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Nutrigenomics – your diet controls your genes?

I’m always frustrated when I hear people relate their state of health to being “in their genes.”  I love the analogy that whilst your genes are like a loaded ‘gun’, it is your diet, lifestyle, stress and other environmental exposures that pull the ‘trigger’ that causes disease and premature ageing.  In other words, we have a lot of control when it comes to our health and disease expression.

We are all unique individuals and after working in holistic health care for such a long time, I know that a one-fits-all approach to diet and lifestyle is simply absurd.  Nutrigenomics, where our unique DNA blueprint is synchronised with our diet and lifestyle is an exciting new realm of personalised wellness medicine.  This state of the art genetic testing offers predictive medicine at its best.  It is a science that simply fascinates me.

How genes can be switched on and off…
Most people understand that our genes support our uniqueness – they influence everything from the colour of our eyes and our height to the predisposition to chronic disease.  However, science now confirms that our genes interact with our lifestyle choices, such as nutrition, exercise and environmental exposures.

According to Chevonne Clasen from Remede Wellness Medicine, “To understand more about your genes, it is important to know that our unique genetic make-up, which is what we are born with, is like our hard drive – and represents our health potential for life.  To function optimally in our environment, our genes have ‘epigenomes’, which are parts of our genes that interact with the environment and cause our genes to be ‘triggered’ – otherwise known as ‘epigenetics’ or our software.  Therefore, the expression of our DNA is actually controlled by signals from outside each cell – which primarily come from our diet, lifestyle and environmental exposures”.

By matching your diet and lifestyle to your unique genetic makeup you can optimise your body to:

▪ Age well

▪ Know how your body works and make informed lifestyle choices to fine-tune your genetic expression

▪ Prevent and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, as well as treat existing health problems

▪ Improve your energy levels and concentration

▪ Know what diet will optimise the health of your genes

▪ Know exactly which supplements will help your body function at it’s very best

▪ Exactly which weight reduction or maintenance strategy will work best for you

By doing a simple once-only saliva test, you can discover your DNA blueprint and learn how well your genes are matched to your present diet and lifestyle, as well as how you can unlock the full potential of your current and future health and wellness.

For more information on Nutrigenomics and this fascinating personalised wellness technology, click here.

Does this post excite you – love your comments and feedback?  Has anyone had this testing done?

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