+ Well Nourished | Competition Time, go in the draw to WIN!

Competition Time, go in the draw to WIN!

It’s another Well Nourished Competition!

Win a selection of fabulous Orgamix organic whole food pantry products including organic coconut oil, cacao butter, cacao powder, chia seeds, quinoa and much more (worth over $130).  All that you need to make a lot of my healthy recipes including my Raw Chocolate, Healthy Chocolate and Coconut Slice, Chocolate, Almond and Coconut bar and more.


How to enter…

1. Simply make sure you are subscribed to Well Nourished (to receive our weekly newsletter).

2. Then post a comment or question on the website between Friday 8th November and Friday 29th November, on any post or recipe (old or new), to receive an entry into the draw.

Have you tried a recipe?  Tell me about it and go in the draw.  Do you have a question or comment about a health post?  Have your say and also go in the draw.  The more times you comment, the more chances you have of winning!


Give away draw…

The prize pack is drawn on Friday the 29th November and the winner will be notified by email.  The prize pack will be posted to any Australian street or PO address, (customs dependant).


Sorry, Australian residents only.


Good luck!


  • Sally O

    Ooooo what a great prize! A little comment not only so I can go in the draw, I’ve actually been meaning to tell u this for ages. One of my most favourite well nourished recipes is your Indian Dahl. It’s very authentic and we eat it at least once a week. Tim says its the best Dahl he’s tasted and since he just got back from India, I’ll take his word for it! 🙂 Readers, if you haven’t tried Georgia’s Dahl, give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Thanks Sally. You’ve been wonderful with your feedback and input. I’m very picky with my dhal after eating it daily in India for over 8 months. This is my best version I think. Really pleased you’ve enjoyed it. G x

  • Sally

    Hi Georgia,

    The other Sally here! Obviously I’m a big fan of the hummus recipe 😉 but I’ve been making all sorts of variations of your muesli recipe too. And, even though it’s really hot today, I’ve got the slow cooker on with a chicken casserole cooking, just to up my broth intake in Spring. Thanks for your suggestion about Slippery Elm too, I’ve never tried it but will give it a go!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Enjoy your little break.

    • Thanks Sally. The best thing about the muesli is being able to vary it. Good luck in the competition. G x

  • Hi! Have just come across your site through the haven mag. Love the recipes and am looking forward to making some healthy treats for my boys. Would love to win the ingredients!!

    • Thanks Tracey and welcome. You’re in the draw with each comment so good luck! G x

  • Jess

    What a wonderful prize, so nice to see a prize that is healthy for me and my family. Thankyou.

  • Kathy

    I picked up a copy of Haven at my GP’s today and very happy I did. I found your recipe for Cacao Rough which I tried as soon as I got home. I already had majority of ingredients in the cupboard from a few attempts at various things like Bliss Balls and Paleo cookies. These have definitely been the best things I’ve made so far. What a great idea using the Rice malt syrup. My kind of cooking too so easy to make everything goes in at once into the blender. I’m doing the Bust a Move in March next year and looking to raise $1000 for a great cause. I might be taking a few batches of these down to my CrossFit I’m sure they’ll be huge hit 🙂
    Thanks again

    • Thanks Kathy. I love these too. You might also like some of my other sweet treats (lots of grain and fructose free recipes) under recipes on the site. I also love the cacao rough with a few drops of peppermint oil (if you like a mint slice this is a delicious variation). Thanks for letting me know, G x

  • Rachael

    Hi Georgia, am still loving your work! Officially I’m posting this comment to go in your competition draw! I have made your nourishing Anzacs several times now and my grandmother wants me to write out the recipe for her…she’s 87 and has been baking for over seven decades, so I think that’s a huge compliment! I’ll have to take more baking for her to try when I make your recipes…
    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Rachael, that is a huge compliment. My Nan was my greatest inspiration in the kitchen, and she nurtured my love of cooking always. Very best of luck in the competition. G x

  • Nicky

    I have made the cauliflower and brocolli salad and it is delicous. I made it for a bbq at my younger brothers house who has 2 young girls (my nieces) who have to be careful what they eat but they could all have everything in this salad and they all loved it. It’s def a winner in my book, especially when I don’t have to take leftovers home 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback. The cauliflower and broccoli salad is such a simple but delicious flavour combination, there’s nothing better than pleasing a crowd. G x

  • Keriana Scarlett

    I can’t wait to try the healthy chocolate coconut slice recipe. Its always great to find new healthy treat ideas for my kids to replace the packaged food in the supermarkets!

    • Yes I’m always baking and freezing so I have no need to reach for packets. Hope you like them. G x

  • Leisal DenHerder

    Just wanted to let you know the homemade hamburger recipe is a big winner in our house. We use a little coconut flour instead of the breadcrumbs… it works out great. Served with lots of salad, we make it into a “hamburger bowl”. A perfect summer dinner!

    • Glad you like it too. It’s frequently our after nippers refuel. So quick and simple. G x

  • Isabella manning

    I’ve read all the comments and agree with the positive feedback …

    Where I’d love more ideas please is easy quick lunch ideas for myself and the kids…. That’s where I struggle!

    Thank you Giorgia !

    • Will get there eventually. I know this is a stumbling block for many and I do intend to share my thoughts and ideas. I pride myself on my kids lunches, and can’t wait to put together some inspiring, simple creations. Thanks for your feedback, G x

  • Hi Georgia,
    What a great site, so glad to get your recipes. I work in Aged Care and have only recently realised how really important food and nutrition is and the difference it can make to our health and lifestyle especially in the later years when the damage we have done to our bodies starts to take affect. I try to implement my knowledge in my work environment.
    I will certainly be keeping an eye out for your newsletters.

    • Yes, always better to prevent than cure. My Nutrigenomics post (here) demonstrates how our diet and environment affect genetic expression – a fascinating science and demonstration of how much control we actually do have over our health future. Welcome to WN, hope you enjoy it, G x

  • cat walters

    id like to enter the draw with a easy chia seed salad that my son adores
    – lettuce any type
    – squeeze of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar
    – tspn chia seeds
    – handful of dried cranberries and orange segments
    – mix altogether top with seared salmon or grilled chicken breast.

  • Amanda

    hello I’ve just found your site through the haven mag. and think it’s wonderful : )
    just a little question with the cacao rough on page 33 in the method it says combine nut butter, but ingredients doesn’t say which one of how much??? I can’t cook with a recipe : ( thanking you : )

    • Thanks for your question Amanda. I’m so sorry but that was a typo. No nut butter, just the ingredients in the list combined. If you like peppermint flavours you can also add peppermint essence to the mix for a delicious peppermint slice. G x

Kind words…

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