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Survive or thrive?

Survive or thrive?

Any processed food can be made to taste, look and feel any combination of ways.  Food science can create anything – using any combination of substances sometimes (but not always) derived from real food, combined with a variety of additives, colours, flavours, enhances, binders, etc; until it becomes a substance that can be marketed and sold as something that tastes good.  These concoctions are then often fortified with vitamins, minerals or other isolated nutrients and marketed as healthy.

Just a few weeks ago, a yogurt company has been partitioned by a consumer group for adding a colouring extracted from the pulverised dried bodies of the cochineal insect to 13 of their fruit flavoured yogurts.  Yes, you read right, insects, and ones that are known to trigger allergic reactions in many people!  It makes you wonder, who is regulating the processed food industry?

As clever as they are, however, what food scientists can’t replicate is the energy or life force present in whole or real foods.  Scientists can recreate a grain of wheat that looks, tastes and for all intensive purposes behaves like wheat – however if placed in the soil it doesn’t grow because it has no life force.  Sea water can be recreated to contain the exact balance of minerals present in the ocean – but it still could not sustain the life forms present in the sea.

Processed foods give us enough to survive (with the help of pharmaceutical medicine when things go wrong), but not enough to thrive (live an abundant life with ample energy, motivation, love, and light).

So next time you consider a food and whether it is truly worthy of ingesting, ask yourself is it…

  • a product of nature (or industry)?
  • contributing any nourishment (or is it nutritionally void)?
  • is it something my great grandmothers, grandmother may have eaten (in times before supermarkets, along time ago)?

When it comes to choosing the foods you eat, ignorance is anything but bliss.  I ask you, is it enough to merely survive?


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  • Sally

    Yes the processed food industry is very good at hiding the real source of their so called “natural” flavours….it pays to read your labels, what are you really buying? If there is an ingredient listed that I don’t recognise in any food I buy, including cosmetics, I don’t buy it. I then come home and google it, surprising (and shocking) what you can learn. Thanks for the article G, I’m off to make your chocolate slice! X

    • Good on you for taking the time to become informed Sally. We sadly can’t take anything for granted – I’ve learned this the hard way with my own health issues. Enjoy the chocolate slice. G x

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