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Raw chocolate recipe

I make my own sugar (fructose) free chocolate.  This real raw chocolate recipe uses only nourishing, whole ingredients.  It takes minutes to make, my kids LOVE it, I can consume it without guilt (happens often) and I find it simply satisfying!  It’s quite funny, my kids think my chocolate is a really indulgent, special treat!  Well, it is, but unbeknown to them, it’s also very healthy.

There are a couple of versions I make (and then a couple of versions within those versions)!  By now, you know how I love my versions?  Anyway, today I’m just going to keep it simple and show you a couple of basic combinations.

Raw cacao butter is the fat pressed at low temperatures from the cacao bean.  It has an amazing aroma and makes a chocolate that  doesn’t melt  quite as quickly as chocolate made with coconut oil.  It is however quite expensive and the blocks need to be chopped up or shaved to melt, whereas the coconut oil melts easily (in summer it will be a liquid anyway).  You can find out more about the health benefits of coconut oil here.  Also check out this great article “28 Science Verified Health Benefits of coconut oil”.

You can make this chocolate with either one, or, a combination of the two.  They all form an antioxidant rich, very nutritious and delicious chocolate.

200gram (1 cup) raw cacao butter or raw, extra virgin coconut oil (or a combination of 100gram of each), melted
30grams (¼ cup) cacao powder
2-4 tablespoons  brown rice syrup (you can adjust the sweetness to your taste)


  1. Simply melt the cacao butter or coconut oil over a very low heat, either in a small pot or Thermomix (temp 50, speed 1) until just melted.
  2. Add the cacao powder and rice syrup, mix until well combined*.  Pour into chocolate moulds or mini cupcake baking cups.
  3. Place in the freezer immediately to set.  Once set, keep in an airtight container in either the fridge or freezer.

* A few people have had issues with the rice syrup and base fat not combining completely.  If this is the case, try mixing with a stick blender or whipping it up in a blender just before pouring into a mould and get it into the freezer to set asap!

Because both coconut oil and cacao butter melt when exposed to even a little heat, these always need to be kept cold.  So, unfortunately, they are no good for picnics or lunch boxes (unless packed against an ice pack).

Enjoy and please let me know what you think by posting a comment below.  Who’d have thought chocolate could be so very healthy?


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Raw Chocolate

  • Lucy

    I’ll DEFINITELY be making this one… !!

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  • I’ve had a few people email me to find out where they can get the brown rice syrup (also know as rice malt syrup) which I use all the time and in my chocolate recipe. The Pure Harvest brand (Rice Malt Syrup) is recently available at Coles in the health isle. It is only $3.80 for 500 grams so very economical too. Yippee! G x

  • Ellen

    If 200gms = 1 cup how can 30gms = 1/3 cup?

    • Hi Ellen, 200grams of coconut oil is one cup measure, and 30 gram of cacao is 1/3 cup. Grams are measures of mass, where as cups are measures of volume. The oil weighs much more than the cacao powder. Confusing but these measurements I’ve used are correct. Hope this helps. G x

  • Sally

    Treats without the artificial bad stuff, I’m all for that! I made a batch with walnuts and one with cranberries to up the antioxidants. I only used 2 tbsps of rice malt syrup as I ran out but I think 4 would be better, still yummy though and all the family gave a thumbs up! – Sally

    • Glad they were a hit. Nut varieties and peppermint are two of my personal favourites. FYI I ran a chocolate challenge on Facebook page and posted requested healthy recreations of some common ‘unhealthy’ varieties. Check it out for more ideas. G x

  • Shannon

    Hi Georgia
    I am on an anti candida diet and looking for something sweet and chocolatey to help me through. Can I sub the brown rice syrup for stevia or would it mess with the consistency? If it is ok how much stevia would you recommend (I use liquid)?

    • Hi Shannon. It will work out fine with stevia. When I work with stevia I find there is a fine line between sweet and bitter. So I continually taste until I am happy it is sweet enough, and stop before it takes on a bitter edge. Perhaps you can 1/4 my recipe, and if you are happy with the result, make the full quantity. Let me know how you go. G x

  • Emma H

    I have made 2 batches (onto my 3rd) and my ingredients keep separating.. Leaving me with not very nice chocolate 🙁 what am I doing wrong? I’m following your recipe exactly.. Thank you 🙂

    • That’s no good! Try adding the rice syrup whilst the oil/butter is over a very low heat and stir really well (you do need to mix until it is very well combined and you can see no syrup at all). Mix the cacao powder in and pour straight into the moulds. If your moulds are small or fiddly then give the mix a stir every few pours. If you let it sit for too long it can separate a little. You can also just pour all at once into a lined baking tray and just break or cut it into pieces. If you’ve just made a batch and it has separated you should be able to just remelt it, mix well and reset. Let me know how you go. I’ve only noticed the odd blob of rice syrup in some of my batches when I rush and don’t mix it well enough. Hope this helps. G x
      PS – are you using cacao butter or coconut oil or a mix out of interest (not that it should change anything)?

      • Emma H

        Thank you for your help. I will be trying another batch over the next couple of days doing what you have suggested.
        So far I have tried just coconut oil, just Cacao butter and a mixture of the two. I sound like a terrible cook! Haha 🙂
        Thank you again x

        • Not a terrible cook at all! At least you haven’t given up!! Just mix, mix really well and even taste it whilst it’s liquid (and that’s what the end result will be just solid). If you need it sweeter, at least you can add more rice syrup. Let me know the result. G x

      • amy

        I have experienced the same problem whereby the ingredients have separated upon setting. The rice malt syrup settles at the bottom and the top ‘chocolate’ part sets perfectly but is devoid of sweetness! It still tastes delicious if you combine the two by scooping out the rice malt syrup, however, I would love to be able to perfect the technique so all components are combined and set together.
        Could you please advise for how long you stir the ingredients over heat? I think I’ve been taking about 10 minutes, stirring constantly, and it always looks like everything is combined when I pour into the moulds.
        Thanks heaps 🙂

        • Amy try mixing with a stick blender or whipping it up in a blender just before pouring into a mould. I use a thermomix which controls the temperature whilst mixing it (just at a lowish speed). Let me know if this helps. G x

        • Hi Amy, may just have an answer to the raw chocolate separating issue – if you don’t set it very quickly in the freezer it will separate. The fridge just takes too long to set it. I’ve just made one batch and put half in the fridge, the other half in the freezer. The freezer batch was perfect and the fridge batch separates. Thought I’d let you know! G x

    • Hi Emma, may just have an answer to the raw chocolate separating issue – if you don’t set it very quickly in the freezer it will separate. The fridge just takes too long to set it. I’ve just made one batch and put half in the fridge, the other half in the freezer. The freezer batch was perfect and the fridge batch separates. Thought I’d let you know! G x

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  • Sheuvon

    Hi Georgia, are you using cooking coconut oil that has no sent, or just virgin coconut oil?
    Also to sent with peppermint would I use peppermint essence or is there something more natural and delicious? 😀 Thankyou

    • Only raw, EV coconut oil and you can use either peppermint essence or a good quality peppermint essential (aromatherapy) oil. I have a fabulous post coming up about essential oils in cooking, so look out for it. Peppermint raw chocolate is my personal favourite. Enjoy. G x

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  • Sharon

    Hi can u add nuts with this

    • Absolutely. I often push a nut into the centre, or you can add them chopped or even nut butter. For the nut butter centre, I lay down a based of raw chocolate. Pop it in the freezer to set then add a blob of nut butter and top with more raw chocolate. Set – yum! G x

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  • Rebecca

    I recently made this and it’s delicious. Just wondering though if I can melt it down and pour it over some nuts to make a chocolate nut bark?

    • Absolutely. Lay your nuts (whole or crushed) over a tray lined with baking paper, pour over the raw chocolate and set. Then just break into pieces. I also often pop it into moulds and push a whole nut into the centre. Nothing better than nuts and chocolate. G x

  • Kathy

    thanks for the amazing recipes. What do you think of the monk fruit (+erythritol) sweetener by Nobu? I’m trying this chocolate as Lori and I have lots of cocoa butter on hand for LoKa.

    • Hi Kathy. I’m not overly familiar, but it seems to have a similar biochemical structure as regular sugar/honey/maple syrup (about half fructose, half glucose). I’m personally partial to rice malt syrup as it is fructose free and I feel so much better if I minimise fructose. G x

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  • Cathryn Redgwell

    Yum! I would love to win this prize so I can make some!

    • Yes everything you need for his recipe is in the pack. Good luck, G x

  • Eda

    Hi Georgia,
    Just wondering how much does this yield?

    • About 200 gram. This is very approximately 24 small chocolates, depending upon the size of your moulds. G x

  • Kate G

    Oo never tried a p/nut butter version!
    We’ve recently made chili chocolate which was amazing!

    • I LOVE chilli chocolate too. Peanut butter is good to – a nice flavour and texture. G x

  • Kerry Solomon

    Yum, yum, yum! Made this the other day and I’m in love! Guilt free chocolate and my kids loved it too! Thank you!!!

    • I’ve got some great fillings and variations on the way, exclusively for my subscribers too so keep an eye on your inbox!

  • Kirra Pendergast

    Just read this and jumped up and made some! Thanks Georgia – I love your site xx Kirra

    • Thanks Kirra, hope you enjoyed it. Have to say, I’m a little hooked! G x

  • Bex Nixon

    Hey! This sounds amazing! How would I add the peanut butter to it? I make up my own so could I just pop a dollop in the middle of each mould?

    • Just place a little raw chocolate to the base of the mould. Set in the freezer. Then add a blob of peanut butter on top and then top with with more raw chocolate. This is one of my favourite combos, enjoy! G x

  • Luka

    I used raw agave nectar and it also got separated. I used to make chocolate before, just never used coconut oil and it never got separated, so maybe problem is coconut oil? And without it chocolate feels more crunchy and less oily 🙂

    • Hi Luka, thanks for your thoughts. Yes cacao butter definitely yields a more traditional chocolate texture. Some people have had problems also using just cacao butter though- so it’s perplexing to me. I have researched it and only come up with heating it just enough for the sweetener to melt and combining it by mixing it very well. I generally use 50/50 of each fat and have no issues with separation. Can I also suggest that agave is not a great choice for a sweetener. It has a biochemical profile almost identical to high fructose corn syrup and is best avoided. G x

    • Hi Luka, may just have an answer to the separating issue – if you don’t set it very quickly in the freezer it will separate. The fridge just takes too long to set it. I’ve just made one batch and put half in the fridge, the other half in the freezer. The freezer batch was perfect and the fridge batch separates. Thought I’d let you know! G x

      • Luka

        Thank you! That actually makes sense – I always used freezer before – just because I was too impatient to wait 😀

  • Danielle Jupp

    Mine separated as well 🙁 and they don’t taste sweet enough when set but did taste fine before I put them in the moulds. Can I melt them and add a bit more rice malt syrup or won’t they set?

    • Absolutely melt them down again Danielle. Just mix and heat gently to make absolutely sure they are well combined. Also I find when using small or fiddly moulds and the mixture sits for too long, I have to return it to the heat and gave it a real good mix in between. Working fast is best and straight into the freezer. Good luck and hope that helps, G x

  • Meg

    Yum! Thought I’d share – I just made these with stevia for baking (about 2 tbs) replacing syrup to reduce total sugar. And because stevia is sometimes a little bitter I added about 3 tbs of freshly ground coffee grains to make an intense version of chocolate coated coffee bean. Really yum like a coffee rough. No problems splitting either with Stevia 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Meg, will have to give that a go. I love chocolate coated coffee beans and I love your interpretation! G x

    • Anita

      Just made this with liquid stevia. Bitter – not nice at all. I then added 2TB of honey and vanilla extract and cinnamon to try to mask the bitterness. Could still taste the bitterness. Next time I won’t experiment and just use rice malt syrup. Otherwise the chocolate was good – a lovely smooth texture. Thanks!

      • Stevia is slightly bitter – not my favourite either but some people swear by it. I prefer rice malt too G x

        • Anita

          Hi Georgia – just an update. I tried the chocolate again today after it had been in the freezer overnight. It was delicious and not bitter anymore. The stevia must have settled. Thanks again : – )

  • illuminatti

    When I make it; its delicious to begin with then after a while it turns grainy. Do you know why?

    • It hasn’t happened to me so I’m sorry I’m not sure why. Are you using a syrup or a granulated sugar? I have read it can happen if granules aren’t melted. G x

  • Julia

    Hey, can i use coconut milk for this?

  • You can add a little coconut milk for a less dark chocolate, G x

  • Stephanie

    Hi, can I use organic molasses sugar to sweeten?

    • Sure Stephanie, I haven’t tried it but can’t see why it wouldn’t work – as long as you like the flavour of the molasses G x

  • random

    i don’t have cacao butter – can i use normal butter (even though it’s not as healthy)

    • I would personally just make with all coconut oil if you don’t have cacao butter. Having said that, I’d guess it would be okay with butter (but haven’t tested it myself) G x

  • Frances Oz

    Hi Georgia, I have a funny questions to ask…. I notice that allot of your recipes require some form of coconut milk / cream / oil. Now for some reason I think I’ve pushed my love of this flavour and now cannot stand it.

    Would you use milk in its place or butter if an oil is called for?

  • I have answered this Q in your other comment, but I would add in the case of this raw chocolate recipe, I would stick with all cacao or mostly cacao with a little butter. G x

  • Jessica

    Do i use 30g of cacao powder or 1/3 a cup they are totally different things

    • Small typo – should be 1/4 cup. Only just over a tsp difference between the two so 1/3 cup will just produce a slightly richer chocolate. G x

  • ellie

    Can I replace the cacao powder with cocoa powder?

    • Yes Ellie, play around with the amount (you may need to add more than if you used raw cacao) – just taste the mix and add more if you think it needs it G x

  • ellie

    Can I replace the cacao powder with cocoa powder?

  • suzanne flowerday

    Hi – if I made a batch of this, can I freeze it in portions and then defrost enough to use in other recipes or do I have to make it and use it on the recipe straight away. Thanks, Suzanne

  • Hi Suzanne, to be honest I have never tried it. I do store my raw chocolate in the freezer, but have never melted it again. Perhaps try a small amount and see how it goes G x

  • Kyra Harrison

    can you used water in chocolate

    • Hi Kyra, water will separate out from the mix (fat base) G x

  • claire

    Hi, cant wait to make these! Can I use maple syrup or honey as a sweetener? if so how much do i add?? thanks in advance

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