+ Easy Healthy Cake Recipe (with lots of flavour variations)

Easy, Healthy Cake Recipe (with lots of flavour variations)

During school holidays, I tend to bake a few more nut based recipes.  This is an easy, healthy cake recipe that I just keep coming back to – one because it is so delicious and two because it is so versatile (vanilla one day, citrus or chocolate the next).  I’m so excited to share this one because I know it is going to become a firm Well Nourished recipe favourite.

Due to popular request, I’ve also included a Thermomix method (my first time combining the two), which I’ll do my best to continue to do with future recipes.

Why is it nourishing?
This is one sustaining, protein rich cake.  Almonds are a rich source of monounsaturated fats, many fat-soluble vitamins and a plethora of minerals. They are a very concentrated source of many health giving Phyto (plant) chemicals and are also a great protein source.

Makes a 23cm round cake

170g (1¾ cup) almond meal (either home ground or shop bought)
170 gram (½ cup) sweetener (rice malt syrup, honey or maple syrup)
4 large eggs, at room temperature and carefully separated
½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
½ teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon vanilla powder or paste
½ teaspoon cream of tartar


  1. Preheat your oven to 180℃. Grease a 23cm springform round cake tin well.  Shake a little almond meal over the base and sides too to if you like to make it really non-stick.
  2. In a food processor mix the almond meal, sweetener of choice, egg yolks, bicarbonate of soda, sea salt, and vanilla until well combined (Thermomix 30 seconds, speed 4). Set aside in a large mixing bowl.
  3. In a clean and a completely dry food processor or bowl, whisk your egg whites.  You are wanting to form strong peaks (like for a meringue).  I generally do this by whisking it until it becomes foamy (Thermomix butterfly inserted, 20 seconds, speed 3).  Then add the cream of tartare and mix until peaks form (Thermomix butterfly inserted, 1½ minutes approx., speed 4).  Stop beating as soon as strong white peaks form.
  4. Gently fold half of the egg white into the almond batter.  Fold in the remaining egg white and pop in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until cooked in the middle.
  5. Remove the outer ring from the tin and allow to cool before removing the base.

Personally, I’m generally a throw it all in kind of baker.  But by separating the egg white, you will achieve a much lighter cake.  So I believe it is worth a little extra effort to beat the egg white.  If you do have an egg white disaster or can’t be bothered, you will just have a heavier, but still delicious cake.

Choose rice malt syrup as your sweetener.

Citrus cake
Add the zest of 2-3 oranges, lemons or lime to infuse that flavour into the cake.  Once the cake is cooked, mix ¼ cup of juice with ¼ cup of sweetener over a low heat until combined.  Pierce the top of the cake with a skewer a few times and drizzle over the syrup.

Tea cake
Brush the top of the warm cake with melted butter or coconut oil and top with a spice/sugar mix (equal parts of mixed spice and coconut sugar)

Syrup cake
Warm the sweetener of your choice and brush over the cake whilst still warm.  Feel free to get creative and infuse it with and herbs or spices you like.  I often heat the syrup with a few leaves of lemon balm or lemon myrtle from my garden and serve topped with berries and syrup (as pictured).

Chocolate cake
Add a tablespoon of raw cacao to the almond meal batter.

Replace the almonds with hazelnut meal.


  • with double cream or sour cream
  • with full-fat natural or unsweetened Greek yoghurt
  • for dairy free, serve with coconut yoghurt or cashew nut cream


As I test another flavour combo’s I will add to the variations above.  Do you like this cake? Be sure to let me know by posting a comment below.  I love hearing from you!

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Healthy cake

  • Linda Robinson

    I just went with the basic recipe (no flavour variation) and wow!! This is crazy good for such simple ingredients. Thumbs up from the kids too 🙂 Thank you so much for including TMX instructions – very glad to hear you will be doing that whenever you can.

    • Glad you like it Linda- I’ve been making this on an off for many years. I came across it in a note book after someone asked for a paleo basic cake recipe. Glad to share and thanks for your feedback. G x

  • Jess

    I have been reading on the internet lately that many people now think we should not really have any Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs). I know almonds have a higher amount of mono, but just wondering your thoughts on this as I know you are a big user of nuts and seeds. Have you come across the work of Ray Peat?
    I really value your opinion as you seem to have a balanced view and it is easy to get caught up in extreme views. This cake does look good!! Cheers

  • Hey Jess. I personally don’t believe food can be assessed as a sum of its parts. I could write pages in response to your comment, but I’ll try keep it short. After years of going around in circles trying to nail ‘the perfect diet’ and vilifying a number of whole foods in the process, I’ve finally found peace with my plate and my only food focus is on ‘variety’. I eat a little of everything, a lot of nothing and have loads of variety in my diet. Yes I do eat nuts and seeds, but certainly not every day. I mainly use them in baking (but also bake with spelt, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, arrowroot, coconut flour). I believe nature presents food in a perfect package, but we mess with it and make it a lot less perfect. In herbal medicine, many herbs are the foundation of commonly prescribed medications. Aspirin is one example. In its herbal (whole) form it is wonderful at relieving pain (without the side effects of it’s manufactured pharmaceutical form). Nature has provided all the necessary buffers to allow it to act without harm (again in the correct dosages). Hope this helps a bit. G x

  • Yveie

    Thank you Georgia for including the Thermomix method. Can’t wait to try this cake. It looks great!

  • Leanne

    Hi Georgia, I made the cake today but it did not cook in the middle after 25 mins, but it tasted great and I’m definitely going to cook it again (bit longer next time)

    • Yep Leanne, always need to check the middle. I just can’t account for different ovens in my cook times. In fact it takes exactly 25mins in my oven but I’ve had three people comment that their was burnt and over cooked at 25 minutes. Cant’ win! Glad it tasted good though. G x

  • Sabine

    Thanks so much Georgia for your wonderful recipes and information about nutrition. I feel like I’m learning so much from Well Nourished & really enjoying the learning journey.

    I made the chocolate version of this cake. It rose beautifully with a lovely crest after 25 mins baking. Then sank to a slight dip in the tin. Is there any way of avoiding this, or is that just how it goes? Any tips would be gratefully received. Thanks again so much for all your generous sharing.


    • Hi Sabine, mine always rise in the oven and they do flatten off (so sad) but not dip (I hate sunken cakes). It is really important to not open the oven, especially early on in the cooking process as this definitely causes sunken middles. Another thought is with the cacao, maybe increase the bicarb to 1 tsp. Let me know how you go, G x

      • Tobi

        These are all very helpful tips, as mine too sunk in the middle and it happened to be the chocolate version. But it definitely didn’t deter us from polishing it off. The surprising lightness was such a delight, it was hard to stop at one slice.

    • Sabine, someone on FB has just reported a drooping middle and someone responded with this as the cause (and a solution) “it’s cooking too fast. Wrap some soaking wet tea tea towels around the tin and cover the top in foil. That will stop the outsides cooking and rising faster than the centre. It rises but then doesn’t have the support to stay up= – sinking… I learnt that from a pastry chef. I always use that on de see cakes like nut meal based ones. Takes a lot longer but it works “

      • Sabine

        Thanks so much Georgia for keeping my query in mind and picking up on this comment on FB! Much appreciated and I will try it out with this recipe next time.

  • Shelly

    This cake is amazing and so simple. New favourite thank you

    • Yes, the perfect cake I think – easy, nourishing and delicious. Glad you like it Shelly, G x

  • Sally O

    What an awesome cake! Can’t say I’ve ever baked a cake with 100% almond meal before so was a new one for me and it turned out perfect! Easy as n very impressed! 🙂

  • Raylee Burns

    This is a lovely cake. Worked so well even first time. Thank you

    • Fantastic Raylee, thanks for the feedback, you’re very welcome, G x

  • Petrina

    This cake was amazing! Made for a work birthday and won over the most sceptical people there! Worked perfectly first time, so light and fluffy! Another winner Georgia:)

    • I’m so glad you like it Petrina and it won a few hearts. G x

  • Rosemary

    Yum!! I did it the cheats way and tastes fantastic.

  • Lucinda

    How fabulous!! Loving the thermomix instructions. I got mine the same day you posted this. ❤️

    • Hi Lucinda, hope you are enjoying your TMX. I will continue to to do so (and try to back track with existing recipes at some stage too) G x

  • Georgia this is an AMAZING cake! I made one but it sunk a little, so I made another one – joined them with some berry chia jam and iced them. Super yummy! Thanks for the thermomix instructions as well. x

  • Ilse

    Light and fluffy and tasty, but rather dry without cream/yogurt. Any suggestions?

    • Strange, I have always found this to be really moist. Perhaps your oven runs hot and it was a little overdone? Grasping at straws but older almond meal will also be dryer than fresh/ freshly milled. G x

  • Sarah

    Amazing, moist, delicious and best of all easy to make. Thanks

  • Mandy Hunt

    I would love to give this cake a try, we are a nut free house, is there a flour you could recommend to replace?

  • Mandy Hunt

    Thanks so much I know how healthy nuts are it’s quite hard being but free cant wait to try this.

    • Mandy also my next ebook is 100% nut free (school lunchbox) so you will love it. Coming soon G x

  • Edith

    That’s a very easy cake and it’s relly goooood! Thanks for the thermomix instructions. I have done this with less rice malt syrop, a little of grated lemon peel and a teaspoon of cheese cream. I’m wondering about the cream of tartare, is that like baking powder? thanks a lot

    • The cream of tartare just helps the egg whites to stiffen and hold (so this makes the cake less dense). But you can make with out, just might alter the texture a little. Thanks for sharing your version too, sounds yum, G x

  • Kara

    Made this last night and added powdered ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom to make it a ‘spice’ cake – very moorish. Mine did sink in the middle and overlook a bit on the outside, but I had used a non-stick pan and I know that causes the problem.

  • Glad you enjoyed it Kara – I love spices, especially cardamon (you’ve just made me hungry!!) G x

  • Erin

    If making this for my daughters birthday on Sunday morning, when is the earliest I should make it?
    Thanks, Erin x

  • High Erin. Hope I’m not too late but it is fine a day or two in advance (stored airtight in the fridge) G x

  • NaCole Comstock

    Hi! I’m excited to make this cake but
    we don’t eat sugar at all. Could I substitute with stevia?

    • I haven’t tested it myself but would love to know how it goes if you try it G x

  • Laura Deller

    Just wondering if i can add fresh fruit to the cake before baking?

  • You could certainly try Laura, love to hear how it goes G x

  • Laura Deller

    Hi 1st attempt at this cake turned out lovely. My next challenge will be adding fruit. Has anyone tried adding some dessicated coconut and if so what other changes would i need to accommodate this addition?
    Many thanks

    • Glad you enjoyed it Laura. I suspect the coconut will make it denser – just sub out an equal amount of almond meal. Love to hear how it goes G x

  • Belinda

    Made the chocolate version for my son’s 2nd birthday today – it turned out fabulous and everyone loved it! I also made chocolate icing using avocado, cacao and honey – beautiful 🙂

    • Beautiful, thrilled he liked it Belinda. My sons birthday today, might have to whip on up myself x

  • stacey fata

    Made this cake for a family get together on Good Friday. It was loved my all! served with yogurt and fresh berries. It was so lovely to have a dessert that was not over indulgent too. Thank you. Going to make again tonight for my Mum’s Birthday (her request) .

    • Thrilled you all enjoyed it Stacey – thanks so much for the feedback and Happy Birthday to your Mama G x

  • Melany Prill

    Hello Georgia, I am going make your lamingtons for my little girls birthday and I was hoping to make them pink/strawberry instead of chocolate. Do you think dipping them in your chia jam would work and then coating in coconut with some natural pink food colouring would work? Any tips? Thanks in advance. x Ps have you tried freezing this cake?

  • Yes or you could just try the raw chocolate mix but without the cacao and then roll in the coloured coconut. I’m worried the chia jam won’t hold enough but could be wrong. I often do a chia jam layer through the middle though which is lovely. They do freeze but like any cake, they are best fresh – I actually make a day ahead and serve from the fridge generally (this helps the coating hold solid) . Love to hear/ see how they turn out Mel G x

    • Melany Prill

      Thank you so much! I will take you advice 🙂 I will share some pics. Another year where lots of your recipes will feature on the table at my little girls birthday – thank you xx

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