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Raw Coffee Slice

With the silly season fast approaching, I thought it timely to share a decadent desert that is perfect for entertaining (or even Christmas day). Dessert is something I always look to pre-prepare and this can be made weeks ahead if necessary. When I have friends over I really don’t want to spend a minute more than necessary in the kitchen (I hate missing out)!

I know I share lots of kid friendly recipes here (and if you check below I have a chocolate variation that is more family friendly). But sometimes it’s nice to have something just for the grown-ups. Having said that – my daughter is crazy for coffee flavoured anything (she’ll even try to sip black, unsweetened coffee if given the chance). I think I may have developed my kids taste for ‘bitters’ a bit too much!!


200g hazelnuts
85g (¼ cup) sweetener (rice malt syrup, honey or maple syrup)
1 tablespoon cacao powder

350g cashew nuts (soaked for minimum 2-3 hours)
85g (¼ cup) sweetener (rice malt syrup, honey or maple syrup)
70g (⅓ cup) coconut oil
50-70ml expresso coffee, cooled (approx. 2 shots)

Chocolate topping
Either 150g dark chocolate, melted
Raw Chocolate (pictured here)
100g (½ cup) coconut oil (liquid)
4 tablespoons sweetener (rice malt syrup, honey or maple syrup)
4 tablespoons cacao powder


  1. Grind the hazelnuts in a food processor or powerful blender until a meal forms (TMX 5 seconds, speed 7).
  2. Add the sweetener and cacao and mix until well combined (TMX 10 seconds, speed 4).
  3. Press into a lined 20 x 30cm slice tin and put in the freezer whilst you make the filling.


  1. Drain the liquid from your cashews and rinse well.
  2. Process to form a paste (TMX 5 seconds, speed 7).
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until smooth and creamy (TMX 1 minute, speed 7). You may need to scrape the sides a few times.
  4. Spread the filling over the base and put back in the freezer to set (about 20 minutes).

Chocolate topping

  1. Either melt the dark chocolate in a bowl over a pot of hot water or make the raw chocolate by combining all the ingredients together.
  2. Once the filling is set, pour over the melted chocolate and set in the freezer (approx. 5 minutes).

Cut it into squares and store in the freezer until ready to serve.

Recipe variations
Don’t like coffee? 
Replace it with a heaped tablespoon of cacao and 70ml water for a double chocolate slice.

Vegan and dairy-free
Choose raw chocolate on top.

Fructose friendly
Choose rice malt syrup as your sweetener.

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Raw coffee slice v

  • Kerry Lewandowski

    Is it too late at night to fire up the coffee machine? 😉
    Seriously though.. I have run out of hazelnuts and walnuts. Anything I can substitute?

    • Almonds will do Kerry G x

      • Anita Sullivan

        Hi there Georgia, can I substitute blanched (or other) almonds for the cashews? I see so many recipes with cashews, but didn’t have anyone to ask 😉 We have a cashew allergy, but are ok with other nuts.

        • I find Macadamia nuts are the best sub for cashews Anita G x

  • Deb dunt

    Hi Georgia. Could I use melted butter instead of coconut oil?

  • Hi Deb, it will taste a bit different but should still work. Love to hear how it goes G x

  • Sharon

    Hi Georgia, this looks lovely!
    Would other nuts work? We have a cashew allergy to work around.

    • I haven’t tested it but I can’t see why macadamias wouldn’t work Sharon. G x

  • Chantelle Nunez

    Thanks for sharing your yummy recipe. Just wondering if the coconut oil for the topping is 1/2cup (102g) or 170g? Thanks 🙂

    • Sorry typo Chantelle, all fixed, thanks for pointing it out. Enjoy G x

      • Chantelle Nunez

        Thanks 🙂 I made it and it’s delish!

  • I just made this slice and it’s delicious but my cashew layer didn’t set firm for some reason 🙁

  • Hi Carly, that’s very strange. Perhaps pop it in the freezer and serve a bit cooler. G x

    • It firmed up in the end, just took a bit longer than I thought 😉

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