+ Healthy Hamburger recipes

Homemade hamburger and why you need to avoid the rest!

I often make up my own hamburger patties.  Hamburgers are healthy, but ONLY when you make your own.  They take less than the time it takes to pick up take away to make, so no excuses!

After meeting an intact McDonalds hamburger that was five years old, I can confirm the longevity of the McDonalds burger is no urban myth.   I would never touch a fast food or frozen burger of any kind (sorry Lisa)!

Even Jamie Oliver has been on the fast food giants back recently.  In a graphic youtube video, he describes that when producing hamburger mince, “basically, we’re taking a product that would be sold in the cheapest ways for dogs” and after being washed with ammonium hydroxide (which is what forms the bulk of your household disinfectants) ‘is being given to human beings.’  Jamie goes on to ask “why would any sensible human being put meat filled with ammonia in the mouths of their children?”

So I make hamburgers up in batches and freeze them to throw on the BBQ when the need arises.  They are truly delicious, healthy and very simple to make.

Healthy Hamburger recipe
What’s so good about them?
They are packed with hidden vegetables so if you or your child is a burger and sauce in a bun type, then, at least, you can include some nourishing goodies in the burger patty.

Makes 6 large patties (or two large and 6 small)

500 grams of organic or grass fed beef mince (just regular mince, not low fat)
½ cup of fresh bread crumbs
1 red onion, quartered
1 clove of garlic, crushed
2 tablespoons of fresh Italian herbs like basil and or parsley, leaves picked
1 small carrot
1 small zucchini
1 tablespoon of dried oregano
1 egg
Sea salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a food processor or Thermomix, process your bread to make crumbs and set aside.
  2. Now process the onion, garlic, herbs and vegetables and process until finely chopped.  Add the mince, egg, and seasoning and combine on reverse.  If you don’t have a reverse setting on your processor, (or want to make these the good old fashioned way), then just throw it all in a bowl (grate all of your vegetables first), and mix with your hands by squeezing the mixture together.
  3. Form you patties into the sizes you want (I do some big for adults, some small for the kids), throw on the BBQ or in a pan and serve how you like them.
  4. I always put all of my accompaniments in little bowls on the table and my kids build their own.  Personally, I love grated carrot, grated cheese, lettuce or some type of greens, sprouts, grilled onions, grated fresh beetroot, pieces of fresh pineapple for a Hawaiian touch.

Gluten free
Use gluten free breadcrumbs or quinoa flakes to bind.

Grain free
Use quinoa flakes or ground nuts to bind them and serve in a lettuce cup with salad, San Choy Bow style.

Double up
Double the batch to load the freezer with your own fast food.

Great for tomorrow’s lunch box.


What do you think of the Jamie Oliver video?  Did it surprise you at all?  Hope it has inspired you to get in the kitchen or find another fast food alternative. Comment below.


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Build a hamburger


  • Nat

    Great warm weather idea and so easy. Absolutely HAS to have beeters. It’s not a burger without it. Caramelised onions done in balsalmic too. Mmm ammonia washed meat :gag:

    • Agree Nat, great summer meal. We often have hamburgers after nippers – the kids are starving and whilst hubby throws them on the BBQ (the only form of cooking he is capable of), I throw together the accompaniments. 10 minutes, done! Too easy. G x

  • Jodie Ticehurst

    I love Jamie Oliver, his doco’s are fantastic and I think people are starting to wake up. Thank god the kids have grown up and people have stopped throwing Birthday Parties at these horrible fast food outlets. And I love homemade burger patties. Thanks for the tip with quinoa flakes instead of bread crumbs! Jodie

    • Yes Jodie, Jamie is amazing. He uses his public profile to better our kids food future rather than sitting back and simply cashing in on his celebrity status like so many other high profile chefs. He exposes so beautifully the food industries dirty laundry so to speak. The first time S was invited to a MacDonalds party, she was really excited to “see the farm animals” (ie old MacDonalds farm) – too funny, out of the mouth of babes! G x

  • Sue

    I thought I’d be safe buying the organic burger patties but even they add a whole lot of added nasties. Only homemade for me now – very similar additions to yours and yes agree that you must have beetroot:)

    • Thanks Sue. Good point, “Organic” doesn’t necessarily = nourishing. They are just too simple not to make your own. I love fresh beetroot, but hate pickled. Always have really and not sure why as I love a lot of other pickled things. Thanks for your comment G x

  • Sally

    Hi G, such an eye opener, my god, no wonder the health system is in crisis!
    Can u please share how u make and prepare your own fresh beetroot, would love to know x

    • Oh, I’m a lover of it just raw and grated with it’s rich, earthy flavour. I also dice and roast it in coconut oil and a little balsamic. I occasionally ‘pickle’ (and I use the term loosely) vegetables like carrot, radish and beetroot in a vinegar or lemon juice (I experiment with different types as I have a bit of a vinegar obsession, I must say). I do this by soaking the raw veg in the acid for an hour or so and then mixing through a salad. G x

  • Nat

    What no tinned (pickled) beetroot?? That’s un-Austrayan! 😉

  • Lynsay

    I’m not going to forget that pink ‘slime’ image any time soon…

    • I wasn’t to sure if I should post it but I think images sometime weigh more heavy than words. G x

  • Sally

    Thanks G, someone once told me about cooking it on the stove with I think a bit of vinegar and sugar, but sugar is out so I think you’re right there, raw is best, why mess with a super food. I’m not game to look at the pink slime image…..although I did share with the kids what a McDonald’s hamburger is really made of…shock treatment always works!

    • If you were going to preserve the beetroot and wanted to make it fructose free, you could just use rice syrup instead. The pink slime image I actually posted on Facebook but any Google search will turn up the image. If you didn’t know what it was, you’d think it was strawberry soft serve! G x

  • Jane McNaughton

    Hi Georgia. I don’t have a reverse option on my processor. Would it be possible to change the blade to the dough blade for combining the egg and mince into the mixture?

    • Hi Jane, to be honest I would make your breadcrumbs, mince the veges and then add them to a bowl with the mince and egg and squish together by hand. I personally prefer the texture of a hand mixed burger. Enjoy, G x

  • Jodie

    Hi Georgia, these have become another favourite of mine. I have had a lot of failed attempts at burger patties over the years, but these work every time. I make up a kilo and freeze them as balls, then take out what we need when ready for them! Quicker than take-out! And yummier!

    • Yes they are a very handy meal. Great healthy freezer staple for sure, G x

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