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Healthy Mayonnaise Recipe (and loads of ways to use it)

Mayonnaise is a fabulous and versatile condiment to have in the fridge.  In this post I’m going to discuss why homemade mayonnaise is good for you, give you a recipe and of course several variations and ways for using it.

Once I learned just how damaging vegetable oils are, mayonnaise was the one food I just couldn’t find that was made with an oil I was happy to ingest (or expose my kids too).  I had periodically made mayonnaise in the past, but like any busy mum, sometimes the little things have got to give, and that was often mayo.

At the end of the day, it does only take 5 minutes to make and should last 7-14 days (the fresher your egg yolks, the longer it will last so perhaps go by their expiry date).  According to Sally Fallon, from “Nourishing Traditions”… if you stir a tablespoon of whey into your homemade mayonnaise, and leave it out of the fridge for about 7 hours, then refrigerate it, it will last for a couple of months (and provide a dose of probiotics too).

So why you should avoid shop bought varieties and make your own ‘healthy’ mayo?
Lets start with the cheap and nasty vegetable oils (technically seed oils) most mayo’s are made with.  I’ve spoken already extensively about why vegetable oils are dangerous to our health (catch up on why here).

I am yet to find a mayonnaise made with any of the oils I feel happy ingesting – that is extra virgin olive oil, macadamia nut oil or avocado oil (if you have please let me know).  Also, commercial mayonnaise has become a dumping ground for sugar with many ‘lite’ or ‘low fat’ varieties containing as much sugar as a can of Coke.  Once more, to allow for storage, commercial mayo’s are pasteurised to destroy bacteria (good and bad).

Home made mayo on the other hand provides a good dose of healthy fat, a little protein and if you choose to ferment it (by adding whey), some probiotic digestive support too.

Makes about a cup


1 large egg, room temperature, yolk separated from the white
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
1 tablespoon lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
250ml (1 cup) of extra virgin olive oil or macadamia nut oil (remember the mayo will take on the flavour of the oil you choose to use)
Sea salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon whey (optional). How to get whey, click here.


  1. In a food processor mix the egg yolk, mustard, lemon juice or vinegar, seasoning and whey (if you choose to).  I use my thermomix with the butterfly inserted.
  2. Whilst the blade is moving, begin to add your oil in a very slow trickle over the next 4-5 minutes.
  3. If you add it too fast the mayonnaise will separate.  If this happens, remove the split mix into another jug.  Put another egg yolk into your processor and very gradually add the split mixture, drop by drop.  This should salvage it.
  4. You can also beat by hand, though it’s best to have someone else pouring the oil as you beat.



Egg and dairy free
Jo from Quirky Cooking has that covered, find the fabulous recipe here.

Garlic Aioli
Mix in crushed garlic or I prefer roasting a clove and squeezing the delicious mushy centre into my mayo.

Ways to use you homemade mayonnaise…

  • I often use it to bind boiled egg or tuna in my kids sandwich, sushi or fresh spring rolls.
  • As a salad dressing.  Nothing like a good old coleslaw or potato salad made with real mayo (my Middle Eastern Potato salad is the bomb if you’d like the recipe, click here).  I also mix a tablespoon of mayo with the zest and juice of one lemon to dress salads.  This is especial nice over roast or steamed vege salads.
  • Mix it with pesto to make a creamy dipping or pasta sauce.
  • Make a tartare sauce – mix in lemon zest and diced caper berries for a delicious fish sauce.
  • Serve with a baked potato.

If you don’t have any ready-made, you might like to substitute with…
Natural or Greek yoghurt or labne is my favourite mayo substitute when I need to make one of the above but haven’t any mayo ready to go.

 Any questions or ways you use mayonnaise?  Love you to post a comment below…

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  • Angela Murphy

    Nice post :-). There may be an omission in the recipe? The egg yolk is left out of the list of ingredients that go into the mixer first.

    • Thanks SO much Angela, I’ve just corrected it. This one wasn’t proofed by my proof reader – just shows even the simple posts I need checked!! G x

  • Analeigh

    can i ask what you use to season rice for sushi? All sushi rice vinegars have sugar in them but I find it becomes a bit dry and bland without it

    • You can mix some apple cider vinegar with a little rice syrup for a fructose free seasoning. Sometimes I just mix my mayo and filling through the rice too. ope this helps, G x

    • You can mix some apple cider vinegar with a little rice syrup for a fructose free seasoning. Sometimes I just mix my mayo and filling through the rice too. ope this helps, G x

  • Rosanne O’Brien

    Hey G tryed this but failed, I wish I had a thermomix. Will try again tomorrow. You don’t use the egg white do you? Just the yolk!

    • Some people add the white in at the end, I don’t though. Has your food processor got a paddle or attachment that you would use to whip cream? If so use this. Make sure the blade is moving before you start trickling the oil (very slowly). Hope this helps – good luck! G x

    • Some people add the white in at the end, I don’t though. Has your food processor got a paddle or attachment that you would use to whip cream? If so use this. Make sure the blade is moving before you start trickling the oil (very slowly). Hope this helps – good luck! G x

  • Nicky Burow

    I made this mayo and it turned out really well, mine was very yellow though nothing like your picture and very tangy I did use apple cider vinegar, will try lemon next time. I don’t know anything about whey?? Where do I get it and whats a good brand? Thank you for the wonderful recipes I have been working my way through them all!!

    • Hi Nicky, phew, glad it worked out. The colour and flavour will depend upon the oil (olive is more yellow) and even the yolk (more yellow the more colour in the mayo). The one pictured is made with macadamia nut oil so not so yellow. I’m a lover of ‘tang’ – perhaps use less vinegar or lemon next time.
      The whey is the watery liquid off natural yogurt. I have a recipe for making labne (healthy cream cheese) here http://wellnourished.com.au/lacto-fermented-foods-starting-dairy-recipe-labne/ and you will have lots of left over whey there. Otherwise just strain a little through cloth next time you are toward the end of your yoghurt.
      Thanks for supporting Well Nourished and taking the time to write me feedback, much appreciated G x

  • Jo

    It worked! It took me 3 egg yolks though… first two I was not patient enough so I started with a third and trickled the two separated ones VERY slowly and it all stayed together. So now it’s more than I anticipated and I want to make it last a bit longer by fermenting it. Do i add one tablespoon of whey per egg yolk? Or just one tablespoon regardless of the amount? Thanks so much for all that you do! We really appreciate it a lot!

    • Glad you eventually got there and glad you recognised your impatience too. So many people give up, it is a slow process.
      No I’d add 1 tbs all up. I’d say a big coleslaw or potato salad is on the menu in your house soon? They taste amazing using the real deal! You’re very welcome Jo, G x

  • Kelli

    On what speed would you have your thermomix running as you added the oil?

  • Mel

    First time I tried this …. After long awaiting a bigger food processor with the option of adding to while running. Now it seems mine is too big as blades weren’t really moving the mixture as it should be. I’ll try again making a triple mix. …… Until then thrive market (USA based wholefoods online) has Mayo made with avocado oil!!

    • Oh no Mel – does it have a paddle or beater blade/adjuster on it? Thanks for the tip re the mayo with avo oil. If you’ve got strong arms, you can easily beat with a hand whisk (at least to salvage this batch)? G x

  • Elizabeth Mammolite

    I have tried this recipe a couple of times and have failed both. My mayonnaise comes out very yellow and runny. Not split, just can’t achieve the thickness shown in the pictures. I use a food processor with standard blade attachment. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    • Hi Elizabeth, that’s no good at all. The colour is because you are using olive oil (the one in the picture is made with macadamia nut oil (though I do use EVOO often). I can only suggest that the consistency has something to do with the blade on your processor (perhaps not big enough)? Have a look online for youtube demos. Perhaps try with two egg yolks (my eggs are very large). Out of interest since I posted this I have come across this super quick method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha-0mYHilxw

  • Elisa James

    Georgia would you please share which brands of oil you use? I have tried this wiht macadamia and EVOO but the flavours are not very nice. Trying to please some fussy kids and myself.

  • HI Elisa, yes the mayo takes on the flavour of the oil so what ever you choose, you have to like the flavour of the base oil. Personally, we like the macadamia but it does need lemon juice, garlic and a good amount of seasoning in my opinion. I also have added bacon fat (that I have reserved after cooking bacon) before and that was loved by all. I have also used an organic cold pressed sunflower seed oil (not refined like the regular supermarket oils). G x

  • Robyn Robinson

    Would Avocado oil be a healthy oil to use for mayonnaise?

    • Yes Robyn it would and I have used it many times x

      • Robyn Robinson

        Thanks Georgia, and thank you for your wonderful and informative site. I have come to your site many times looking for info and recipes for eating healthy.

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