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These healthy soup recipes are not only delicious, but nutritious also!  With lots of vegan, gluten, dairy, sugar, nut and grain free recipes (I endeavour to offer variations with each recipe), you’ll be sure to find one that delights!


Bone broth for the soul – This simple stock is the most nourishing, nutritious food you could consume.  It should be classified as a ‘super’ food!


Asian Immune Boosting Broth – This recipe is a way of using food as medicine.  Heal your gut and boost your immune system all in one soup.

Image 15

Baked vegetable soup – This staple recipe starts with basic roasted vegetables and can become a soup, sauce or salad.  Great for ‘hiding’ vegetables from kids.

Image 2

Winter Minestrone – This is so delicious, nutrient dense and simple to make.  More a meal in a bowl than a soup.

Asian Noodle soup

Asian Noodle soup (supercharged grain and gluten free) –  A grain, gluten, dairy and fructose free Asian Noodle Soup. This delicious soup has many healing and nourishing ingredients, including the very ‘super’ coconut water!


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