+ Processed and Fast Food - Why are kids drawn to it?

Processed and Fast Food – Why are kids are drawn to it?

Processed and Fast Food – Why are kids are drawn to it?  This short video clearly demonstrates that it’s more than a matter of choice.  “How Junk Food Marketers, Target our Kids” is worth 6 minutes of your time.

The food processing industry is manipulating our children’s biology and psychology.  Have a watch to understand how and why…


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  • Lucy Green

    Oh its just so frightening what’s happening out there…

  • Lauren

    I’d like to think that at least here in Australia, teachers aren’t using text books sponsored by Oreos, but I realise that kids are still surrounded by messages from fast/junk food companies every day. It’s up to parents to stay strong and educate their children, rather than making it into a battle of you versus the fast food giants.

    • Yes this is an American example and I hope we don’t follow suit with school sponsorship. I thought it a good example of how there is nothing left to chance with either the manufacture or promotion of these products. Yes, parents, we need to lead by example and build positive relationships with whole foods. G x

  • Mel

    Food Corporations have a lot to answer for, our schools may not use junk food advertisers but sadly our kids sports do. Little Athletics NSW is sponsored by Coke and Mcdonalds and my sons tiny tots soccer club was sponsored by Eagal Boys Pizza. Its a disgrace

    • Scary huh? Wow I can’t believe that we are heading that way too!! It certainly is a disgrace, G x

  • Toni

    i am still the person who feeds my kids…they can look at all the advertising they like but at the end of the day it is my job to educate them on good nutrition. I just feel a bit for the parents that are a little clueless to what good nutrition is and how to obtain it for themselves so they can be a good example to their children.

    • Totally agree Toni. I have always maintained, if you don’t want them to eat it, then just don’t buy it. And yes, talk to your kids, teach them the joys of real food. Hopefully this world of access to information will help educate people in need, G x

  • Jane

    Thanks for the read, Georgia. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle with this at the moment. My 6 year old has recently been coming home with her lunchbox still full of food (I pack a healthy lunch with limited to no processed food). Today, I found some used cling wrap in her lunchbox and her lunch hadn’t been touched. As I don’t use cling wrap in her lunchbox, I asked her about it. She told me that other children have been sharing their lunch with her including biscuits and other treats. I talk all the time to my kids about the importance of healthy eating but it’s feels like my message is being drowned out by everything else around them – including the lunches their friends are eating.

  • You’re welcome Jane. It is very tough, we are all up against it. Are you friends with any of your daughters fiends parents? I find kids are more likely to eat if at least one friend is on the same page. Just keep plugging away, no nagging or lecturing (though I get it is sometimes hard to take it personally) – drop hints, use any example, celebrities, friends or family members she might look up to who eat well – point it out subtly that’s why they are so smart, pretty, good at their sport etc;. It all adds up and it’s how the junk food marketers get kids attention. Hope this helps a little, all the best G x

    • Jane

      Thanks for your response, Georgia. I wanted to update you on a successful outcome to my lunch sharing concerns. I spoke to my daughter’s wonderful teacher about the issue. The school has a policy of “no food sharing” as well (mainly for allergies) and so she was very happy to speak to the class about the importance of eating their own lunch and not sharing with friends, regardless of how well-meaning you may be. My daughter’s teacher has also made an effort to compliment my daughter’s lunchbox. My daughter came home the other day absolutely delighted: “Mrs M said she likes my lunch so much that she wishes you would make her lunch every morning”. (I said I would gladly do that if Mrs M could come around and do my daughter’s hair every morning!). And the end result is that there has been no more lunch sharing and an almost empty lunchbox coming home now. Thanks for your great website and generosity in sharing information. I am very much enjoying cooking my way through your online recipes and e-cookbooks.

  • Ahh the hair – I share that battle also! Thrilled is has worked out G x

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