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Healthy Chocolate Coconut Slice

This is my version of the coconut slice my nan used to make me as a child, just minus the sugar hit and with a lot more nutrition.  It’s quick and simple to make too and nut free, so it’s great for school lunch boxes.

Why is it so good?
Well, the wholemeal spelt is a low gluten, nutritious grain.  The oats add fibre and nerve supporting minerals.  The cacao powder contains antioxidants and more minerals.   The coconut is immune supportive.  The chia seeds are another great source of fibre, protein and omega 3 fatty acids (the ones found in fish).

Makes a 20 x 30 cm slice tin

150gram butter, melted (or a mix of 100 grams butter and 50 grams coconut oil)
100gram (1  cup) wholemeal spelt flour
100gram (1 cup) rolled oats
10gram (2 tablespoons) cacao powder
90gram (¼ cup approx) brown rice syrup or  ¼ cup of rapadura (the rapadura will produce a sweeter slice, rice syrup less sweet so taste the batter and adjust if necessary)

50gram (½ cup)  desiccated or shredded coconut
1 tbs vanilla
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon of baking powder
½ a teaspoon of  bicarbonate of soda


  1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius.
  2. Melt your butter or coconut oil.  Add all of the other ingredients and process or mix well until combined. The mixture should be moist and glossy and hold together when pressed.
  3. Press into a lined tin and bake for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Once cooled, remove from the tin and carefully slice into squares.  Store in the fridge or freeze in an airtight container.
  5. Refrigerating before slicing makes it much easier to cut without crumbling

Substitute the spelt for a mix of buckwheat and rice flour and the oats can be replaced by quinoa flakes.

Dairy-free or vegan
Use coconut oil or macadamia oil.  I have had a few comments of a crumbly batch using coconut oil.  I think coconut oil may be the culprit (butter is more forgiving) though it works ok for me so it could be the amount of meal in the spelt flour too?  The joys of whole food baking!

Use brown rice syrup as your sweetener.


Top with raw chocolate (recipe here) or melted dark chocolate and a little peppermint essence for a mint chocolate slice. Yum!

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  • Lidia

    Hi G, made this today & the taste is great but mine turned out quite crumbly, not sure why. I didn’t use any butter, only coconut oil. Yours look quite moist in the pic, more like brownies. Any ideas?

    Love the flavors though.
    Lidia x

    • Hi Lidia, they do have more of a crumbly biscuit texture like a traditional chocolate slice. Maybe yours were baked a little too long or not quite enough oil? The wet mix is glossy and holds together when pressed into the tin. Baking with whole ingredients is a little fraught with danger. Being whole, they are not always ground exactly the same.
      I have a friend who used to manage a high profile boutique cookie company. He said that even the air temperature needed to be controlled when baking cookies or the result would vary! I sometimes bake the same thing exactly the same twice when recipe testing and have two very different results based on different batches of almond meal or flour for example. I personally like combining coconut oil and butter as my kids don’t like a strong coconut flavours. Also if I have a crumbly baking experience, I often use it as a topping (crumble) over stewed or fresh fruit or on yogurt for a treat. Hope I have helped a little? G x

      • Lidia

        Thanks G, it’s good to know its not always a sure thing, given variations in temp, etc. sounds like a bit of an art getting these things right 😉
        Having said that, I left it overnight & pulled it out this morning for a taste test. Ses it’s not as crumbly at I first thought. The overnight refrigeration must have set it better. Thanks for all the tips & advice – will keep it all in mind in future xx

        • Try with a mix of butter and coconut oil next time. I’ve updated the recipe and the ones I made this morning are so good, that I’m lacking will power to stop eating them!! Just about to throw them in the freezer, that will stop me. G x

          • Lidia

            Ill try that next time for sure. However, I served it up to some friends tonight & they all loved it! I added my “choc mousse” topping & now they all want the recipe. Told them who was to thank for this recipe… So all turned out well in the end. Not crumbly after all, it actually has held together quite well since its been in the fridge. Don’t worry about the will power, you have plenty :)) x

  • Candice B

    This looks good! I am going to make it right now 🙂

  • Kyle Schubel

    I finally have a kitchen again and this slice in now baking in the oven, I did use coconut oil and butter so will see how it goes!

    • Congratulations on your new kitchen – how exciting! Love to know how they go. G x

  • Danielle

    Ha ha…..was just about to say mine was an absolute disaster today and then I read the comments!
    Mine was just a crumbly mess….it definitely went into the oven wet and glossy, but when I tried to cut it, it was reduced to crumble!! Family not at all happy with the taste either….don’t think it was sweet enough for them and too much coconut oil taste.
    So disappointed as I loved the idea for lunchbox treats 🙁
    On the upside – I now have a container in the fridge filled with a coconut chocolate crunch which I will use for a pear crumble and I had some today mixed through my greek yogurt and I loved it!

    • Oh no. I’ve tested this recipe five times. The first batch was crumbly, but I adjusted the ratios and the rest were perfect. The batch in the photo are 100 gram butter, 50 coconut oil but I have made batches with all coconut too. My family don’t have a sweet palate so it is always wise to taste the batter and add more if you need it. Yes don’t waste it. I’ve had enough disasters in my day to find delicious ways to use anything! Pear and chocolate is a great combo. I think I might change the recipe as I think the coconut oil is the culprit here! Sorry! G x

  • Lucy

    Yum-o! I just made these now… after searching round Coles for ages, turned out they didn’t have spelt flour, but I found it at Woolworths. Anyway, I put the mixture into my round muffin tray (only because I didn’t have a tin!) – and when i took them out, they didn’t crumble at all. Perhaps because I didn’t have to cut them as they were already in individual portions. Sure, they’re round and not square (!) but they still taste the same – love this recipe! Thanks Georgia! L x

    • Thanks Lucy. Yes Coles for rice syrup, Woolworth’s for Spelt flour (painful)! I’m so glad you liked them. I made a quick batch this morning myself because I was so upset by the crumbly batch comments. They worked a treat even when I cut them so I’m perplexed. I hate that these poor ladies have gone to the effort without result. Any more success stories? I also like the idea of rounds, great idea! G x

  • Sally

    I made them using mostly butter, bit of coconut oil, turned out great, not crumbly at all, really yum, I used about two large tablespoons rice syrup which prob gave the mix a moist texture, i didn’t add extra sugar as the family also don’t have a super sweet palate, another great recipe G! Thinking of the rounds….you could use them as little bases for mini cheesecakes…

    • Thanks Sally. LOVE your idea of a healthy cheese cake base. If you like mint slice, they also make a great base for that too. Lucy (from http://www.babyberry.co.nz) posted a photo of them on Instagram last night. They looked so good, she might just put me out of business! Love your ideas Sally, keep them coming. G x

  • Jodie Ticehurst

    Hi G, I made mine with butter and quinoa flakes. A tiny bit crumbly but nothing serious, so I made a coconut oil, cacao & maple syrup icing – sensational!

    Love the idea of putting them in round tins!


    • That’s great Jodie. If you like a peppermint slice then adding some peppermint essence or essential oil to the icing is also delish. Thanks for sharing. G x

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  • Vicki

    Hi Georgia
    I made this slice last week and just used the butter. It was a bit crumbly when I started to cut it so I put it in the fridge too before I cut the rest and it was fine. My daughter loved it and so did I so will be making it again soon.

    • Thanks for your feedback Vicki. Yes the colder the better. I might add your tip to refrigerate to the recipe, thanks. G x

  • Frances


    I’m in the process of making these and wondered if honey would be ok as a substitute for the sweetener component? Has anyone tested it or am I going to do it 🙂

    • Honey should work fine. I find honey, rice malt syrup and maple syrup substitute well (just the maple and honey are much sweeter than the rice syrup and not fructose free). Good luck, G x

  • Frances

    Ok, continuing from my above question…. In baking this day today I too found them to be a little crumbly. I used 100g butter and 50g coconut oil. I actually cut 150g of butter, then changed my mind. I also find them somewhat dry :-S I think my next batch will encompass some dates…

    PS – the agave is perfect as a sweetner

  • Jaye

    These are fantastic! A friend of mine served them at morning tea and they were delicious. She put me on to your website and I was pleasantly surprised to find so many dairy-free and spelt flour options. I’m looking forward to trying loads of your recipes. Thank you for getting me back on track and inspiring me to make some positive food changes for my family.

    • Welcome, pleased you found me. I only use spelt flour and do try to offer dairy, gluten and fructose free versions of most of my recipes. Hope you enjoy exploring the site and let me know if you have any questions. G x

  • Tam

    Hi Georgia,
    Stumbled upon your website this morning…… So glad I did. Life has been busy and I haven’t been baking for the kids like I used too. Needed some inspiration and I have it now 🙂 great to see thermie friendly recipes too!! Will report back after I’ve made some of your delicious recipes. Tam 🙂

    • Welcome Tam. Hope you find some inspiration to get your apron back on. Yes all of the baking recipes are perfect for the thermomix. You may just need to adjust some of the methods that’s all e.g.; like grinding or melting before starting. Let me know if I can help in any way, G x

      • Tam

        Made this moreish slice over the weekend. Yummo!! Just like the good old weetbix slice but so much healthier. I didn’t bother icing it as it was delicious on its own. I had no troubles with it setting. Used your recommended butter/ coconut oil ratio and popped it in the fridge for a few hrs before slicing. I added a splash is sesame seeds to mine. 🙂 thanks!!

  • Em

    HI Georgia, just found your website and I am addicted I want to make EVERYTHING on here 🙂
    Just wondering if there is another type of flour I could use, I have all the ingredients except spelt flour and I’d love to whip up a batch without having to drag the kids to the shops tomorrow.
    Thanks for your help

    • Welcome Em. You could use regular wheat flour as a direct substitution too. Hope you enjoy. Please taste the batter as I use minimal sweeteners and some people need to add more for a sweeter slice, G x

  • Ali

    Just made this and it is currently in the oven cooking
    and smells divine. I had to make two batches however as the first batch was quite small and didn’t fill my pan (I weighed all the ingredients). The second batch I made to add to the first batch, I used cup measurements for the dry ingredients and then weighed them……according to my scales, it seems that 1 1/3 cup of spelt flour weighs about 200g not 100g as stated in the recipe and 1 cup of rolled oats is closer to 100g……maybe this is the reason why some people found it crumbly? I increased the butter by 50g and rice syrup by 15g and that seemed to make it moist and glossy again.

    • Hi Ali – thanks for your message, this has been the only recipe that has given me grief. It works for some but not others. But I think you a right that the cup conversion for the flour is out and I have altered it (I won’t be using that gram to cup converter program again!), but also that spelt flour and oats varies so much between batches. I just weighed a cup of my current spelt and also a new packet and they were different by 40 grams. Some wholemeal flour contain more meal which weighs more! Thanks again, hope it was ok out of the oven, G x

  • Ceska

    I just made these, taste divine, but upset as the batch was too grainy. So is it more efficient if I choose the cup or gram measurements?

    • It is always advisable to choose gram measurements. However this is a tricky recipe because it uses so many whole grains. One brand of wholemeal flour can contain a lot more meal than another so this effects the moisture levels etc; Of all the recipes I’ve ever posted this seems to work perfectly for me and many others every time and then others have had problems with it. Sorry I can’t be more specific. It needs to be shiny but sticky consistency. G x

      • Ceska

        I’m hoping the answer is Unbleached White Spelt Flour – which is in essence just filtered Spelt with a reliable weight. I’ll try it again and see how I go – perhaps with a small batch….

  • Steph

    This might well be a stupid question, but when you say vanilla, do you mean vanilla paste, powder or extract? Sorry rather new to this website!!

    • No such thing as a stupid question here. I use them fairly interchangeably – powder is my personal preference and I’m generally fairly heavy handed because I love vanilla! G x

      • Steph

        That’s awesome to know. Thanks! I would like to try the powder to see how it turns out. I’ve only ever used vanilla extract and paste in baking. I’m looking forward to trying this slice as I’ve only ever done the sugar-loaded version.

  • Megan Grams

    Hi, do you know approx how many calories per serve? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Megan, sorry I’m not a calorie counter. I don’t believe food can be assessed as a sum of its parts. I know there are calculators on line though. G x

  • Sky

    Hey Georgia, could I substitute the rapadura for coconut sugar?

  • Toni

    Sorry I’m in the too crumbly group too. Very tasty though. Sliced ok out of fridge (thanks for the tip), but really it falls apart at the slightest touch – wondering how my daughter will go with it today at school. Does it need an egg or some sort of binding agent I wonder?

    • Thanks for letting me know Toni and I’m really very sorry it hasn’t turned out so good. The frustrating thing is that it works perfectly for me and my recipe testers so I just can’t figure out why for some it goes so crumbly. I pride myself in producing recipes that are delicious and produce consistent results so I have decided to take this one off the site for now. Thanks again and I hope you try some of my other recipes, G x

  • Blythe Cranley

    I love this slice! Sometimes it is more crumbly than others…we’re not dairy free, so do a mix of butter & coconut oil. I have started leaving the chia seeds sit in the melted butter/oil mix for a while before adding the other ingredients in the hope it’ll help bind the mixture. My fridge just seems empty without it now, it’s just too yum to go without! xb

    • Thanks Blythe, you know this is the only recipe I’ve had feedback of troubles with, yet it always works for me. I have actually taken it off my recipe index but it is still on the site via the search bar only- for people like you who love it too. G x

  • Winnie

    I LOVE this recipe! I use a mix of butter and coconut oil and leave it a few hours befor cutting it up and never have any troubles with it crumbling. Love that it can go to school.

    • Hi Winnie
      Thanks for your feedback. It is favourite here too, but frustrating that others have had issues with it. Glad you enjoy, G x

  • Stevie

    Delicious! I did a variation of 70g Quinoa flakes / 30g oats, gelled the tbs of Chia Seeds in roughly 1/4 c Water. I also used 50g Buckwheat / 50g WM Spelt and the full 150g Coconut Oil, no butter. It was quite fragile once baked but not crumbly. I did put it in the fridge though for storage and actually preferred it once chilled. Ive now made it twice! Excited to have found your site! Thankyou!

    • That’s great to know Stevie – love your subs. I’m with you and really like it chilled too. G x

  • Samster

    Hi Georgia, this recipe looks delicious. Is there a substitute for chia seeds or a change in other proportions if I omit them, as they don’t go down well with my digestion? Thanks

    • You can simply omit, they are only there for added nutrients. I have made it several times without, though if you wanted to you could su with ground flax, enjoy G x

  • Sandy Vivian

    hi I just made this and found it very crumbly and dry. I used coconut flour rather that spelt – would that make a difference? I also ended up adding more butter & coconut oil and also water & still couldn’t get it glossy.

    • Hi Sandy
      You definitely can’t substitute spelt with coconut flour in this or any other recipe unless you add eggs and way more liquid – it absorbs vast amounts of liquid (compared to any other flour) and is very tricky to work with unless u are familiar with it. Maybe you could stew some fruit an use it as a crumble. Sorry I can’t help g x

      • Sandy Vivian

        Hi Georgia – thanks for your replay, it was immensely helpful. Now I have a better understanding of coconut flour. I have another question. Could I substitute the spelt flour with almond meal?

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