+ Get onto it! Five steps for a healthier happier you.

Get onto it! Five steps for a healthier happier you.

The New Year always brings out the best of intentions. For many it is a time to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, so today I’m sharing my top five tips to kick start 2016 and I also have a fabulous giveaway.

“She’s a step ahead of herself talking New Years resolutions” I hear you thinking. Well, perhaps I am, but I believe the key to organisation and implementing successful change is in the planning and committing it to paper.  This is the first year (in a while) that I have used a paper diary to co-ordinate my often out of control busy schedule. It has certainly been a way more effective means of organising myself than my previous electronic diary. I also tend to follow through on ‘me time’ a whole lot more if I have it scheduled and on paper in my diary.

So to help you make 2016 a healthy, organised year with lots of ‘you time’ I have a great GIVE-AWAY of my personal favourite diary courtesy of OTi Organisers. It is such a well-designed diary, perfect for planning meals and exercise. Also included in this great prize is a shopping list and extra notebooks.

So now to my tips (which you should plan and record in your own trusty diary). Start now or jot down your new resolutions…

1. Eat a brilliant breakfast
Breakfast is a meal that really sets your day up both nutritionally as well as mentally and emotionally.  I have successfully treated and helped to alter the eating habits of so many fussy, nutritionally depleted and unwell children and adults over the years.  The key to my success I believe has been focussing on breakfast to start with and the rest of their eating habits (and general level of motivation) tends to evolve into something beautiful (with much less effort and strain)!

Unfortunately, there is nothing in a cereal box or breakfast drink box that is good enough.  For all of the information and inspiration, you need to improve your breakfast meal so that you can kick-start a healthier you, check out my ebook.  It’s much, much more than just another cookbook, click here!  Use your meal planner to plan your brilliant breakfast each day and really kick start your health.

2.  Drink 2 litres of water each and every day
We all know that water is essential for us to stay alive, but we often forget how important it is for us to stay well and thrive.  Over 60% of our body weight is water.  The role it plays in the proper functioning of every system of our body is critical, we simply cannot function efficiently without it.

I believe that the reason why many people look and feel older than they should is because they are in a state of chronic dehydration.  Remember if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  I love my plant analogy – when a plant is not watered regularly it becomes dry (wrinkled), then wilted (tired) and finally begins to die (becomes unwell).

It is really important to monitor how much water you consume.  My routine is that I have my daughter fill all of our stainless steel drink bottles every morning (one of her chores).  I always carry my bottle with me and sip it throughout the day.  I personally find the glass by glass method a little a little hit and miss – I have good and bad days, so the drink bottle method filled with my total daily intake works well for me.

3.  Find 5 minutes to meditate
This is possible for everyone (read on to find out how). More and more research confirms the benefits of meditation for stress management, mental health, emotional stability, chronic pain and disease, improved learning and even sports performance.   I firmly believe meditation needs to be a commitment you make to yourself and you will recognise the physical, mental and emotional benefits.  There is a Zen proverb that states “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” To be honest, this proverb applies to me, but I do believe that even 5 minutes is better than nothing.

If meditation is new to you or if you’d like to make a commitment, then check out this free, fabulous app – Smiling Mind.  They have the simple, effective bite-sized meditations that anyone can do (they even have meditations for kids from 7 years).  Everyone needs this app – it really is life-changing and makes meditation accessible to everyone and anyone. Take a look at their fabulous website here and download it today! Remember to also schedule 5 minutes to meditate each day.

4. Move it
Exercise is often something that suffers in many busy lives.  My first tip is to start with a plan and write it down! Every Sunday night I sit with my husband and we plan out the week ahead, generally around his travel schedule.  This is when I lock in structured exercise.

However, like meditation, I often don’t have a block of time to exercise.  So this is where I fit movement into my daily life.  It’s not uncommon to see me struggling around the supermarket carrying a couple of baskets (as opposed to pushing a trolley).  I’ll also often high kick or shadow box my way around the kitchen when I’m busy recipe testing (okay now you’re questioning my sanity right)?  What I’m getting at is that if you don’t have a block of time to set aside, then just work movement into your day.  Washing my car is a workout in itself – I tackle it with great vigour! Right now I’m writing at the kitchen bench whilst in a static squat (okay – enough said)!

5. In the words of Michael Pollan “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”
According to this fabulous article written by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD Because you eat so often, food is the single most important way to maintain your genetic integrity or to destroy it.  Many excellent scientific studies underscore this vitally important truth.  By cutting down on your total calories and eating healthy foods, you can send positive signals to your genes, thereby increasing your chances for a long, robust life.”

So knowing this (no matter your genetic pre-disposition), 2016 should be a year to focus on eating smaller portions of nutrient dense foods.  Fill-up on the most nutrient dense foods of all, vegetables, and you will notice a difference (and even alter your genetic blueprint).  Perhaps start small and add in one extra serve of vegetables or salad every day.


Now for the competition – WIN a beautiful OTi Organiser so you can be “on to it” in 2016!

To enter, answer this question in the comments below this post (you don’t have to register,  just check the ‘I’d rather post as a guest’)…

QU – What is the one thing you want to get ‘onto’ in 2016.

You’ve got to be in it to win it, so post in the comments below to go into the draw!

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  • Jackie

    The one thing I want to get ‘onto’ in 2016 is some self love and care 🙂

  • Jenni

    I’d like to get ‘onto’ a manageable exercise routine. Between work, study and mummy duties I find I don’t have the time, energy or willpower for exercise. I know I need to break this cycle and that I will feel better for it…plus I’d like to be healthy role model for my son! I’ve been sugar free for 5 months and find my diet is really good…if only I could overcome the exercise hurdle!

  • Tracey Sargent

    I want to find more space in my life, on every level.

  • Shoana

    2016 will be a year of being a little selfish! I’ll be ‘onto’ saying ‘NO’ more often and getting back to doing things for me. Like your top 5 Georgia.
    You said this will be drawn this morning at 9.00am. I’ve only just seen the post. But wanted to comment anyway.

  • Zoe

    Great tips Georgia! I really want to get on to working more movemeny and exercise into my day. Shadow boxing in the kitchen sounds great! ??

  • Kirsty

    Definitely all of the points you mentioned! I think a priority will be regularly scheduling an activity that is purely for myself as that rarely happens.

  • Jo

    2016 is my year to ‘get onto’ more laughter and connection with my daughter during our daily routines…

  • Sharene

    The one thing I am going to “get onto,” is me. It’s my turn.

  • Trevanna Lang

    “Looking after me” will be as high on my list as my family in 2016.

  • Maree atkins

    The one thing I want to get into is my health which will help me be a good role model for my family

  • Natasha

    2016 for me will be about more regular excercise and also about clean(er) eating for the whole family. Thanks for the tips Georgia, and also thanks for a great and helpful website!!

  • Tracey

    Finding and nurturing the strength within

  • Victoria Hunt

    I want to ‘get on to’ 3xhealthy lunchboxes and thoughtful me time.

  • Suzanne Ware

    I need to ‘get on to’ being organised for myself. I seem to get the kids organised but when it gets to me it is a complete mess!

  • Nicky Kinzett

    I need to “get on to” turning good intentions into reality.

  • Donna

    Thanks again, Georgia. Number one priority would be the need to exercise regularly.

  • Rachel

    Decluttering – Even though I think my house doesn’t have much stuff, it DOES!! So 2016 is my year of being intentional about clearing out un-needed items and preventing other things coming in the front door!! (decluttering some baby weight too hopefully! ha ha!)

  • Kathleen

    Hi, I know adults should drink 2litres of water, but what about kids?

  • Emma

    In 2016 I am going to meditate every day. I’ll check out smiling minds app.

  • Kathryn

    I really want to get onto being better organised with meals – from lunch boxes to evening meals. I also want to plan more fun with the kids instead of just trying to get through to bedtime!

  • Lauren

    I want to get onto dreaming bigger

  • Davina

    In 2016 I’m committing to changing my diet to better sustain my activities, starting with a better breakfast and taking the time to enjoy it instead of running out the door.

  • Robyn Brett

    I want to do the changing habits course , implement the content into my life and then mentor others!!

  • Emily Elizabeth Holler

    In 2016 I am getting on to living my dream. For years I have worked in an industry where I have been stressed, unhappy and and unwell. But I have decided to start over and create a YouTube channel making healthy recipes to help educate other people about the importance of good food and show them how to do it! Can’t wait 🙂

  • Louisa

    In 2016 I need to ‘get onto’ scheduling some time for myself. 2015 has brought my beautiful son into my life but also a significant lack of time for anything else.

  • Natalie

    Me! My youngest of 4 children starts school next year so well over due to focus on me!

  • Simone

    I’m going to try and dedicate some time each day to doing something for me, not everyone else in my household. I will try not to put myself last as I usually do and instead spend some time exercising or meditating.

  • Wendy

    I am going to breathe before I react, feed the family healthier meals and walk the dog at every opportunity

  • Nadine

    2016 is going to be the year of the calm, present and available mama. After reading your tips Georgia, I want to ditch our reliance on cereals and my 5 year old’s ability to live off white bread and peanut butter if he could!

  • Tilla Winston

    I would like to get into yoga

  • Jane

    I’m going to believe in me! 🙂

  • kelly seach

    get onto sorting out plies of stuff!!!

  • Mel

    I am going to find my true passion – and then ignite it!

  • Katri

    With my second kid also starting school next year I want to start organizing lunch boxes and incorporating left overs more. Dinner planning and lunch box planning!!

  • Nicky

    In 2016 I’m ‘getting onto’ working less so that I can better look after me (more yoga!) and create a calmer family environment.

    • Hi Nicky
      Congrats you are the lucky winner. Thanks to everyone for their entries, loved reading (and relating to your comments). Could you please email or Facebook PM me your postal address and I’ll get your new organiser in the mail to you asap. georgia@wellnourished.com.au G x

  • Katie J

    Slow down, stress less, stop and smell the flowers 🙂

  • Elaine Goh

    In 2016, I want to incorporate more exercise in my day. I would also like to join a regular weekly yoga class if I can find one in my local area.

  • Samara

    Turning a hobby into a business is the one thing I’d love for 2016.

  • Naeidra Deery

    I would like to get back to daily meditation. Something I’ve done in the past but has dropped by the wayside lately. Thanks for the post Georgia! ?

  • Sue Mills

    Gosh so many wonderful & motivational ideas in these comments! As a single, F/T working mum I’m going to work on scheduling some quality me time. My intentions always start off good, but somehow never materialise – so 2016, I’m ‘onto’ it 🙂

  • Yarrow

    In 2016 I want to integrate more exercise into my life in a way that involves my two little boys. I also need to work on letting go ?

  • Rachel Smoker

    In 2016, I want to get onto increasing my physical activity. At present it’s virtually non existent. It’s due to many factors such as returning to teaching with a 41/2 year old and a 16 month old and renovating a house. Next year we will be in the house, so I’m hoping exercise will get a look in. Fingers crossed!

  • Holly Simpson

    Definitely some a bit me time, time to myself, and I don’t mean taking off in the car to do the shopping!! I mean a massage and leisurely lunch, taking a course, or sending Dad and the kiddo off to the zoo for the morning whilst I rekindle my passion and obsession for making natural perfumes and products (you know that hobby you adored pre-kids that made you soooo happy but was packed away to the back of the cupboard once kidlets hit the scene!), rather than cleaning the house. ??

  • Justine Bow

    Gratitude! I’m going to get onto more of this in 2016 because I set high standards for myself in terms of nutrition, community work, full time career, parenting, exercise and health, family and friends… That I often fail. Life gets busy. But when I remember to be grateful for the wonderful country and family I live in and all the opportunities I have, then I can live with the small mistakes and disappointments.

  • Julie Michele

    I want to stop having coffee – my body knows it’s no good for me but my mind is a bit slower catching on! Thanks for the great site, Georgia.

    • Bronwyn

      Oh Julie I totally understand this I have the same challenge

  • Louise

    2016 is bringing big changes in our household with me heading back to work full time! As such I’m going to need to get ‘onto’ being more organized especially with family meals/lunches, I’m going to make sure I schedule time to meal plan each week so we always have healthy, wholesome food ready to go! ?

  • Sophie

    I commit with myself to do the 5 Tibetan (short movment sequence) every morning, increase my intake of veges & fruits, eat more raw, lessen the fats and starch and eat to fulfill my nutrional needs only (not to numb my mind/emotions)… yay, to vitality and LIFE !!

  • Bronwyn

    In 2016 I want to get onto nutrition and meditation. In the past when I have committed fully to these two I feel incredible and all areas of my life improve. Since being recently diagnosed with a mental illness and a physical condition I know I need to make some changes and ones that will become a lifestyle for the rest of my life. I commit to this for myself, my partner and our daughter – I deserve amazing health and happiness.

  • Jess

    I am going to get onto self-acceptance and reducing my anxiety levels.

  • Paula

    I have just started, and am going to continue into 2016, incorporating being mindful in my daily life. I have become aware how often I am swept away in my thoughts with no awareness of my breathing, or what I can see, feel and hear around me. I have heard a lot about mindfulness but never really taken it on board, something which I am gradually working on changing.

  • Nadine Cherry

    In 2016 I want to ‘get onto’ making sure I schedule in some ‘me time’ by getting back into yoga

  • Michelle Allan-Ramsay

    2016 is about ME ! I’m going to finish writing my book on post-natal depression, clear out clutter, start dancing and hug my kids and hubby lots! All the things that make ME better!

  • Sonya Berkelaar

    I love your plant analogy for drinking water. I’ve never looked at it like that before, but it makes perfect sense! I’m one who says I drink enough water cos that’s what I’m supposed to do right? But if I stopped and actually measured my water intake, I’m quite sure I’d be bitterly disappointed. And then to justify my lack of water intake, I’d tell myself that I drink other liquids (coffee/tea) so that counts too, doesn’t it?! And only one coffee a day, so that’s pretty healthy (never mind how many teas!!)
    So…my thing I’d like to ‘get onto’ is actually measuring and drinking the 2lts a day. Not just saying I do!! 🙂

  • Nicole Bartlett

    This year has been a year of discovering that my body was heading in a direction of poor health. I have learnt so much about nutritional prevention of autoimmune disease, learnt not to buy supplements from USA (ended up severely sick with liver damage), am working with my naturopath and feel we are heading in the right direction. So in 2016 I am looking forward to getting onto taking control of my body and health and guiding my family in the same direction.

  • Elizabeth A

    My “get onto it” goal for 2016 is to spend more time as a family outside being active rather than us all being too focused on technology.

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