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WIN a Planet Box thanks to Biome Eco Stores

Would you like to WIN a fantastic Planet Box thanks to Biome Eco Stores?  If you’ve been following my lunch box inspirations on Facebook, you’ll know I pack my kids lunches in a Planet Box.  I have always enjoyed packing new and exciting lunches for my kids, but packing them into the Planet Box is a pleasure in itself. Why?

  • Firstly, I love the segmented or ‘bento’ style layout – I have my routine for packing it.  Fruit in one section, vegetables in another, a treat or snack  and their ‘main’ lunch in the biggest compartment.
  • Being stainless steel I have peace of mind that the good quality food I pack, is not being contaminated by any nasties.
  • It is also SO simple to open, even a toddler could manage it.
  • It comes complete with a fantastic insulated cary case with pockets for drink bottles and extra food, space for an ice brick and elastic to hold cutlery.
  • My kids also love the magnets that brighten up the plain stainless steel.


For more about the range of Planet Box’s and to check out their fantastic range of ‘safe’ kids lunch boxes, visit Biome Eco Store, here.


How to enter (Terms and Conditions)

  1. First make sure you are subscribed to Well Nourished’s weekly newsletter.
  2. Next…I’m currently writing a healthy lunch box ebook.  Post a comment below this post (on the Well Nourished website) to let me know what types of recipes you’d love to see included e.g.; gluten, dairy, sugar free…sweet treats, savoury treats, sandwich fillers, or any other suggestions welcome!
  3. The winner will be randomly drawn at 10am on the 31st March 2014  by random.org.
  4. Sorry, open to Australian residents only.




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  • Megan

    Would love to see some sweet and savoury recipes that do well in the fridge for a few days or frozen, so I can plan ahead on the weekend 🙂

  • alex b

    Hi Georgia, savoury snacks for us please! Love WN, thank you 🙂 Alex B

  • Kylie McLeod

    Sandwich fillings would be awesome! My eldest starts prep next year so I will have to start making her lunches (daycare currently provides food) Help me!

  • Angela

    Interesting and tasty low carb dinners that even the fussiest of 7 year olds who is not a big fan of veges would enjoy. Not too many ingredients and not too complex to prepare.

  • Helen

    I love sweet recipes like your Anzac biscuits and raspberry brownie. It’s hard to find healthy nourishing sweet treats for my kids but these two recipes have particularly become firm favourites 🙂

  • Nat

    Sandwich fillings would be good. My eldest will only eat sandwiches and I run out of ideas so quickly. Thanks

  • Bec Jones

    Would love suggestions for wholefood (sandwich-less) gluten free ideas for school lunches

  • Sian Brown

    Would love to see more lunchbox friendly freezable recipes that can get my toddler eating more veggies and can go to kindy -nut free

  • jodie

    I’d definitely love to see some sugar-free treat recipes 🙂

  • Megan

    I’d love a little guide to ‘Kinder and school safe’ (I.e. allergy safe) recipes for little lunchers. With so many restrictions, it can be hard to think outside the box and keep lunches interesting! ♥

  • Kath

    Your lunch box pics are always an inspiration. Would love to get some simple savoury ideas and a few ideas for simple and healthy sweet treats.

  • Jan

    Healthy low carb and grain free that adds an interesting variety to a packed lunch

  • Zoe

    Love your lunch box inspiration! I would love recipes that can be made on Sunday and last a few days to just be added as needed. Thank you!

  • Amy

    Portable easy sugar free lunches requiring common and inexpensive ingredients

  • Paula

    Gluten, nut and sugar free please xox

  • Bec

    Recipes for snacks that are gluten, soy and dairy free are easy to find but we are also coconut and cocoa free! Please help 🙂

  • Sam

    Ohhhh and e lunch book?? Exciting!! I’ll be happy with any lunch recipes…sugar free treats and savoury treats will help too!! Thanks in advance!!

  • Charlie

    I would love to see tasty finger foods that are packed with meat and vegetables, my toddler is a picky eater.

  • Tracey H

    Would love to see some low GI to fill up hungry tweenies. Perhaps some freezable ideas so busy parents can plan ahead. 🙂

    • The freezer is my time saviour – will defiantly have lots of freezer friendly stuff! G x

  • Jen

    I would like to see more savoury lunch ideas

  • Shell Harris

    Love the sugar free recipes 🙂 You have made this school year so much more organised and healthy already…thank you xx

  • Karen Tooley

    Sugar free and nut free snack recipes would be very handy in this household.

  • Jacq

    More dairy free snacks and meals would be great 🙂

  • Kahren

    Id like to see some high protein ideas 🙂

  • Deniz

    A healthy lunchbox e-book! Just what I need. My daughter just started school so this is good timing! I am hoping to steer away from breads, so easy-to-eat sandwich alternatives would be awesome.

  • Cassie Gleeson

    Sugar Free and Gluten Free recipes would be my pick please

  • shan

    Wheat and dairy free please, thankyou 🙂

  • Sally

    Maybe a few recipes for toddlers? I find it hard to think of finger food I can take out with me that isn’t fruit or sandwiches for my little one. Raw veggies are too hard and leftovers can be super messy with one who doesn’t use cutlery yet 🙂

    • Great idea Sally- will definitely include a section for toddlers too. Thanks for the inspiration! G x

      • Sally

        I have been meaning to comment and let you know how much my 15 month old LOVES your healthy grain salad and hummus. He can’t get enough of either 🙂

  • Tessa Chamberlain

    Nutrient dense savoury snacks would be great! There are already heaps of sweet wholefood snack ideas out there. I try not to make sweet things very often and it’s harder to find inspiration for savoury snacks.

    • Yep, completely agree – savoury section is a certainty, G x

  • Cassandra McPhail

    I’d like to see savoury items that you can eat with one hand (about all my kids can manage atm) that are high in protein and fibre, and are freezer friendly.

    • Yep appreciate the one hand – stuff and go approach -lol. Thanks for commenting and old luck, G x

  • Pavla K

    I would love to see some inspiration on sandwich alternatives and savoury treats 🙂

  • Rochelle

    Gluten and dairy free snacks for boys! School is a rubbish and nut free school and I NEED this lunch box… My son doesn’t eat his lunch because he has too many containers to open 🙁

  • kate @ livinglovinglaughing

    Ohhhh I would love a PlanetBox!!!! I would also LOVE more lunchbox ideas for things that can be made ahead and frozen. Also ‘hearty’ lunch ideas that are not so carb heavy as that seems to be the easy default! Cant wait to get this book as my first just started Kindy!!

  • Debbie Harrison

    Gluten free dairy free please

  • Joanne

    Sugar free cookies and veggie muffins plus toddler friendly sandwich fillings, please. Love Biome too.

  • Emma Camden

    I’d like to see more savoury lunch box ideas.

  • Fiona Hurst

    School friendly lunch box ideas that are nut free. Dairy, gluten and sugar free. I enjoy preparing healthy food for my children 🙂

  • Michelle

    Would love some alternatives to sandwiches!!!

  • Kim P

    Savoury lunches that are quick and easy that also freeze and defrost nicely.

  • Emma Moon

    Snacks, especially sugar free

  • Louise

    Non-sandwich lunches that are quick & easy!

  • Katya Currie

    Ideas on vegetarian savoury muffins for lunch boxes would be a wonderful addition to your ebook. Just a thought 🙂

  • Jodie

    I’d love to see more nutrient dense lunch ideas that are easy for kids to eat at school. I love your sugar free recipes.

  • Cathy

    Ideas for turning bits of leftovers, rice, pasta, meat etc into healthy lunchbox snacks. I always have extra rice leftover after dinner that isn’t enough to accompany a meal so tends to go to waste.

    • I love doing this so a definite inclusion – thanks, G x

  • Holly Smith

    I’m looking for healthy morning tea snacks to send to school with my children.

  • Tracey

    Would love some vegeterian dinner ideas!

  • Ang

    Definitely sugar free recipes please.

  • Kat Ma

    I love nut free recipes for school lunches – bonus points if it’s paleo. Kids love your muesli bar – I make them with Quinoa flakes and they turn out perfectly… don’t mind them myself.

  • Rachel

    I need easy to eat sandwich alternatives – my kids just do not like sandwiches and find salads too messy.

  • Amanda

    I love you recipes. As a health conscious mum of two young children one which has severe allergies I would really love to see protein/energy balls without dried fruit or nuts in them. My little boy can’t have fermented fruit,nuts or sugar of any form including honey and maple syrup. I haven’t been able to find any recipes to match this. Your recipes have help me to be inspired and a little creative.Thank you 🙂

    • Have this one sorted already Amanda – thanks for your input, can’t wait to share it. G x

  • Kieralie Palmer

    Gluten, dairy, nightshade, coconut and soy free please 🙂 My son would love a Planet Box for his school lunches x

  • Han Vee

    I love your website! And I’d go crazy over a planet box, my gr 1 boy has broken 2 Nude Food lunchboxes this year already!
    I second high protein savoury snacks. My other son’s kindy is kinda on the right track with promoting healthy food but they exclude many healthified treats because they don’t understand its possible! Also his class is egg and nut free -argh!! He’s pretty good with eating straight veggies and fruit but it just takes sooo long to prepare two lunchboxes that have no prepackaged food! I’d love some freezable ideas and if you have tested egg substitutes those suggestions would be wonderful 🙂 I’m hanging out for your book!

    • Aww thanks. Yep egg free always makes it tricky. Have you tried any chia seed egg replacers (google it for details). I’ll do my best to accommodate! G x

  • Bec Morris

    Savoury recipes, fermented foods, healthy wrap recipe (cant wait too see the coconut one you have developed) plus healthy breakfast options. Thanks so much I really enjoy your page snd can’t wait for your ebook 🙂

  • Toni

    Definitely want to see fermented food recipes – preferably kid friendly too. Love your lunch inspirations the most! We love our planetbox too. This is our second year at school with it and still going strong. We recently upgraded the magnets to freshen it up. My youngest is just about ready for one too!

    • Toni keep an eye out this week for a great, simple fermented lunch box recipe! G x

  • Emma

    Love any recipes that hide extra veggies (like your sweet potatoe brownie one!). Thank you!!

  • Louise

    I’d love some sandwich alternatives that freeze well, please. I’m stuck on egg/quiche options at the moment, but my kids are starting to get sick of them! Preferably gluten free too, thanks!

  • Fjelda Curtin

    I would love some ideas for lunches that don’t need cutlery other than sandwiches. Also some egg free and dairy free treats would be great 🙂

  • Melissa

    Hi, I enjoy sugar free recipes and wheat free. Anything for school needs to be nut free but we love baking with nuts at home. If I am eating it needs to be dairy free but kids are fine with dairy.

    • I’ll assume all schools are nut free in this ebook. Good luck in the comp! G x

  • Anouk

    I would love to
    Some savoury recipes thanks

  • Jillian Currie

    Would love gluten free recipes please 🙂

  • Renee

    Healthy sandwich fillers

  • Naomi

    I pack lunch boxes for two school aged children, hubby and me every day. I would love savoury treat ideas and gluten free for me that are nut free as I work at a school and can’t take nuts. Thank you!

  • Amy

    I would love some savoury treat recipes please. My son’s kindy has a blanket rule that anything that ‘looks’ like a sweet isn’t allowed to be included in a lunchbox. Unfortunately I feel that rules out lots of great healthy options, so savoury treats might alleviate some of this. Also recipes that can be frozen and used at a later time would be really helpful. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these amazing lunchboxes! I’ve been admiring them for a long time.

    • Sounds like a good kindi though it is nice sometimes for kids to feel they are getting a sweet treat (when in fact it is really nourishing). Good luck in the comp! G x

  • Kate

    Thanks for setting me straight! Love your recipies. Always looking for yummy, wholesome and easy to prepare foods.

  • Billie

    Firstly thanks for the opportunity 🙂 Been following on Facebook for a bit. I love everyone’s ideas :-). Personally I want something that appeals to my kids but is healthy like for example when I make avacado mousse, they don’t eat avacado on its own but with raw cacao powder it becomes something chocolate lol. Anything that is good for them really that is quick,easy and freezable 🙂

  • Leanne Wolfe

    Since there are so many sweet treat recipes out there, I’d love some more recipes in relation to savoury, such as mini quiches, or slices with hidden veges. Maybe even leftover dinners that taste good cold? Love your work!!

  • Kathy

    Love all your recipes, the sweet treats have been really successful around here. We’re always looking for balanced protein vegetarian options.

  • Jade

    I’d love to see sandwich fillers please. My son just wants sandwiches for his main lunch so I need some ideas to get some tasty variety into his week, instead of the same sandwiches all the time!

  • Gabrielle Hodgson

    I’d love to see gluten, dairy & but free snacks & lunches 🙂

  • Jo

    i’d love some ideas of things i can keep in the freezer for emergency snacks

  • Nadia Tamihana

    Hi we are big “bread” lovers , so sandwich fillers are good and savoury items are great for fresh ideas , great site keep it up 😉

  • Daina

    Hi Georgia – we love your recipes, especially your no bake slice. It is a big hit with my 3 boys and my husband! I would love to see some savoury recipes for lunch for my kindy boy. Thank you.

  • Nadia Tamihana

    I would love to see more sandwich filler ideas and savoury please, we are big bread lovers, thanks great website;)

  • Nadia Tamihana

    Bread fillers please 🙂

  • Candice Daniel

    I would love to see some healthy snack ideas. You can never have enough!

  • Sally O

    High protein fillers for sporty kids would be great

  • Nadia Tamihana

    more sandwich fillers thanks

  • Kerry Solomon

    Nutrient dense savoury snacks for me too!

  • Kristy Clayton

    Hello, I think I said before on the Facebook discussion, but I would love Gluten, dairy, egg and soy. I need help!!! It’s for my little man aged 4. Thank you 🙂

  • Sally O

    High protein fillers for sporty kids please!

  • Robyn Patton

    Savoury snacks definitely! Excited to think I might win this Planet Box for my 10yo daughter 🙂

  • Jodie Charles

    I’d love to see some healthy treat options. Thanks.

  • Maria

    Definitely savoury, nourishing freezable and small for a not too big eater!

  • Liz Lohman

    I’d love some high protein, savoury food that can be eaten easily with hands (rather than cutlery). Also things that I can make and freeze. Thanks xx

  • Lara

    I’d like to see sandwich & wrap fillings that are a bit different. Always keen for baked goods that are more nutritious and low in sugar and saturated fats.

  • Sad :-(

    My toddler is unfortunately not as well trained as your children and will not eat many veges in their true form. I am frequently envious of your lunch boxes knowing that my little guy would never pick up a carrot stick or a piece of cauliflower and eat it! I therefore would love more ideas for sneaking veges into him! Also he has gone off any stews, risottos and won’t touch salads. Argh, so difficult! Would love one of these boxes!!

  • Mama Appleseed

    Love this lunchbox! I am always looking for more ideas for gluten free, grain free and nutrient dense savoury snacks… Thank you x

  • Maria Zuza

    I would like to see more protein packed breakfast examples. We love the chia pudding and muesli. We also love our eggs. But what else is there to eat? Feel bad when I whack out the toast or cereal given the “make every mouthful count” mantra you taught me.

  • Kerry Solomon

    Nutritionally dense savoury items for me to please! Great prize, crossing every body part that I win 😉

  • Sarah

    I think my comment disappearing into the black hole! Like most others by the looks of things i’d love sugar free/savoury snack ideas, preferably gluten free too. Sorry to be so demanding!

  • Danielle

    Sandwich filler ideas please Georgia! Currently have a Vegemite and cheese 4 yr old here.

  • Sarah

    vegetarian lunch ideas as well as egg and dairy free treats would be good!

  • Erin Twyford

    Would love some sandwich ideas beyond the usual vegemite or honey. Something that offered protein, veggies and something a little different like ricotta or raisins or sprouts. Can’t wait to see what flavour combinations you come up with!

  • Sharon Johnson

    Savoury lunch box ideas that my girls will eat cold (they like hot food)!! Or some inspiration for sandwiches. Loving the tips I have gained so far from your site.

  • Marnie Marsh Mallow

    I would love to get some inspiration for gluten free savoury snacks or meals.

  • Lisa

    High protein snack ideas please!

  • Beck Emerson

    Would love to see some sandwich fillers please. And also have to mention that I absolutely love your website. It is very inspiring. I have new items in my cupboards now that I have never previously heard of or cooked with, BUT, the beauty of your recipes is that I am using and reusing these items all the time now! And so much nutrition 🙂

  • Nat

    Sandwich fillers really helpful and especially binders- what to bring it together with. Other than big standard dijonaisse etc!

  • Nadia

    Love your lunch box inspirations, as my kids are little fuss pots. More savoury options for kiddies, and sandwich fillers would be great. Your sweet treats are divine, so glad you are sharing these recipes. My little man loves your chocolate slice and ANZAC cookies, thank you, thank you, thank you! Today I’m trying your brownie with sweet potato. I can only hope that my kids will eat as well as yours by the time they are school age, I will keep persisting 😉

  • Danielle Jupp

    Hi Georgia, All your recipes are fabulous so just do more of what you already do! Fructose free and suitable for leaky gut is my preference but as your recipes are so adaptable anyway I know whatever you come up with will be fab and of course it’ll be delicious!

  • Michelle Hanlin

    Post exercise snacks and anything else you have in your amazing mind. You have opened my eyes to many wonders. Thank you xx

  • Vanessa

    All your receipes are amazing. I would love to see more information on portion sizes

  • narelle

    Gluten free options with reduced sugar are what we are on a mission to make at the mo. Cheers

  • Michele @ The Hills are Alive

    Gluten Free please – and just basically nourishing food that kids (fussy kids with sensory issues) will still eat that is also lunchbox friendly thanks : )

  • Angela Purdie

    Love your recipes, and am sure will enjoy any of the recipes in your new ebook, would love to see gluten, dairy and sugar free, savoury items, maybe even some raw lunch ideas.

  • Erin

    An allergy section would be great! Lunch boxes can be challenging at the best of times, but with allergies and food tolerances to consider, lunches can become limited in both variety and nutrition. Recipes that cover top 8 allergens and use low/med salicylate, amine and glutamate ingredients would be fantastic!

  • Lynsay

    All in one savoury snacks for lunch boxes please

  • Bianca

    I would love to see more gluten free snacks that i could make for my kids’ school lunches. Some savoury snack ideas would be nice 🙂

    • I aim for the bulk to be GF or at least have a GF option 9like on the website), Good luck, G x

  • tanya clarke

    Love the planetbox! Such a great idea. I enjoy seeing all your photos on facebook, very colourful lunching. I’d like to see more sandwich fillers and savoury ideas.

  • Anna Willson

    The biggest thing I struggle with is the good old Muesli Bar. I would love to find a yummy, nut free muesli bar recipe.

    • My no bake muesli bar recipe on the site has been really popular, check it out (under sweet snacks), G x

  • Rachel Kriss-Newell

    For children like my son who have difficulty putting on weight due to medication that suppresses their diet, I would love to see HIGH PROTEIN foods and recipes.

    • Will definitely have protein in abundance, thanks for commenting and good luck in the comp, G x

  • Adrian Whitman

    Nutritious snacks to munch on throughout the day (mummy may need to eat them too!).

    • Know what you mean – as I grab a cookie from the freezer for myself! G x

  • Katri

    I love your recipes and blog! Would love to see how to create a good balanced lunch box i.e. the balance of carbs, protein etc. I’d also love some pasta lunch box ideas.

    • Thanks for your support Katri. Will explain this in the intro, thanks, G x

  • Lyndall

    I’d love to see some alternatives for sandwiches such as savoury muffin recipes… Something that my 5 year old can pick up and go and that is a little different to a sandwich. And more nut free snacks (sweet or savoury) are always handy!!

  • Kate Levy

    Your recipes to date are amazing and super helpful! I would love to see some more suggestions around some filling salad ideas/options as well as some hearty savoury snacks!

  • Jax

    I would like to see savoury and sweet snacks and treats. Thank you.

  • Rebecca Pullen

    Adore your Facebook and website!
    I would love to see gluten free, nut free quick and easy breakfast options, savoury snacks suitable for afternoon tea (pre sport training), yummy protein smooties for fussy eaters.
    Thank you Georgia for providing the beautiful recipes you do. I will definitely be buying your ebook! xx

    • Thanks Rebecca, all noted and I love the idea of a fuelling for sports. Having two very sporty kids, I’m getting good at thinking of snacks for that. G x

  • Emma

    Love all your recipes, we’ve tried nearly all the lunchbox friendly ones so far, all to great applaud! Would love more savoury snacks and protein/veggie filled sweet treats. Quick, easy and freezable is a bonus as we often do a cook up on a Monday afternoon for the week ahead, so need to get a lot done in a short period of time! Looking forward to getting my hands on your e-book!

    • Great Emma, happy to be of help. Cooking days are a great way to get ahead. Good luck, G x

  • sara

    i’d love some ideas on sandwich alternatives – my little man wont eat sandwiches and thinking of nut and egg free recipes is hard!

  • nikitavanderbyl

    I’d love to see freezer friendly lunch options, of the high protein variety too. I’ve been making muffins with coconut oil, coconut flour and lemon (among other ingredients), they freeze very well.

    • Yes I love freezability to – great time saver. Thanks and good luck, G x

  • Jasmine

    What an amazing giveaway! Looking forward to your ebook too – I’m always looking for new lunch box ideas. I’d love some more grain free savoury ideas that are easy for kids to eat. They love meatballs and salads, but sometimes it takes too long to eat those things at school apparently :/

    • Thanks Jasmine. Shame schools don’t make kids just sit together to eat for a decent amount of time so that isn’t an issue. Thanks for you comment, G x

  • Tania

    Looking forward to the E book! I’m most interested in simple ideas & inspiration for toddlers, for snacks & lunch.

    • Thanks Tania, lots of interest for toddlers so will definitely include, good luck, G x

  • Michelle

    Trying to quit sugar here so sugar free ideas would be great.

  • Shannon Henry

    didn’t know these boxes existed! with my “kids” grown and flown these would be AMAZING when my hubby and I go hiking!!!

  • Jodie Watson

    I would love to see a savory, or sweet heathly version (maybe gluten and sugar free) of a pizza pinwheel, my daughter loves them

    • I have a spelt and sugar free one, just need to do the GF conversion. Good luck, G x

  • Shaie O’Brien

    I am looking for snacks for myself for work and my older teenagers that don’t rely on dates to sweeten them up…am a little over protein balls too! And I can’t tolerate too many nuts…

    • Thanks Shaie – I rarely use dates so that will not be a problem and it will be entirely nut free too. Good luck, G x

  • Fiona

    Small, freezable snack foods.

  • Hannah

    More savoury ideas please! …and nut free

  • Anna

    High protein lunch ideas (like the turkey & feta meatballs – love those!). Also ideas on how to get veggies into the lunchbox of a kid who doesn’t eat salad or raw carrot/cucumber sticks… I can’t give him sweetcorn every day!

    • lol – ok, got it. Vege smuggling is fun! Good luck, G x

  • rahni

    Nut and egg free snacks for school lunches would be a god send! Few kids in my son’s class with allergies to both so new smack ideas would be great.

    • Egg free is my sticking point but will be keeping this in mind as it seems to be increasingly common, good luck, G x

  • Deb

    I’d love to see some clever vegie smuggling recipes that would travel in the lunchbox for my fussy 6 year old. Ideal if recipes can be frozen as I love to cook on Sundays for the week ahead so I can pull out pre-prepared items for our family of 5 lunchboxes. My older boys love the recipes from your site and have noticed the number of children with “packet” lunchbox choices – thank you for your inspiration to educate them on healthy choices to nourish their growing bodies x

  • Lu

    Great prize and fabulous ebook initiative.
    Like many others, I am keen to learn more savoury snack recipes. We already love many of your sweet treats, so keep those recipes coming as well!

  • Meg

    My daughter is in a strictly NO nuts class this year. I struggle to make gluten free baked recess treats without nuts. Love some more ideas. Love your blog!

    • Thanks Meg – check out my snacks section on the website as I have lots of nut free snacks there already. From memory – Anzacs, brownie, carrot cake slice, cheese crackers, vanilla bean cup cakes are all nut free…G x

  • Christine Denton

    Love the look of these lunch boxes and look forward to the e book I would like sandwich fillers, savory snacks, and nut free option or alternatives as I notice lots of receipes have nut milks and nut flours, our school is nut free. Thanks love your FB posts

    • The entire lunchbox book will definitely be nut free that’s for sure and options for gluten, dairy, fructose free too, G x

  • Cara

    I also would like to see high protein gluten free recipes, and also things that are suitable for quite small children. I have a 11month old who is baby led weaned so he eats the same thing as us- some ideas for food that is small enough to go in his little hand would be really helpful. My 3 year old also likes to eat ‘bento’ style and I would love some ideas for the ‘main’ in his lunch. thank you so much for your wonderful inspiration. I am looking forward to the ebook already!

    • Thanks Cara, All will be GF or have an option for. I will have ideas for both snacks and mains too. Good luck, G x

  • Emily Zanotti

    Toddler friendly savory snack ideas would be great to see. Look forward to the e-book.

    • I will include a toddler section for sure after seeing all these requests. Thanks, G x

  • Rosemary caruso

    Lunch ideas that they can carry with one hand and quick to eat because they want to go off and play

    • Yep, busy kids will be catered for that’s for sure. G x

  • Jade T

    High Protein lunches and snacks, low gi snacks, and easy to eat ideas! I have been loving your lunch box inspirations on Instagram and am looking forward to this ebook!

  • Annie

    I’d love to see items that you can make in bulk and freezer, to make for quicker lunches on the go!!

    • Most will be freezer friendly – you’ll all need a deep freeze! Ha ha. Good luck, G x

  • Tanya

    Re: PlanetBox Give Away.
    I would love to read more about simple & creative ‘Food Art’ tips that you may have to help encourage picky eaters and inspire parents to make meal times fun for everyone.
    – Tanya (New Subscriber)

    • Making meals look appealing is important to many kids – will do my best, G x

  • Caroline

    Love a lot of the recipe’s. I would like to see recipe’s that can be made in bulk, that would freeze well and the kids would love. Thank you

    • Thanks Caroline, I love bulk cooking so these types of recipes are a definite. Good luck, G x

  • Karyn

    May I pass on my gratitude at your lunch box posts! I’m keen on a healthy and inspiring lunch box for my little boy but there are days when I come up bereft of new ideas. I would love some ideas on nutrient dense items that fill tummies and fuel brains. If some could be made in advance using the fridge/freezer/leftovers that would be great. And if you’re not already drowning in ideas 🙂 perhaps some ideas about eating seasonally in Australia (??) Thanks again for your generosity.

    • Thanks Karyn, pleased to help in any way I can. Great ideas. Eating seasonally is SO important, I just find it a little tricky to include specifics as I live in the tropics which has very different seasons to cooler southern climates. Farmers markets are your best guide for seasonal produce, G x

  • Kate83

    I’d love to see healthy lunch box ideas for a kindergarten student i.e. first time lunches.

    • Yes I will cater for little ones too, thanks and good luck, G x

  • Natalie Henderson

    Recipes for savory and sugar free treats for toddlers would be great!

    • Yes I tend to think in terms of school age kids but will cast my mind back to the toddler years and share ideas, good luck, G x

  • Kate

    I’d love some ideas on wrap and sandwich fillings, and creative vegie-packed meals that aren’t salads (my kids don’t do salads…). Sugar free baking is always good too 🙂

    • I love sneaking veges in sweet and savoury dishes, thanks for your comment and good luck, G x

  • Louise

    wow, what a great website. I find your articles really interesting & your recipes & healthy lunch box ideas really inspire me to be more creative and definitely more nutritious when it comes to feeding my young children. It gets hard to think of new interesting but tasty things to feed them & with my daughter starting school next year, I’m going to be trying all your lunch box ideas. Like a lot of the previous comments I’d also love some ideas for freezer friendly, easy to eat & handle snacks. Also meals or part meals that I can cook in bulk & freeze in portions that the whole family can enjoy. Yes, easy sandwich fillers are also needed in this house. 🙂 Thanks so much Georgia for keeping us healthy 🙂

    • You’re welcome Louise. Freezer friendly is so important, at least one part of my kids lunches is from the freezer, good luck! G x

  • Gail

    I’d like to see grain free salads and some without quinoa, for a change, thank you.

  • Tracey M

    I love the idea of more savoury and healthy snacks too. Unless you make things like this yourself, it all tends to be fatty and unhealthy stuff that comes in cardboard boxes… My imagination is running out!

    • Completely agree – most processed foods are full of vegetable oils and other nasties, even the ‘healthy’ products. Good luck, G x

  • Judy

    Ahhh!! And I always thought I was going to invent the perfect lunch box – been planning it for years. Look at that, someone’s already done it!!

    • Agree! I have searched long and hard, the Planet box is perfection right down to the carry case! Good luck! G x

  • Deb thats awesome feedback and I’m pleased to inspire. I like to cook ahead so I will be thinking along these lines, good luck, G x

  • Haleyjos Wezenberg

    I would like to see healthy snacks that will fill them up without the salt and fat that all the packet/processed food carries

    • Only whole foods here, thanks for entering and good luck, G x

  • Zoe

    Hi Georgia
    I absolutely love your page. I don’t have kids yet but those lunch boxes are fantastic. I’d love to see recipes for grain free sugar free cakes/biscuits and maybe some savoury dips and snacks. Thanks for what you do.

    • Thanks for entering Zoe and you’re welcome. Yes lots of grain free cakes and cookies planned and I do love dips – they can really brighten up a lunch. Good luck, G x

  • Lina Fidanza

    I would love to see sandwich alternatives please and perhaps ones that can be made in advance/frozen?? Looking forward to making your fermented vegetables. Thank you in advance.

    • Okay Lina, thanks for your suggestions and good luck, G x

  • Rose

    I’m in need of savoury lunch box ideas as well as sandwich fillers. Love your FB sight. Always keen to try new recipes.

  • Karen Barany

    I would love to see quick and easy gluten free items

    • No problems Karen, too easy. Good luck winning the Planet Box. G x

  • Karen Barany

    I would love to see quick and easy gluten free items

  • Nicola Gale

    Hi, I’d love some ideas on sandwich fillings and some quick, easy on the go snacks that are healthy and can be frozen to grab and go. Thanks

  • Nicola Gale

    Hi, I’d love some ideas on sandwich fillings and some quick, easy on the go snacks that are healthy and can be frozen to grab and go. Thanks

  • Carley Renee Bonar

    I would love recipes that are gluten, wheat and dairy free (can have goats). All the best with ebook. 🙂

    • Thanks Carley, lots to suit you as I always aim to have gluten and dairy free options where possible and always wheat free. Good luck in the comp, G x

  • Karen Atkinson

    My family all loved the sweet potato brownie…thanks!!! I would love to see some recipes for my kids lunch other then sandwiches such as protein meals also some snacks foods such as -slices, sweet muffins, non nut protein balls….can’t wait for the e-book!!!

    • No- nut protein ball is done and delicious. Glad the brownie is a hit. Thanks for your suggestions Karen and good luck, G x

  • Bettina Ogden

    I like to fill my kids on protein for lunch. It is such a shame you can’t send them off to school with a handful of nuts and because of this they usually end up with meat balls or sausages, or left over spaghetti bol. I’d be keen to have some high protein, vegetarian options to keep them going through the afternoon.

    • Protein is so important and it will feature heavily. Thanks Bettina and good luck, G x

  • Lindy

    I’d love to see things that can be made in advance to last a few days or frozen. I have 2 fussy kids, and some yummy easy-to-eat, one handed goodies would be great thank you!

  • Ifel

    Hi, Georgia. I would like some help, please, with my very fussy CJ with his sandwiches & savoury treats. When I say fussy, it’s the ultimate fussy. He doesn’t any vegetables at all ever since he turned 3. It’s so ironic because with my Asian background, I cook so many dishes with veggies plus my husband is vegetarian. So it’s a puzzle for me why he’s turned his nose on this beautiful food.

    Thank you!!!!

    • Thanks for your comment Ifel – you may need to begin with ‘hiding’ them and I will include ideas for doing so, good luck, G x

  • Tracy

    would like to see creative and tasty lunch box ideas for picky eaters

  • Naomi Roberts

    I would love to see vegetarian foods for very fussy kids!! A challenge for me thank you

    • Imagine that is quite a challenge, there will definitely be some vegetarian options, good luck, G x

  • Natalie Kuhnemann

    Hi Georgia, I would love to make my own dips that my kids can dip all their vegies into, I’m sure it’s easy but I’ve never done it and I need that bit of help to get it happening. Also matching up food groups so that my kids get full, they seem to be hungry all day and looking for food constantly especially when eating clean food. Both girls also get very congested with dairy so dairy free options always help! Thanks Nat

    • Thanks Nat, I love dipping sauces and its a great way to entice kids to eat their veges. Good luck, G x

  • Karen Statham

    I’d like to see options that are really simple, for the kid who won’t try anything with too many different ingredients. She likes what she sees with visually interesting food, but then won’t try it.

  • Anna O’Donnell

    I’d love a section on protein – we aren’t allowed to send eggs to our school and I’m always looking for ideas to fill my daughters tummies with good quality proteins, not salt and additive laden deli meats!

    • Oh no – no eggs! All for good quality proteins, will bear ‘no egg’ policies in mind, thanks and good luck, G x

  • Sam Papamanolis

    Love your great lunchbox ideas, my boys play lots of sport/gymnastics so high protein fillings and snacks would be great. Cheers

  • Analeigh Brown

    I’d love to see a few more savoury snacks for lunch boxes. Absolutely LOVE all your recipes, they have helped me no end! Thanks!!!

    • Aw thanks, thats great, very happy to help, good luck, G x

  • Your wonderful sweet snacks are great, I use them all the time and a lot
    of your others. The thing I’m constantly trying to come up with is
    dinners for my 2.5 year old … that she’ll eat. At the moment I tend to
    “hide” things. She won’t eat salady bits (except for a bit of cucumber
    or Avocado) but I seem to be winning if I stick it all in a sandwich (at
    lunch time) and start chomping into it myself! She is getting better though. Just always looking for ideas.

    • Brigitte please persist with her – at 2.5 my kids would eat nothing leafy at all and very few raw veges too (and absolutely love salads now and often ask for seconds). Keep offering them (so important), eating with her and demonstrate an enjoyment of healthy food and she will come around. Thanks for your comment, good luck, G x

      • Thank you so much for giving me a bit of guidance. I have heard that you need to keep persisting but it’s good to know that even people like you had trouble so it helps keep me powering on with her!

        • Yep my son was 3.5 (daughter maybe older, can’t quite remember). I’d serve up leaves and certain veges every day- he’d always throw them back at me across the table and say ‘don’t like flowers’. Just last week (he’s six now) he had a tante because I’d cooked a roast and just had roast and steamed veges and he wanted salad!! Kids, they do my head in. NEVER give up! G x

          • Ha ha! (I shouldn’t really be laughing). I’m just glad to hear that yours have tante’s like that too. I keep thinking how much trouble I’m going to have by the time she’s a teenager if she’s already having outbursts at me now.

        • Yep my son was 3.5 (daughter maybe older, can’t quite remember). I’d serve up leaves and certain veges every day- he’d always throw them back at me across the table and say ‘don’t like flowers’. Just last week (he’s six now) he had a tante because I’d cooked a roast and just had roast and steamed veges and he wanted salad!! Kids, they do my head in. NEVER give up! G x

  • Nina

    my daughter will eat a salad at home but not in her lunch box; she will eat a pear at home but not in her lunch box; she will eat a meatball at home, but not in her lunch box; she will eat a cheese and tomato sandwich at home, but not in her lunch box… So i want to win a bento box to see if it is her lunch box that puts her off! I need suggestions for easy to prepare snack ideas that can go in a lunch box and for afternoon teas! Thank you

  • Penny W

    I would really love to see healthy treats both sweet and savoury that you can add in with their sandwich, fruit and yogurt. These treats need to be healthy but super tasty otherwise they simply won’t get eaten. Recipes that you can make up in batches for the week would be great that you can freeze or store in containers. Thank you !! xxxxx

    • Thanks Penny – I won’t compromise taste for nourishment – I believe you can have both. I hate bland food and I hope if anything, all of my recipes are very tasty. If I can’t make it tasty it won’t make the book!! G x

  • Fiona Watson

    I’d love more savoury recipes to put in the children’s lunchboxes. Also more ideas on what we can give our children for lunch that is gluten free. Thanks, loving all your recipes I’ve tried so far xx

    • Thanks Fiona. I plan for mostly gluten free and lots of savoury. Really pleased you’re enjoying my recipes. Good luck! G x

  • Ashlea Minicozzi

    Recipes that stay fresh all day

  • Emily

    I’d like to see healthy and nourishing snacks that solve hunger and tiredness slumps during the day! Also some good ideas to jazz up the main lunch meal that can be prepared on weekends and then slipped into lunch boxes during the week. Thanks!

  • Amelia

    Love your blog and looking forward to the cookbook. I’m looking for easy lunch box fillers that can be frozen but aren’t sweet! Thanks

    • Thanks Amelia, lots of savoury ideas in the pipeline, good luck, G x

  • Cassandra Clarke

    I have recently become a vegan, and looking for any type of vegan recipes but more so for lunches…I also love the style of bento boxes and was encouraged to start making my own.

  • Ann

    More gluten free and raw foods please

  • Melanie Gray

    I’m paleo so I’m always interested in new/different lunch and snack recipes.

    • Yes like offering grain/dairy free options, thanks and good luck, Gx

  • Em Manchee

    Yes, thank you for the berry brownie recipe – i have been putting sweet potato in all my cakes/brownies/muffins now instead of flour and it is working really well. I would also love more inspiration along the savoury snack lines… morning/afternoon tea – and things that can freeze if possible?! Thank you!

    • Thanks Em, great improvising, love it. Okay, I’m hearing the call for savoury, good luck, G x

  • Jess

    I would love savoury items that taste just as good cold as hot for my guys lunch boxes please.

  • Trina B

    I would love some vegetarian ‘mains’ ideas (nut free) – and anything that can be made in bulk and frozen 🙂 ooh and ‘lookalikes’ for popular packaged snacks – i have so much trouble with one of my boys (he’s 8) either not eating or throwing out his lunches – his pockets are full of wrappers from things like le snacs, LCMs, ‘fruit’snacks etc that he trades his friends for ( Lego and Pokemon cards they’ve told me!!!!)

    • Oh dear, I’ve not encountered the trade off scam yet. My kids school has a very strict policy re food swapping and has instilled fear of a visit to the principle (which is good for me) if they swap or share food- perhaps let the school know and see if they can have a word? Thanks will considered ‘healthy versions’ of processed foods – I do like a challenge! G x

  • Hi love the website, your recipes are fabulous 🙂
    I would love some high energy snacks with hemp seeds for kids, but not sweetened with dates (more savory than sweet)……not sure if you are allow to include hemp seeds in your recipes…but I’m needing a brain boosting for the kids lunch box….It would need to be nut free (school rules) but I am wanting to increase their consumption of pumpkin seeds, coconut, buckwheat, hemp seeds ect…… not sure how to go about it……. I’m looking to cram in as much nutrition and flavour as possible 🙂

    • Thank you Carolyn, I’m trying to develop a balance between enough ingredients to make a recipe as nutritious as it can possible be (i.e.; make every mouthful count) and not so many ingredients that it makes the recipe ‘to hard’ and complicated for a new to whole food cooking reader. It is why I offer options and variation where I can – but with every recipe my aim is as nourishing as possible without compromising taste (and simple to make). Good luck, G x

  • Bernadette Anderson

    I am particularly interested in dairy free (for my eldest son), nut free (for their school) and low fructose (because I want my boys to eat less of it) recipes. Thank you – I love your children’s lunchboxes

    • Perfect, thanks Bernadette. All will be nut free and lots of DF, LF options too, G x

  • Joanne Weis

    I would luv to see Gluten free, Dairy free, low salicylate and sugar free recipes for the kids lunchbox please. Savory options would be great also. Thanks xx

    • I’m loving that savoury is a popular request, thanks for commenting and good luck, G x

  • Tasha Moon

    I am such a big fan Georgia! I would love to see savory options as I’m keen to get the boys out of the “sweet treat every day” mindset they’re getting into – their sweet treats are healthy and nourishing, but I’d like their “treats” to be balanced with savory options like muffins etc. Thank you SO much 🙂

    • Thanks so much Tasha, your beautiful comments warm my heart. I’m with you re- savoury v’s sweet ‘treats’ all the time and have grand plans for the savoury section of the school lunches book. My Breakfast ebook is first cab off the rank and not too far away. It has lots of savoury options that can double as lunch box snacks too. As you know I like to cross boundaries with meals – so even though I’ll be presenting recipes suitable for breakfast, nothing stopping you from making extras for tomorrows lunch box too. G x

  • Great idea, thanks Emily. Good luck, G x

  • Sally

    I would love to see options for alternatives to the standard “Vegemite” or “jam” sandwiches (wraps, sushi, rice paper rolls, etc – but stuff that every day kids will love and is nutritious). 🙂

    • Okay Sally, lots of ideas in the pipeline for you and tested on lots of kids too. G x

  • I would love nutrient dense wheat, dairy, sugar and nut free ideas that can be made ahead of time and can be the main lunch part of a lunch box.

  • Kerry Lewandowski

    I would love to see some allergy friendly ideas – like gluten free and low sugar. Especially with variety, but able to be frozen and friendly for all tastes.
    You are doing amazingly as it is… hard to improve 😉

  • Sarah

    Would love to see some high protein vegetarian snacks. Savoury is good too. Thanks

  • LisaR

    Interesting new muffin type savoury baked goody, that is freezer friendly and maybe wheat free. Cant wait for some inspiration!! Or a seed bar that doesnt fall apart.

  • Coral Feek

    Gluten and/or grain free. Trying to cut down on bready stuff so my kids don’t get “grain brain” at school!

  • Steph

    I wouldn’t mind seeing ideas on how to plate different dishes so that it looks fun and interesting for kids to eat. Would definitely like to see savoury treats made to look fun to eat too. And possibly how to get your kid to eat salad. (Mine eats only cooked veg but will not touch salad) :S

    • Hi Steph – persistance is the answer with salad. It took almost three years of trying for my two to eat leafy salad. Every day I served it up, just a leaf or two with cooked veges at dinner time. Eventually they ate it and now even request it. Also interesting salad dressings are important. G x

  • Cath Chugg

    I’d love to see recipes for more healthy sweet treats, thanks!

  • Beth

    I would like to see good wholesome lunchbox savoury items.

  • Angela

    I’d love to see sugar free and nut free sweet treats / lunch box snacks. Love your website and blogs. They’re brilliant – thank you!

  • Katrina Riley

    I’d love some ideas for healthy options that don’t need the fridge or ice-bricks. Thanks!

  • Nicole Evans

    I’d live gluten free savoury ideas. Thanks g. I love your website. Such great ideas. Thank you.

  • Rebecca Geer

    Hey, I agree with all the comments and need for good savoury snacks….something that will get eaten. Any egg based slices I have tried tend to stay in the lunchbox, untouched??

  • Ali Smith

    Hi Georgia, I’d love to see some more salad and savory muffin ideas. My kids and husband love bread so I’m trying to find ways to tempt them away from toast for breakfast and then sandwiches for lunch!

    • Thanks Ali. I have a fantastic super simple bread recipe in my first ebook (if I ever get it out there!!) It’s breakfast based so it might help with your breakfast bread dilemma! Good luck, G x

  • Jasmine Pell

    Dairy & wheat free savoury snacks. Love your recipes G they feature in my whole families lunchboxes every week 🙂

  • leeza

    I would like to see vegetarian and sugar free lunch ideas

  • Salvickers

    Paleo recipes would be great! Dairy, gluten and sugar free foods would be fantastic to see. And maybe some sweet paleo treats too 🙂

  • Milla

    If you are up for a bit of a challenge would absolutely love some snacks that are fructose friendly, dairy and gluten free!
    These containers would be awesome because having food intolerances means we always have to pack enough food for a village when going out or to school. Thanks

    • Hi Milla, lots of options for all three will be included. Good luck, G x

  • Missy Abbott

    I’m always up for some healthy vegetable and protein filled snacks. My kids get sick of zucchini and bacon slice lol I’m trying to slowly back away from high carb grain foods, and aim for more fatty and protein filled healthy foods.
    I’ve had my eye on a planetbox for a long time! Fingers crossed.

  • Nicola Berna

    Alternatives to sandwiches! Loved your Anzac biscuit recipe, thanks for a great blog, very inspiring.

    • You’re welcome Nicola. Yes lots of sandwich alternatives planned. G x

  • Katherine Prior

    Freezer friendly, fructose free treats would be great to see. And savoury snacks.

  • Freya

    I’d love to see some more gluten free and low fructose options please. Anything that can be made in advance and frozen would be great too. And thanks for sharing your wonderful website 🙂

  • Christine Wagemaker

    I’d love to see recipes that can be made ahead of time and then frozen. It’s my dream to be more organised and provide homemade snacks in my kids lunchbox!

    • Most will be freezable – it is half the reason why I can manage home made goodies as I batch bake for an hour or so once a week and freeze. G x

  • Kelly Berghella

    I would like some ideas of things to put in for my husband’s lunch. He is a tradie and needs foods that are filling, yet healthy. He has done so well at going sugar-free and losing weight over the past 5 months, I think this lunchbox would help him to continue that way.

    • I’m sure it would help a lot. So much of whats available in cafes is just not good enough. Yes my ideas won’t be just for kids – I very much advocate kids and adults eat more or less the same! G x

  • Gal

    Hi Georgia,

    I absolutely love your website and really agree with the philosophy about ‘making every mouthful count’. I am also so excited for your lunchbox ebook – can’t wait! I would love to see savoury ideas that would work instead of sandwiches. My 2 1/2 year old is a fantastic eater and loves eggs, veggies, etc. but at the morning program that he attends (where he also eats lunch that I pack), he sees all the other kids with sandwiches and can’t get enough of them! I don’t mind packing him ones (using good bread of course) but would love other, just as enticing “main” ideas for the lunchbox.

    • I’ve had this exact issue with my kids. This is my main reason for packing sandwiches occasionally. The filling is critical though and I will talk about this. Thanks for your support! G x

  • Davina Tsang

    I’d like to see both savoury and sweet baked ideas. Ones that can be free able.

  • Bec Miller

    I would love a planet box lunch box for my little girl! Lunch ideas for toddlers to take to day care please xxx

  • Georgie

    I’d love a baked muesli bar recipe- we don’t have any allergies and our school allows nuts (they prefer to educate the children with allergies on minimising risk- unique practice it seems!)

    • Wow, wish other schools could take this approach. It would make life a lot easier, G x

  • Louise Copeman

    I would like simple baked batch items both sweet (natural or sugar alternatives) and savoury that can be frozen and defrosted the night before or in the morning. Things like veggie muffins, slices, etc. that are very nutritious and that I can make beforehand and have ready to go. Thanks (love your lunchbox ideas!).

  • Bozzies TourOz

    Savoury things I can leave in the car for a week or so? For those “I didn’t think we were going to be that long and I didn’t pack any snacks” times. LOL

    • Take a look at my Almonds three ways post – these are good for car leaving! How many times I wish I’d had the foresight for doing this myself! G x

  • Marie

    anything you can pop into a lunch box inc some hidden veggies my kids dont eat heaps ,maybe something cooked but is tasty cold , rissotto balls or something

  • Katrin Pierce

    I’d love to see vegan and sugarfree recipes.

  • Kirsten Aspin

    Quick easy to make lunch ideas for mum and dad – gluten free and sugar free. I don’t have an office and am often driving from place to place. I eat in my car or at a park. I also spend so much time making everyone else lunches that I often don’t take the time to make myself something nutritious. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Funny how we do that – my kids have awesome lunches and I often scrape the barrel! Sure, G x

  • Beth

    Love some gluten, dairy and yeast free bread recipes

    • I have just the recipe – it will be in my first ebook (breakfast) – out once I stop being a perfectionist and actually send it to the designer!! G x

  • Megan

    Id like to see anything savoury, especially finger foods and interesting sandwich fillings.

  • Rachel

    Freezer friendly treats plus freezer friendly sandwich fillers. Love your website, so glad I found it.

  • VegeMum

    More Vegan and vegetarian opitions please 😊

  • SallyJean

    Like a lot of the comments already, I’d love to see savoury snacks – my two boys are all-day grazers and love savoury foods. Freezer-friendly anything is always awesome too!

  • Rosie Corney

    Super easy savoury lunchbox ideas, preferably gluten free. 🙂

  • Kelina

    Hi Georgia – love your recipes and blog – the hardest lunchbox spot for me to fill is the ‘protein’ spot, having a prep-babe that doesn’t do cold meat anything!

  • Vanessa Scib

    I would love to see sugar free treats! Love your blog

  • Irene

    I would love to see lunch box ideas that keep well, are filling and are able to be kept fresh all day….I battle with the fact that lunch spoils so easily even though I put in several cool blocks…..xxx

  • Thanks Louise. Yep, I’m freezer mad so this will be easy, G x

  • Good suggestion Irene, thanks. G x

  • Thans so much Vanessa, G x

  • Kelina, they make it hard don’t they. Maybe some vego protein options then? G x

  • Thanks and good luck Rosie, G x

  • Yes, savoury very popular which is great to see as on the blog it’s the sweet stuff that seems to rate well. So pleased I’ve asked for this feedback, I’m getting a real feel of what is needed. Thanks, G x

  • Sure, thanks for your suggestion, G x

  • Thanks Rachel, glad you found me too. Freezer friendly sandwich fillers…great suggestion. hadn’t thought of that. G x

  • No worries at all Megan. Thanks, G x

  • Celia C

    Any rolls or bread sandwiches with fillings that won’t go soggy would be very welcome.

  • Bec Tognala

    I’m interested in ideas for the main component of the lunchbox which can replace a sandwich. There are only so many days of rice cakes, cruskits and chicken cutlets my fussy daughter will eat. Since you asked, I’d also like more recipes for lunchbox friendly cakes / slices as my boys love their sweet treats but your beautiful raw chocolate slice melts by morning tea time! Thanks! 🙂

  • Nichy Nott

    I would love more easy to make, high protein foods that are nut free for kindy lunchbox please! Love all your helpful ideas and suggestions. Thanks for sharing Georgia!

  • Bec Tognala

    Hi! I’m interested in ideas for the main component of the lunchbox which can replace a sandwich. There are only so many days of rice cakes, cruskits and chicken cutlets my fussy daughter can take. I’d also like more recipes for lunchbox friendly cakes / slices as my boys and I love sweet treats but your beautiful cacao rough melts at school! 🙂

    • Yes, it is not at all lunch box friendly. Strictly after school only! Thanks and good luck, G x

  • Natasha Best

    Freezer items and low sugar treats. Also Mains that are not sandwiches. Thanks

  • Tish Joyce

    Savoury treats that kids will eat please! Oh & a few sugar free sweet treats.. anything really, I love your recipes 🙂

  • F

    My child is a VERY fussy eater. I know that his diet is too high in carbohydrates and that he doesn’t have enough protein, so he’s always looking for snacks. I can’t break the cycle. I would love some good breakfast options that are quick during the week and some nut free & gluten free foods to pack for school lunches. I had him on a quasi paleo diet before school, but now he sees what other kids eat it is very difficult. He doesn’t want to be the odd one out. F

    • I have a breakfast e book on the way first and this will really suit you. Thanks for your input, G x

  • Fiona

    Anything we can freeze ahead of time would be helpful.

  • Alicia Webster

    Lots of vegan and vegetarian snacks that are easy to take places and that don’t require refrigeration. Also, protein balls and yummy, chewy bars, and “mock” desserts for the kids.

    • Thanks Alicia, a few that will suit already sorted, god luck, G x

  • I’d love to get some more ideas for pre-kindy age. My daughter will pretty much eat anything and she is provided with a hot meal at the centre, but the fruit/yoghurt/cheese and something for morning and afternoon tea is getting a bit boring… although she eats it all.

  • leah

    I would love sneaky fruit recipes as my son does not eat any fruit at all

    • Ooh ok, as long as he eats veges I wouldn’t be too worried. Good luck, G x

  • Kate

    Nut free healthy baked goods! Lunch box ideas for adults which are quick to eat, things for the freezer, breakfast-on-the go ideas.

    • I’m planning a series of “balls” that will suit, thanks, G x

  • Melissa A

    I would really love to recipes for treats for my kids’ lunchboxes. They would need to be nut and coconut free (to comply with school policy). Some sort of treat full of seeds would be ideal!

    • That’s a new one – coconut!! Okay, thanks I love seed based recipes, G x

  • Colleen Hooker

    savoury treats please, I seem to have an abundance of sweet treat recipes but always looking at adding some healthy savoury treats for lunch time and snacks for my little boy and baby girl once she starts eating solids. PS love your lunch box snaps always gives me ideas for my own family.

  • Gemma Spence

    I’d like to see any yummy lunch ideas for a picky 15 mth old.

    • Thanks Gemma, check out my Well Nourished toddler posts for strategies, G x

  • nicola

    i’d love to see some really easy no-bake mains besides sandwiches – also egg and nut free.

    • Oh, racking my brains but will give it a crack, love a challenge! G x

  • Cherrisse

    I’m always on the lookout for savoury gluten free and dairy free snacks for morning and afternoon teas to fill up and appease my food loving, sweet food loving, bread missing, hollow legged 5 year old son. Foods that won’t matter if he spoils his dinner with because it’s nourishing enough. Thanks! 🙂

    • I have hollow legged kids too – big breakfasts, big lunch, big snacks and big dinners too. I also only design ‘every mouthful counts’ type snacks so sure I can oblige, thanks. G x

  • Nicole

    HI, have only just come across your site, would love sugar free, gluten free ideas, that are kid proof. Mine are so picky. First question does this have sugar?
    Thanks Nicole

    • H Nicole, I’ve worked extensively with fussy kids in clinical practice and constantly offer suggestions for picky eaters – look out for tips at the bottom of recipes and also my feeding children posts, thanks for your suggestions, G x

  • Claire

    would love more savoury Paleo-type lunch ideas, need to be nut-free for our school. Thanks, looking forward to your new ebook! 🙂

  • Isabel

    I’d love to see some gluten-free freezable savoury lunch box ideas! So many sweet ones out there, but we like to avoid these in lunches. Freezer friendly savouries would make those rushed morning so much more easy!

  • Emma

    Hi. I’d like to see sugar free, nut free treats that can be frozen.

  • Sky

    Oh I’d love these lunch boxes! I’m always trying to find foods that are going to keep the kids going all day. So anything like that would be great. But I love all your recipes so whatever you put in will be great!

    • Thanks Sky, your continual support and input is much appreciated, G x

  • Brenda Blake

    snacks, savoury and sweet that can be made and frozen and or keep well. 🙂

  • Brenda Blake

    would like savoury/ sweet snacks that can be frozen.

  • Danielle Jupp

    Would love this lunchbox! My daughter has a plastic one similar with compartments and would love to ditch it. Anything nourishing for winter would be good especially for school or work.

    • I’m considering investing in a thermos for winter. Might include some hot things perhaps? g x

      • Danielle Jupp

        Most certainly!!

  • Sandra

    Hi I’d love some more ideas for my littlies (5&6) for their gluten & sugar free lunch boxes-both savoury & sweet, especially ones that don’t melt & are freezable in advance. Thanks!

  • Susan Evans

    Perhaps a “morning tea” section with savoury and sweet items that pack enough punch to sustain their little minds and tummies until lunch time?

  • Vicki

    I’m a savoury person and like to avoid treats, so a focus on savoury would be really good. Also gluten free, which is good for everyone with and without sensitivities! Could you also (not necessarily for your lunch book, but on the blog) address salicylate, nightshade and other sensitivities that are really common but somehow not as well known? Thank you!

    • Thanks for your suggestion Vicki, I’ll put it on the list! I have so many topics to cover, it’s never ending. I’d really encourage you have a look over my digestion posts as i find these intolerance’s are extremely responsive to digestive support. G x

  • Rachel Fallon

    I would love some high protein snacks that don’t use dairy, eggs or nuts. Thank you, I love your web site!

  • Donna Dipane

    I’d like to see savoury ideas, too. I do pretty well on the ‘sweet’ treats, but struggle to find alternatives to a sandwich. We tried rice paper rolls the other week, but they fell apart before lunch time. Any tips for packing them. Does the stainless steel box help?


    • Hi Donna, keep practicing with rolling them. It’s tempting to but don’t over wet them. Give them a rinse under the tap and then lay on a damp chopping board. Leave for a moment then add the filling and roll. Separate with carrot sticks or baking paper so they don’t stick together. I used to use plastic lunch boxes and they were okay? I’d encourage you to try again, G x

  • Tina

    Hi Georgia I have been following your site for a few months now and I love everything you write about. My children often comment that they want their lunchboxes to be like everyone elses (ie white bread sandwiches and chips.) So I guess any recipes that they can use their hands to eat, sandwich fillers and sugar free treats that don’t look too “out there.” They are active children who eat quickly and want to get to the oval to play so one handed food that does not require a fork would be great. Thankyou Tina

  • Lee Ponder

    I need things I can make in bulk, cut up or portion out and then freeze in portions – for one kid at school, one home schooling at home and one hubby. All have big appetites and all are grain, casein, soy free.

  • Tina

    Hi Georgia I have been following your site for a few months now and I
    love everything you write about. My children often comment that they
    want their lunchboxes to be like everyone elses (ie white bread
    sandwiches and chips.) So I guess any recipes that they can use their
    hands to eat, sandwich fillers and sugar free treats that don’t look too
    “out there.” They are active children who eat quickly and want to get
    to the oval to play so one handed food that does not require a fork
    would be great. Thankyou Tina

    • I’ve had that request from my kids too Tina. I find the Ancient Grains Bread good for this as sandwich loaf shaped and the spelt and kamut loaves look fairly normal. Thanks for your support, G x

  • Megan Woolridge van Blerk

    I’d like to see more gluten, dairy and corn free savoury snacks. Cutting down on sugar as well, but not keen to use sugar substitutes like stevia. I’m feeling bombarded by the overabundance of gluten and dairy free sweet treat recipes flooding in. Bring on the savoury!

  • Kim

    Ways to sneak protein in! My son is not too keen on meat, fish or cheese in his lunch box and will only tolerate seeds occasionally, so I’m always looking for ways to hide it!

  • Vicki

    I’d like sweet or savoury slices that I can make and freeze for the week so the kids can grab and go when they’re packing their own lunches.

    • Oooh you are smart – plan to train my kids to do this one day soon. G x

  • Yes, reading the comments below, even though I’m in my late pregnancy and it’s terrible to admit, that it’s all about (healthy) sweets for me right now, I think what we personally need more of in our house are nutrient dense delicious savoury snacks – the sweet ones are all too easy and I fear my four year old has developed the most terrible sweet tooth! Kellie xx

    • Savoury it is then. Congratulations and all the best! G x

  • Alexandra

    I would like to know more about easy ways to replace egg and
    diary in cakes and pastries. I am a fan of the tasty vegan/alternative recipes.

  • Lisa

    I’d love to get my kids away from wheat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Some spelt recipes to substitute some everyday wheat products would help heaps.

    • Yes definitely good to limit wheat. It will be 100% wheat free as are all of my recipes, G x

  • Brenda Blake

    I would like freezer friendly ideas please. So I can cook up on the weekend as I work full time and as a single mum seem to run out of time during the week.

    • I love freezer friendly stuff and will aim to make the majority so, thanks and good luck, G x

  • Hi Isabel. I have lots of savoury stuff up my sleeve, I mostly give to my kids as after school snacks. Some of the ones I’ve already posted on the site haven’t been so popular but this competition has really alerted me to the fact that they are in demand. Thanks for commenting, g x

  • Angie

    I would love dairy free, egg free and gluten free lunch choices. Thanks xxx

  • Karina Logan

    Hi. Love your recipes, egg free and nut free would be great thanks. Keep up the good work, much appreciated. K x

  • Cass Robinson

    Low fructose alternatives, and nutrient dense please

  • Amanda Jean

    Freezer friendly and high protein, easy to make snacks/lunches

  • Caroline

    I’d like to see gluten/dairy free, freezable lunches and dinners as I do shift work. Love the compartments, for protein, salad, fruit sections.

    • They are great aren’t they. I love freezables, so handy, G x

  • Natalie Taylor

    Love to see more hidden veggies recipes for my fussy 2 year old, specially slices for lunch boxes 🙂

  • Thank you Karina, good luck, G x

  • Great, thanks Cass, G x

  • Ros Guy

    Grain free savoury treats would be great. Something I could take as part of my lunch when I’m at school.

  • Tiffany Thomson ‘Rees’

    We’ve exchanged comments about it’s previously G, but I’m super keen to see meals and snacks that cater for the rapid-growth, super high-nourishment needs of teens and pre-teens, including lunch ideas (without the need for two lunch boxes ;)). Example, my beautiful 13yo son has grown about 15cm in four months!! These ideas would have me x

  • Sarah

    I would love gluten free, nut free lunchbox snacks

  • Cheryl Bentley

    I would love savoury snacks that fill up hungry teenagers ( your cheddar seed crackers were a hit). Also gluten free/ low sugar snacks. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis so gluten free is important for my lunch box!

  • VickiR

    Another one for savoury slices that can be frozen at the start of the week for quick and easy packing during the week… or anything that doesn’t require keeping cold as it’s difficult to keep lunchboxes cool up here in the tropics!

  • Karen

    I’d love some grain free and sugar free ideas for lunch boxes. Thanks 🙂

  • Rish

    Easy savoury snacks that are nut free please 🙂

  • Nicole

    Wheat or gluten free and sugar free please!! A hard combination to find that works and is tasty! So many GF recipes are loaded with sugar. Love to have more options thanks x

  • Marsha

    Would appreciate seeing some Mains which would be suitable for ID Diabetic which are low sugar, low fat and most importantly low sodium. Also some Snacks offering the same.
    Thank you.

  • Sally O

    Any new recipes always welcome

  • Renae

    Savoury gluten and dairy free snacks. Sooo many sweet treat options out there, I want to develop my children’s savoury palate.

  • Renae

    Savoury gluten and dairy free snacks. Sooo many sweet treat options out there, I want to develop my children’s savoury palate.

  • Renae

    Savoury gluten and dairy free snacks. Sooo many sweet treat options out there, I want to develop my children’s savoury palate.

  • Dhalz

    Savoury dishes for 1 year old that are freezer safe, full of lots of good stuff!!! Thank you 🙂

  • Dhalz

    Savoury dishes for 1 year old that are freezer safe, full of lots of good stuff!!! Thank you 🙂

  • Dhalz

    Savoury dishes for 1 year old that are freezer safe, full of lots of good stuff!!! Thank you 🙂

  • Sandra

    Savoury slices for sure. I’m blessed with kids free from any dietary issues, but they are the fussiest. I don’t know if you can even call them fussy, their palates have disappeared! They just don’t like to try.

  • Sandra

    Savoury slices for sure. I’m blessed with kids free from any dietary issues, but they are the fussiest. I don’t know if you can even call them fussy, their palates have disappeared! They just don’t like to try.

  • Sandra

    Savoury slices for sure. I’m blessed with kids free from any dietary issues, but they are the fussiest. I don’t know if you can even call them fussy, their palates have disappeared! They just don’t like to try.

  • Lisa

    Gluten free, dairy free, nutrient dense foods that are quick & easy to make (preferably savoury). Thanks 🙂

  • Katie

    Sugar, preservative free tasty easy foods for 6months- two year olds, if love to see example lunches that won’t overwhelm them with too many choices and are nutritional and tasty- with a lot guide on when to change up what you offer before giving up on a lunch box meal they don’t like.

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