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Finding a balance (and a special introduction)

It’s amazing how change can throw your life balance into a spin.  One minute my life’s rhythm feels good, stable, then just when I’m comfortable and enjoying the ride, I hit a bump and I’m hit for six!  I re-establish a ‘new’ balance and so the cycle continues.

My recent ‘bump’ still has me spinning, the birth of my new cyber baby – Well Nourished (and right now I’m having a Carrie Bradshaw on a health kick moment)!  You see I’m loving the process of writing my blog and I have a lot of self-belief when it comes to sharing my health message.  BUT, I also can’t shake the anxiety that this process has raised.  What if my readers don’t like my posts, what if I upset or offend you (I hate conflict), what if I don’t do the best possible job of researching, writing, inventing, creating, inspiring, photographing etc;?  It’s amazing how anxiety is like a runaway train.

To add insult to injury I have stopped exercising, relaxing, catching up with friends, spending time with my husband and I compose a dozen blogs in my head each night whilst trying to get to sleep.  Most mornings I put on clothes to exercise in, get delayed in actually doing it and find myself at 10pm having done no exercise (though I look the part) and showering to go bed.  I just haven’t as yet, been able to establish a new balance.  In fact, I’m enjoying establishing Well Nourished so much, that to be honest, I haven’t really even tried.

So my current goal is to continue to share my health philosophies with you and grow Well Nourished, but somehow re-establish a new balance (including my biggest stress release – exercising 2-3 times a week – for real, though)!  Being Well Nourished is SO much more than just eating well.


So that’s the dirt on my current state of discontent.  But I also have some very exciting developments to share, one of which is to introduce my first guest blogger.  The reason for me sharing a little more of myself is to demonstrate how important stress management and life balance is.  As such let me introduce the next piece in the journey of becoming Well Nourished – Jane Faulkner.

I first heard Jane present two years ago at the very amazing Gwinganna Health Retreat.  I’ve heard so many people present on the mysteries of the mind, stress management, and the likes, but none just made sense the way Jane did to me.  I thought I’d take a punt and see if she would be interested in contributing to Well Nourished and was thrilled when she said she’d love to.

About Jane Faulkner
Jane is a mum, partner, psychotherapist, yoga teacher, group facilitator, and nurse.  Her career spans nursing in the community, psychiatric facilities, hospital settings, health retreats and general practice.  Jane value’s the opportunities for deeper contact and relationship that psychotherapy and counselling provide.  She currently works in private practice and at Gwinganna health retreat; she has also led various women’s groups and day retreats.

Jane has taught yoga for over 13 years and continues to teach at Chevron Yoga Centre, she studies the Iyengar method under senior teacher Glenn Ceresoli.   Jane is interested in working with groups; children and young people as well as couples and adults particularly those new to motherhood and parenting.  She enjoys working creatively to deepen relationships and explore issues and is currently completing her Certificate in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy; working with horses to assist the exploration of issues in therapy.

I’m really looking forward to learning more about myself, my relationships and furthering my emotional development via Jane’s very personal and empowering posts.  I hope they further help you to become Well Nourished.  Look out for her regular posts in the coming weeks and months.  If you are keen to work with Jane on any personal challenges, you will find the link to her website here at Well Nourished.


How do you maintain (or re-establish your life balance)?  I’d love your comments or suggestions.


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  • Georgia Rhodes

    love this honest and authentic post you have written, im sure it resonates with many, as it has with me!

    Life balance – the art of juggling many balls while remaining connected to life 🙂
    I think, for me, prioritising my needs is huge and right now, while i love your blog, i am doing the exact opposite of that! I def need to exercise and move my body every day, preferably outside amongst nature. I also find doing tai chi each morning helps me a lot. Its MY time, to me, to have quiet. To really just be. And then i come inside and do the busy school morning thing!

    Cyber-land is wonderful but also a great time waster. Thank you for sharing, it certainly makes me think twice about staring my own blog – its a LOT of work and clearly very time consuming – and there is only so much time to be had! That being said, i thoroughly enjoy your page/blog and luurve your photos and information. I appreciate how much of your time must go into creating each post, recipe, photo etc (and now after reading this post know that for sure!) and all for no return, other than to let the creative juices flow. Keep up your beautiful and inspiring work if it is indeed one of those balls that you need to be juggling. Kind wishes and enjoy the beautiful day. 🙂 x

    • Thanks for your support and sharing Georgia. Yes life is a juggling act. I am an expert juggler – over 40 years of practice! The ball that is Well Nourished has made me drop all of my other balls but that’s ok. I just need to pick them all up and start afresh. Love sharing my passion with you all, just a bit overwhelming, the scope of it all. Keep your comments coming – I need them to help me to shape the content of WN. It makes me happy if you can all get a tiny bit of something from each and every post – makes it all worthwhile. G x

  • Sally

    Practicing mindfulness…..I do every day, it really helps..oh that and surfing 🙂 Hang in there, it’s early days, the rhythm and flow will soon come and it will be all so worth it x

    • Oh I know, been here before, that’s why they call it the cycle of life I suppose. Surfing, what’s that?? Hope to see you out there sometime soon!!! Thanks for sharing your balance. G x

  • Nat

    Good for you G. reserving some off line time is essential I think. We banned phones and computers in the bedroom at night so we’d read and talk to each other. Having said that I am in bed on ipad right now..oops… time to re-balance! 😉

    • Funny how those screens just appear in front of you sometimes! G x

  • Lynsay

    Don’t doubt yourself Georgia! This is my favourite blog. Look after you. X

    • Awww, thanks Lynsay. Happy to report that I’m gradually getting some balance back. G x

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