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Toxic Sugar – a Catalyst report

Sugar is being touted as ‘the new dietary villain’ and the driver of obesity and all of the chronic metabolic diseases we know of today.  Want to know more about why sugar is considered toxic to our health?  Spend the next 18 minutes watching (or even just listening) to ‘the bitter truth about sugar’.  This short report will give you much more of an idea why many health experts are looking to sugar as the cause of our current state of poor health.

How much sugar?
Chances are, you are eating a lot more sugar that you realise.  It’s not just the obvious sweet things that contain sugar.  It’s also in so many savoury processed foods.  In fact “one-half of the sugar we consume today is in items we didn’t even know contain sugar,” Professor Robert Lustig.

This  report will answer questions you may have about sugar and its role in weight gain, obesity, accelerated ageing, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.  It also addresses why our peak health authorities are not looking out for our health and a whole lot more.

Make an informed decision, ignorance is not always bliss
It really is up to the individual to make informed decisions about their own health.  I’m not about telling you what you should or shouldn’t eat, rather I just like to share information for you to do what you will.   I also appreciate you sharing your views and experiences  as many of you already have done (by posting a comment on the site or via social media).  Keep ’em coming!

I love reading comments on both my own and others blogs.  I recently read a response (comment) on a blog bagging the people taking a stand against the sugar and processed food industry.  I wish I had copied it down verbatim, but the writer told a story of visiting an uncle in the hospital who was dying of smoking-induced lung cancer.  His uncle lamented about why he didn’t listen to the warnings against smoking before he became diseased.  The commenter warned the writer of the blog that he may find himself unwell and regret his ignorance as his uncle had if he continued to ignore the warnings about fructose.

It’s been predicted that this next generation will not live as long as the current.  I know it may sound dramatic, but we need to act now to protect the health and well-being of our children and subsequent generations.

Spend a few minutes watching or listening to this ABC TV Science – Catalyst Report, Toxic Sugar by clicking on the link below.  It’s worth 18 minutes of your time.

Want more?
I’ve got plenty more, but for now, you might also like to read a National Geographic story “Sugar love (a not so sweet story)

ALSO, this CBC documentary is simply fascinating.  Some inside information about the role the food processing industry plays in making sure you are addicted to sugar and some very affluent doctors and professors expressing a genuine concern that sugar is driving many, many diseases.  Really worth taking the time to watch.

Did you find these videos helpful?  Love to know your thoughts on the subject and also happy to answer questions if I am able.



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  • Arna

    Thanks for sharing the links, very interesting! and a bit scary…

    • Your very welcome. The Heart Foundations response to this program was even more scary. Just proves we need to look out for ourselves and just eat real food! G x

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  • Lucy

    I’ve sent this link to a few people as I thought it was so interesting… after watching it last night, I’ve woken up with a whole new thought process. Some changes will be happening today, that’s for certain. I have a question – how much sugar should an adult be having on a daily basis? There are so many different answers online these days! I thought you’re the best source to ask! x

    • This is the million dollar question. The problem is that not all sugars are biochemically the same. It’s why food nutrition panels are of little value as you can NOT assess a food as a sum of it’s parts. Even though the food processing and weight loss industries will have you think otherwise. Labels don’t distinguish between fructose, or glucose, or maltose, or lactose etc; Fructose seems to be of most concern because of the the reasons outlined in in the Catalyst report. Really eating a whole food diet, not to much fruit, avoiding processed food and where possible switching to fructose free sweeteners is a good start. Sarah Wilson’s IQS program is worth a look if you need more guidance. So in answer to your question, I don’t have an answer, sorry! Sugar is multifaceted – it isn’t a single molecule with one action. G x

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