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I come across videos and podcasts about health and food on a daily basis.  Few hit the mark like this Youtube video, which has compelled me to share it with you.  Michael Pollen is one of my most favourite authors.  His books are thought provoking, thorough and simply marvellous.

This short video encompasses so much of the information I have set out to share by developing Well Nourished.  Being healthy is not just about following ‘diets’, it is the whole process of sourcing, preparing and cooking your food.  This is why I freely share my favourite recipes and as many practical tips for improving your health as I can.  I urge you to check out this 20- minute video.

“The scientific understanding of nutrition is very primitive, much less is known than you would think.  What matters most about one’s health is not necessarily the nutrients or calories.  I found what predicted a healthy diet more than anything else was the fact that it was being cooked by a human being, not a corporation.  Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself” Michael Pollan

PS – If you eat MacDonald’s fries at all and don’t intend to watch this whole video, then skip to around the 3-minute mark for some amazing info that will have you skipping the fries from now on.

So many poignant points in this video – what parts ring true for you?  Let’s discuss it, post a comment below.


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How cooking can change your life – Michael Pollan (u-tube link)

  • Alicia Colgan

    Thanks for the vid G! Very interesting. Do you think Aussie rates of home cooking are as dismal? My New Years resolution was no fast food at all for my family this year, so far so good!

    • I’ve found statistically we sadly seem to be on par with Americans at present (i.e.; disease rates). It’s frightening isn’t it? I love the history he explains of the reasons why we’ve moved away from the kitchen. I find it incredible that we have been so cleverly manipulated to do so. Good on you for making positive changes for your family. G x

    • Sarah

      Well done Alicia. My husband and I decided to do this as well, not only did we last one whole year, we are now 4 years and counting. It is possible, and now we don’t even want it!!!

      Our take out is our local Thai, and that’s as far as it stretches.

  • Naeidra Deery

    Wow, eye opening Georgia and it just makes so much sense. Thanks so much for your amazing recipes. I’m referring anyone I can to your site, every one of your recipes has been so yummy and simple. You are a very inspiring lady! Bring on the home cooking and let’s all do the best thing for our children x

    • Yep, I love this video – like you said it just makes sense. Ah thank you so much Naeidra for helping me to spread the word and build a healthier world for this next generation. I’m so honoured to be able to inspire you. G x

  • Lucy

    Wow. Wow. WOW – this is so interesting – thank you for sharing it. It’s so straight forward really isn’t it? I love his take on it all. It scares me to think that cooking for the next generation could be like quilt making for ours… I certainly hope that’s not the case. It won’t be with a fabulous person like you inspiring us all !! 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Lucy. Yes I love this type of thought provoking, usable info. I rarely read or watch anything and wholeheartedly agree. It is one of my primary goals with WN – to inspire and share how little time and effort it takes to nourish. Plus you know my passion for kids health and involvement in cooking. It’s up to us to help our kids really love and understand food and that which nourishes them, Gx

  • Corinne Meers

    Loved this video, love this man! Makes every minute in the kitchen worthwhile!

    • Completely agree, he is one of my health heroes – we are all given the same 24 hours a day. It is up to us how we use them. Nourishing myself and my family is personally a priority! G x

      • Janet

        I love this! I recently heard a great phrase that is simple to change in our everyday lives. With everyone being so busy these days when you find yourself saying “I don’t have time for…’ replace it with ‘It’s not a priority’. It’s amazing how often our health is less of a priority than other meaningless things – although that is what everyone on here is surely seeking to change! I know I am!

        • This is brilliant Janet – may have to draw on this in my future writings. Powerful words ‘not a priority’ – puts a very thought provoking spin on what is. G x

  • Lisa Summers

    Thank you so much for sharing. Its evdrything I am currently striving to achieve for my family. Michael Pollan seems to knos the exact words to spread the message.

    • Yes I love his analogies and observations – no fashionable diet fads, just real, sensible information. G x

  • Wow! To think the presentation only touched the surface. I’m really keen to listen and read more that he has to say. Thank you for sharing. I can see why you are interested in his philosophy. It’s a big reminder …

    • Yes, I’d recommend all of his books. Pleased you enjoyed it, G x

  • Freya

    Fantastic! So well spoken. Thanks so much for sharing Georgia. F

  • kelly seach

    For me the most interesting/resonating part was the bit at the end about gut flora and the concept of us as superorganisms. Lots more to be understood about all that I think.

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