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Strawberry Chia Pudding

This is a delicious, healthy mousse like chia pudding.  It takes minutes to make and is nutritious enough for breakfast, and decadent enough for dessert.  It’s gluten, dairy and grain free and lower in fructose if you use rice syrup.

What’s so good about it?
The strawberries are a delicious berry with a great antioxidant profile.  The coconut milk contains fats which support the immune system, brain, and digestion.  Read more about the health benefits of coconut here.  The chia seeds are a high protein source of Omega 3 fats and are responsible for the gelatinous consistency.  Kerry Rogers says the  properties of the “doTERRA lime or lemon essential oil are antiviral, anti fungal, antiseptic, anti-depressant, restorative & tonic.  They can positively affect the digestive system, respiratory system, and immune system and promote health, healing, physical energy, liver cleansing & air purification.”  She also suggests the orange oil would work well in this recipe.

Serves 4-6

400 grams (approx) of fresh strawberries, hulled
400ml can of coconut milk
85 grams (¼ cup) of brown rice syrup or maple syrup (or more or less to taste)
1 teaspoon of vanilla powder
100 grams (½ cup) chia seeds
4-6 drops of doTERRA Lemon or Lime essential oil (see note below).  Taste after every couple of drops and check the balance of flavour.  You can substitute with zest, but if you have the opportunity try the oil.


  1. Throw it all in a blender and blend on a very high speed until well mixed.
  2. Refrigerate for 4-24 hours.  The longer it is refrigerated, the thicker it becomes.
  3. If you find it has become too thick, mix through a little more coconut milk or water to thin it out.
  4. Serve in a glass garnished with fresh strawberries.

Some kids (or even adults), don’t like the ‘tapioca-like’ texture of the chia seed.  If this is the case just process it for longer or until is smoothes out.

Don’t like coconut milk
Use full fat milk or nut milk instead (or even a little cream).

NOTE:  Only ever use CPTG® grade oils in food, that are clearly marked on the bottle as a being a dietary supplement.  Not all essential oils are created equal and most on the market are simply not safe to take internally.  Please check the safety of essential oils for you with a qualified practitioner.

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Strawberry chia pudding 3

  • this recipe looks totally gorgeous Georgia. I’ve been wanting to have a go at making a chia breakfast pudding for a while now. Organic strawberries are hard to come by where I live on the cold Victorian coast…I might give it a go with frozen organic berries that I can buy at my local supermarket.

    • Hi Nikki, I’ve made a similar one with raspberries and cacao (I call it the cacao berry ripe). I’ll post it in a few weeks but it’s very similar. Yes organic strawberries are gold aren’t they, though I think we fair quite well here in QLD. Though your cherry supply over xmas is amazing. G x

  • Sally

    Hi Georgia,

    I was going to give this a try today as I happened to have almost all of the ingredients at home, but am a bit confused with how many chia seeds to use. If I weigh 1/2 cup of the ones I have, I have about 100g not 20g. Should I go by 20g or the 1/2 cup do you think?

    • Hi Sally, oops, big conversion error that has definitely escaped me. I will change it to the correct measure now. Thanks for picking that up. G x

      • Sally

        No worries! I’ve never cooked with Chia seeds, so I couldn’t have even guessed 🙂

  • Rosanne O’Brien

    Hi G I’ve tryed to buy vanilla powder at Wrays Organics but no luck? Where would I get it from, I’ve been using paste instead in your recipes. Is that ok? X

    • Yes all vanilla is interchangeable (paste, essence). I did get it originally from Wrays (loving earth brand) but have since bought it in bulk when I place a Santos order (I order all my nuts and seeds from them too). It can be expensive but does yield a much stronger flavour so you can use less (though I’m a huge vanilla lover so I tend to be very heavy handed). G x

    • Jodie Ticehurst

      Classic Rosie, great minds think alike!

  • Jodie Ticehurst

    Hey G, I’ve been meaning to ask you, Vanilla Powder (which I found rather expensive for the tiny amount offered) can you use Vanilla Bean Paste instead? This looks like another great breakfast idea for little Miss!

    • Yes, see my response to Rosie below – your minds are thinking like! G x

  • Sally

    Wow! We had this last night and it was absolutely delicious! My husband thought it tasted like cheesecake and we were making plans to layer it in glasses with a crushed macadamia base and some whipped coconut cream on top. A definite keeper!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Yes it does make a great pie/ cheese cake topper. I’m planning on posting some ‘basics’ recipes like pie crusts, bases, sauces, dairy free cream etc soon. I think this might help some readers to extend their creativity. G x

  • Sally O

    OMG, just made these for tonight. So tasty that I’ve eaten half the mixture straight out of the blender before they even made it to the fridge to set! Thanks G x

  • Katie

    Georgia, I recently bought some brown rice syrup and was reading online some negative comments about it, due to the alarmingly high arsenic residues. Is this just happening in America do you know, or is something to be concerned about in Australia too?

    • Hi Katie, great question that I am funnily enough, just about to address in a mail out. Yes the Arsenic concern was based on an American inquiry of rice products (whole rice, rice cereal, rice milk etc), not just rice malt (Arsenic is commonly found in many grains).

      In response to this controversy, Pure Harvest released this statement:

      “The FSANZ standard 1.4.1 permits a level for cereals of 1 mg/kg (ppm) of total arsenic. As can be seen from the test report provided, our rice syrup has a level of <0.040 mg/kg (ppm) of total arsenic (note the less than, this is the detection limit for the specific test used to detect the arsenic in this case, so the actual levels are less than this), so is well below the maximum permitted levels stated in the code. The American FDA do not have any standards set for arsenic in food or beverages, and are in general many years behind Australia and New Zealand in the development and implementation of Food Safety systems.”

      I'm happy with this, but ultimately it's your call. This type of alarm is yet another reason to source organics. Good on you for asking the question. I wish more people thought to make educated decisions about their health. G x

  • Debbie Casey

    Hi Georgia, just made this with mango instead of strawberries. We all loved it- even those who tend not to like chia seeds. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Natalie

    Has anyone omitted the lemon or lime essential oil or zest and it still taste ok? 🙂

  • Yes it is still lovely Natalie without – just a straight out creamy strawberry flavour. Enjoy G x

  • Hannah

    As my 5yr old gluten free, dairy free, Mr fussy pants ran off into school this morning he called back “thank you for the strawberry pudding in my lunchbox Mummy!” I am beyond excited. Getting good fats into him to replace the dairy has been quite the challenge & Ive tried a couple of other chia puds with no success but blitzing the chia seeds was a great tip and the strawberry flavour was divine. I used frozen strawbs that had been hanging around in the freezer and some natvia sweetened strawberry milk powder just to give it an extra kick for Mr Fuss – I’ll skip it next time but you don’t get second chances with this kid so had to make a good first impression! Thank you Georgia!!

    • Great news Hannah, so pleased you have found this delicious recipe for your little man. Yes grinding the chia is the only way my not usually fussy daughter will eat them too, G x

  • Andy

    Hi Georgia, I discovered your site quite recently and have to say that you are an inspiration. I’ve made a few of your recipes now and they have all been huge hits, with my kids and us adults alike! Thank you for so generously sharing. I am continually on the hunt for healthy, easy lunchbox ideas and wondered whether this delicious looking recipe would work. How well does it store? Could I freeze it in Lil Mashies for example? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Andy, really glad I’m able to inspire you in the kitchen. Yes these are perfect to freeze in little mashies, I do it often and my kids love them. Hope yours like them too, G x

  • Kerri

    This looks delicious Georgia! I tried your Chia cherry Ripe recipe from your Rise and Shine ebook but my chia seeds did not swell or absorb any liquid. Did I do something wrong or are my chia seeds a bad batch maybe?

    • Wow, I have never heard of this – they are known for absorbing a huge amount of liquid (17x their volume). I really can’t explain this. I’ve made this 100’s of times personally and the liquid absorbs very quickly. All I can suggest is to try again with a different seed (even if you added a little water to a pinch of them, you should come back to a gelatinous blob). G x

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