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Rise and Shine to a Well Nourished Breakfast

Would you like to eat a delicious, nutritionally balanced breakfast that will sustain you until lunchtime? Do you find yourself running out of time in the mornings and skipping breakfast or reaching for a processed cereal or toast? Perhaps you just lack variety in your morning meal?

Eating a nutritionally balanced breakfast is the very best thing to improve your energy levels, mood, motivation, productivity and assist in maintaining a healthy body weight.  The ‘Rise and Shine’ ebook is designed to make breakfast nourishing, delicious and do-able!

Today I’m super excited to release my very first ebook “Rise and Shine – A Well Nourished Breakfast.” When I began producing this ebook, I was repeatedly asked ‘why a breakfast book?’ My reasoning is that I always aim to help people find the very best health available to them, and breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day but sadly the most neglected.

In my many years consulting as a naturopath and assessing patients diets, the one meal where most people failed drastically, was breakfast. I found so many people searching for energy, vitality, productivity and better general health; spending large sums of money on supplements and searching for the ‘magic bullet,’ but also neglecting the one meal that could improve both their short and long-term health. In my professional opinion, eating a nutritionally balanced, unprocessed breakfast each and every day is THE very best place to start if you want to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Here’s why…
A wholesome, nourishing breakfast of nutrient dense foods is the best way to kick start your metabolism in the morning and stabilise your blood sugar levels.  A healthy breakfast will provide you with sustained energy, clarity, focus and a stable mood throughout the day.  If you have children, breakfast becomes increasingly important once they go to school. Especially if you have a child who’s lunchbox contents takes a back seat to schoolyard activity.  If lunch is a battle and largely out of your control, the best you can do is make sure the bookends to school hours, that is breakfast and afternoon tea, are nourishing and sustaining.

Research has proven that adults and children who skip breakfast or have an inadequate breakfast are more likely to:

• make poor food choices throughout the day and in the long term generally.  People who eat well at breakfast tend to have much more nutritious diets overall.

• be more prone to obesity and the diseases associated with being overweight.  Eating a nourishing breakfast reduces snacking, improves eating habits and prevents weight gain.

• have a poor mental capacity and experience more fatigue generally.  Eating a nourishing breakfast improves concentration, focus, rate of learning and overall energy levels.

What is a nutritious breakfast?
A breakfast consisting of complex carbohydrates, protein, and essential fats, constitutes a nourishing start to the day.  Unfortunately, toast and Vegemite, a commercial breakfast cereal or boxed drink is quite simply inadequate, and sets you up for a disastrous day – think energy slumps, mood swings and poor concentration, along with cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrate. Have you ever noticed that the breakfast cereal companies change their cereals and labelling to reflect the latest dietary fad? Whilst they will lead you to believe that they are a nourishing start to the day, I’m yet to find one that actually is (in fact most are damaging your health).

Don’t have time?
I’ll argue ’til I’m blue in the face that you do. We are all given the same 24hours in a day and you’ll be a whole lot more productive and achieve much more if you’ve had a proper, unprocessed breakfast.  Plus I’ve made it as quick and easy as possible with the recipes in my new ebook. Take a look at it HERE.

No excuses, this is the most important meal of the day and essential for a healthier, more productive life.  Are you ready to rise and SHINE all day long?

Want to know more about my fabulous breakfast ebook? Then click here to see sample pages and more.

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  • Janey

    OMG Georgia I’m so excited to get a copy of your first ebook a big thank you from me can’t wait to sink my teeth into your breakfast recipes..:)x

  • Miriam

    Just bought your book and I absolutely LOVE it! I will definitely try every single recipe in there! Thank you. Your recipes and advice are so well balanced.

    • Thanks for your wonderful feedback Miriam. Much appreciated G x

  • Beck Emerson

    I made the Breakfast Bread … and it is Yummy! Thank you so so much 🙂

  • Ange

    Thanks Georgia! I’ve just purchased your book and it looks amazing! Just wondering if the recipes like Blueberry Lemon Oat Loaf and Banana Bread etc work just as well with plain flour if I don’t have spelt flour?

    • Thanks Ang. Yes, I find them very interchangeable. I just choose spelt as it’s a more nutritious and digestible grain, maybe one to try next time? Substitute 1:1. Enjoy, G x

  • Melissa

    Georgia your breaky ebook is amazing I have tried about 5 recipes now & it’s the thumbs up from all of us! I only wish your next ebook would be a snacks & after school foods as this is where I struggle the most. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Melissa, thanks for your feedback, I’m thrilled you’re enjoying it. I’m in the process of putting together a school lunchbox book and a kids in the kitchen book right now. It is just a long process, recipe testing every variation (many times) before I even send it to be recipe tested independently. It’s important to me that I don’t produce anything less than perfect which just takes time (and money) – so bare with me! Many of the breakfast book ideas are also great for school (the nut free ones) and after school snacks (nut based). G x

      • Melissa

        Fantastic news, I look forward to it. It’s just the teenager (16) that i can’t keep full that I struggle with.

  • Susan Evans

    Georgia, I love your brekkie ebook (have made at least 6 of the recipes–all were easy & delicious) & your blog in general. Thank you for what you do & sharing your passion with us. Lemon macadamia cookies in the oven–I can hardly wait;)

  • Amy

    Rise and Shine is quite possibly the best recipe book I have ever purchased! I am a self-confessed cookbook addict, but many times I have bought them only to cook one or maybe even nothing out of them. Not your book though!
    The recipes are also really satisfying. As a breastfeeding mother and breakfast lover (I don’t function if I don’t eat breakfast as soon as I wake up) it got to the stage where I was eating 6 weet bix and going back for a bowl of porridge an hour later. My cravings for sugary snacks were also out of control. The first time I made your toasted muesli I was amazed to find myself content and full until lunchtime. I have now made 7 different recipes from the book and they have all been amazing! Slowly working my way through the rest and I am looking forward to breakfast even more with this new variety. Well done and thank you!
    I also really love the extra nutritional information, many substitutions and serving suggestions. It makes transitioning to whole foods so much simpler and more enjoyable.

    • Thanks so much Amy, I’m so glad it has help to improve your way of eating and get you off the dreaded Wheetbix! Breakfast is such great place to start when adopting a healthier eating regime. SO happy to be able to help G x

Kind words…

“I downloaded your ebooks after hearing you speak at the Health and Wellness Summit in Melbourne. Love them, life changing… Don’t stop! Thank you for getting the whole food message out there, I certainly heard it.” Melanie

“I love your ebooks, I have all three of them now and they are now my only go to receipe books. They are simple, wholesome and taste great. THANK YOU!!! I have spent alot of money on courses about healthy eating and recipe books but your books have covered it all and my little man enjoys the snacks etc. Wish I would have found you earlier “. Brooke

“I just want to say a huge thank you for your amazing website and information. I’ve never liked cooking and never got excited by my ‘healthy’ cooking. My husband is even worse and if he could, he would just eat beacon and eggs every morning and steak every night. He hardly ate any veggies. Since I found your website I have gone through almost every recipe. My husband is loving every meal as well – even meat free Monday, and he’s taking left-overs to work for lunch (honestly, who thought that could be so hard?!)” Rose

“You have truly helped me and my family to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been referring to your page every few days, very inspiring, so thank you!” Emily

“Thank you very much for your awesome website & facebook page posts, you have motivated & inspired me heaps!” Fiona

“Just discovered your site 3 weeks ago, its been a great help with kids lunches for back to school, thanks so much!” Ange

“What a fantastic blog filled with so many great recipes and information!” Carla

“I just wanted to let you know that you have absolutely inspired me to a better way of eating, I’ve been making my shopping lists based on recipes you’ve shared and am educating my kids with the reasons behind different foods and why they are good etc! This page has become my little bible hehe! Thank you so much for all the detail you give. It’s absolutely wonderful!” Sky

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