • CONGRATULATIONS! Such exciting times. I will post on pregnancy for Baby Berry at some point soon- so much to share and this is a topic I’m passionate about. You will have to be very diligent with looking after yourself to keep up the demands of breast-feeding and pregnancy. You simply can’t go wrong with a good variety of whole foods. Make sure you eat regularly too and try to limit sugar and refined carbohydrate. Make up meals in bulk (doubling up is easiest) and freeze them to take care of the days when you are too tired to prepare a decent meal. Protein with each and every meal is critical. Keep it simple if you are not one for cooking fancy meals and to conserve your energy- meat, fresh fish (avoiding deep sea fish like shark and swordfish) or eggs and veges or salad (lots of green leaves). Simple curries are great to prep in bulk, Dhal and Bolognese sauce in bulk, roasts, etc; Happy to help with more tips if you encounter any difficulties. Good luck Sally, take care of yourself, G x

      • Sally

        Thanks Georgia! I’ll definitely start cooking double batches and freezing, for now and when bub arrives. The amount of information, especially contradictory information out there is a little overwhelming, so I think I will take your advice and just keep it simple 🙂

  • Hannah


  • Hannah


  • Kylie

    Pick me please 🙂

  • Georgia O’Shea

    Hi Georgia. Can you suggest super foods with high magnesium& calcium content for my 9 year old boy. He has Sever’s Calcaneal Apophysis and is in daily pain (in his feet). We supplement with powder at the moment but real food would be better. Thanks

    • The types of foods that are mineral rich/ anti-inflammatory/ healing and assist growth and development – green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds (including butters and tahini), whole (unrefined) grains, chia, quinoa, avocado, oily fish, beans and legumes, coconut oil, and I’d strongly encourage regular intake of bone broth (http://wellnourished.com.au/bone-broth-for-the-soul/). Poor thing, seems wrong for a child to be in pain. All the best, G x

  • Jodie

    I stumbled across ‘well nourished’ a few weeks ago and signed up to receive your recipes, I have been drawn toward super foods for some time now and was so pleased when I found your site, thanks for doing what you do as I am always perusing your recipes and have already added so many more super foods to my cooking – our 5 year old loves helping me cook and we are about to make the nut free muesli bars (no bake style), we are preparing our recipes for kindergarten snacks next year!

  • Welcome Jodie, pleased to help with Well Nourished’s posts and recipes. Also love hearing your 5 year old is involving in cooking, a great way to establish real food values and develop healthy eating habits too. Thanks for your support, G x

  • Belinda Niblock

    You have some really interesting info and recipes. Our family has started on a new way of eating as my mum has been diagnosed with multiple health problems and I don’t want to go down that path. Thanks for making it a little bit simpler!!

    • Thanks for your comment Belinda and good on you for seeking a healthier life. I’m thrilled Well Nourished is helping. G x

  • Sinead

    I’ve just started reading your newsletters….need to start making some food! thanks

    • Hope I can inspire and support your quest in the kitchen, Thanks Sinead, G x

  • Joanne

    Your competition prize sounds fabulous. would love to win. I’ve made your no bake museli bar several times – changed it to fit my gluten free diet (ive coeliac) and its lovely. Am experimenting with recipes using coconut oil and flour so will help! thanks

    • Thanks for your feedback Joanne. I try to offer a gluten free option for every recipe so always look at the variations below the recipe. Best of luck, G x

  • mylittlemod

    All signed up – looks like a great prize!

  • Jodie Stroud

    I signed up to your newsletter just before I went on holiday for 3 weeks, I cannot wait to get started on some of your delicious recipes. 🙂

    • Look forward to hearing how they go. Good luck in winning some goodies to help you along, G x

  • Best of luck, and keep posting comments for more entries too, G x

  • Kirrilly

    Hi Georgia, tried the choc chip cookies you posted last week, kids loved them!

    • Thanks for letting me know. I love it when little critics love my recipes! G x

  • Gwen Fletcher

    I’m a newbie to exploring the clean eating way – would love to win this as I often see these ingredients I’m not familiar with in a lot of recipes. Following this blog with interest! Thankyou

    • Good luck Gwen. I hope Well Nourished can support and encourage you. My advice is to make small changes with simple things first – pick something you eat regularly each week or two and become informed e.g.; look a the bread you’re eating and find the best option. Let me know if I can help at all. I’m always open to suggestions for new topics, G x

  • Ceska

    I enjoy your blog as it actually inspires me! I cook, I’m happy taking risks, I’ve been exploring all sorts of diets, techniques & pushing my belief system for yrs. I’ve been raising a little girl the last 16m, who I know I want to pass on good food messages. I know mainstream & family tradition will influence her, yet if I continue to educate, perhaps I’ll get through? I love that you test your recipe’s well (nothing worse!) and your information is very conscience and current. For example, I had no idea about Nitrite free meats and have just tried some ham done this way – I think I’ve been looking all my life for it! Your blog also constantly reminds me of who I am, what I believe in and that I should start my own, even if I’m just talking recipes & life to begin with! Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Ceska, thank you for your lovely comment – I’m genuinely touched that I inspire you with Well Nourished and have introduced some new concepts too. Yes, start a blog yourself…the more people supporting and providing education and inspiration to adopt a whole food way of life, the better our world will become (the world we leave our children). The scope of doing so via this cyber world still astounds me. All the best, G x

      • Ceska

        Very true indeed…. I’ll research the blogging tool part and get my material organized & act together 🙂 Thx and if I can suggest, perhaps an article on sunscreen if you’ve had any experience? I’m in the must of researching natural vs. commercial

  • Vanessa Scibilia

    I look forward to your posts as I find them very informative. I particularly like food ideas for toddlers and baby food. Keep up the great work!

  • Em

    Oh I hope I win, I’ve just started my sugar free/ clean eating journey and would love to stock the pantry up with all the essentials so I can make all your yummy recipes!

  • Tracey

    I’ve just recently started trying to eat healthier after years of thinking I was eating healthy by choosing low fat options, your blog has given me some great information and recipies so thanks!

    • I’m glad it makes sense to you and has helped, thanks for your feedback, G x

  • Natalie

    We have ‘gone back to nature’ with our eating habits for a while now and my 4 young kids have adapted quite well. Their taste buds certainly don’t need the amount of sugar they used to need. They can’t tell the difference when I use ancient grain gluten free flours instead of the over processed flour I used to use. But of recent times I have found my 8 year old son sneaking food or getting it from his friends at school. I think he understands the importance of natural healthy food, but just wants to eat what his friends do ( which is no longer part of our way of eating). Any suggestions ? Natalie

    • Try not to make a big deal about it. Some kids like to rock the boat and they all like to fit in. Just refer to food in terms of making him stronger/smarter/faster etc; (things that are important to him) rather than being good for him and healthy. Little hints often work way better than nagging. It’s tough because you want to encourage an open honest relationship. Let him know that you are disappointed with what he is doing – he is old enough to discuss this and perhaps negotiate some common ground. My kids have treat days (see my post under WN Kids) which we have negotiated and they feel a little in control and not resentful toward us (or healthy food). It is important to build a love of healthy food. Hope some of that helps. Good on you for taking control of your families health, G x

  • Shelley Johnson

    Georgia, good things happen. I was in line at a coffee shop and overheard reference to your website (in particular your healthy choc slice) and I couldn’t wait to get home and have a peep. I have been an avid and addicted reader ever since. I have now printed off some recipes to trial out in my kitchen and I feel a positive gusto to do so that has been lacking for a long time. I love your ‘ol Golden Wattle shots as they take me back to my Nan’s home and cooking too. You inspire health and happiness and I thank you for that. At 55 years of youth 🙂 I am keen to follow the footsteps towards a better way of life. Keep up the good work, for yourself, your children and us out here. Regards Shelley

  • Thanks so much for your lovely comment Shelly. Reading your words motivate me to pursue my passion of sharing all I have learned – your feed back is very much appreciated. G x

  • Jo Porter

    Early this year we were faced with a health scare that nearly cost me my life. As a mother of 3 daughters and a devoted partner this was a big shock to my system. The year was bumpy one with problems along the way and the discovery of many different dietary needs that my family now need. As a result I have been required to research long and hard to find out how to deal with all this. The answer was simple, go back to nature. First we removed all refined sugars and processed foods. Our next step is cows milk. But I want my children to learn the ways of living without going without choc sweets and cakes on birthdays. Now I have found a way with substitute ingredients I am determined to teach my children how to live their lives naturally and healthy. Over the next few weeks we will be preparing and planting a veggie and herb garden so the children can be involved with this new process. My partner and I are both students and cannot afford organic food or many of the health food store products, so I am learning ways to make things myself, beginning with growing our own to help the cost of other things. I am looking forward to this new lifestyle and new chapter in my book of life. Is so good that people like you share these wonderful pages to help others I appreciate all your hard work and I thank you 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your story. Two major health scares in my life time have shaped my current lifestyle. Good on you for taking control and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Which state are you in Jo (I might be able to offer some ideas of well priced suppliers). Hope I can continue to support and inspire you. All the very best and thanks for sharing, G x

      • Jo Porter

        Thanks Georgia, it’s nice to know your not alone with life journeys and choices made as a result. We live in SA, there is a health food store near our local coles that stock a lot of the items needed like cacao and almond flour and coconut flour, but the prices are beyond our current budget. I have found a way to make coconut milk and coconut flour on pinterest which I will be attempting in the weeks leading up to Xmas to try to use for Xmas recipies. Jo 🙂

        • Oh SA is not an area I’m familiar with. Check out Santos (in Byron Bay) for nuts/seeds/legumes/grains/flours etc – they deliver around Australia and their prices for certain things are reasonable. The link is under resources > delivery> SA on the site. Forming a co-op so you can share costs for bulk items is also good if you have others in your area after cheaper whole foods. All the best, G x

          • Jo Porter

            Thank you, I will look into that and keep researching. Much appreciated.

  • tanya clarke

    Great giveaway!

  • Karis Murnane

    I would love to win this to start the new year off and fulfill my weight loss goals

  • Tanya Robertson

    Georgia, I’m so sorry, I thought I had already subscribed to your newsletter…blonde moment! As you know I’m a huge fan, I’ve even started a folder for Well Nourished recipes only!

    • Love your organisation! Thanks for your support and taste testing too. G x

  • K

    That would be a great xmas present!

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