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4 Simple Health Strategies to Survive the Silly Season

They don’t call it the silly season for no reason!  No doubt there will be lots of celebrating over the coming festive season, so I thought I’d share 4 simple strategies to help to support your body and keep you energised through these notoriously overindulgent months.

1. Stay Hydrated
Being well hydrated is one of the simplest, but most potent strategies for staying happy, healthy and fully energised.  I always think of how my plants look if they haven’t been watered – shrivelled, droopy and pretty sad! YOU are no different and you will look and feel so much better, for quenching your thirst.  This is especially important as the weather warms up and your alcohol and coffee intake increases.  If you are adequately hydrated you are also less likely to overindulge as the body easily confuses thirst with hunger!  The very best re-hydrators are simply water, herbal teas or a little unsweetened coconut water (is good if you need to hydrate quickly).

2. Eat the most super food of all
It’s the things you do every day to support your health that really matters.   The term superfood gets thrown around a lot now days with all sorts of exotic things being brilliantly marketed as essential for your diet. Whilst the latest trend in ‘superfoods’ changes regularly, one thing remains the same – vegetables deserve their place as one of nature’s gifts. They are and always have been, the most super foods of all.

So during the silly season, make sure you keep eating your vegetables. All vegetables have unique healing properties but the Brassica family (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, kale and brussels sprouts) have exceptional health-promoting properties, namely their ability to support liver detoxification and reduce inflammation which makes them really essential during the festive season. My new ebook ‘Sides and Salads’ will help make eating your fare share of veggies simple and delicious (and entice even the fussiest eaters). Check it out here.

3. Support your digestive system
Overindulging leaves your digestive system in disarray!  The health of your gut is so important to the way you feel both physically and mentally.  So go easy on your gut by eating slowly and consciously and by avoiding large volumes of liquid, including water, whilst eating (rehydrate between meals).  If you’re really in a rut, support your digestive system with gut nourishing foods like bone broth, fermented vegetables, natural full-fat yogurt or a good quality probiotic supplement may be helpful. More tips on healing your gut in this post.

4. Take time out
The more you feel stressed and busy, the more important it is to take time out to be present and relax. Having a 10 minute break to meditate will not only reduce the impact that stress has on your body, it will leave you feeling calm and more focussed to face a busy day in the most productive way.

Remember, ordinary things that are done consistently produce extraordinary results. Have a very happy and healthy festive season! G x

What helps you to stay happy and healthy at Christmas time? I’d love for you to add your own tips, add a comment below!

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