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Two Ingredient Coconut Cookies

So today the lovely Stace, from A Healthy Mum has been so generous to share a fabulous recipe from her ebook ‘A Healthy Lunchbox.’ The simple things in life are often the best. Made with just two ingredients, these cookies are a perfect balance of good fats and natural sugars. Combined, the result is something incredibly delicious.

¾ cup shredded coconut
1 large, ripe banana


  1. Preheat your oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with a sheet of baking paper. Toast the coconut in a pan over a medium heat until it is lightly browned.
  2. Add the banana to a blender with the toasted coconut. Pulse until the mixture comes together and the coconut is fine.
  3. Shape the mixture into discs and space apart evenly on the baking tray. If the mixture is runny, spoon it onto the tray. Bake the cookies until golden (approximately 25 minutes).

Serving Suggestion
These cookies are delicious served as is or for something extra special, use them to make healthy ice cream sandwiches. If they go soft, pop them in the freezer and they will crisp up nicely.

Nutritional Tip
The more ripe the banana the more concentrated its natural sugars are. This makes them especially perfect for baking.

Fridge for 3 days or freezer for 1 month

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  • Penelope Chapman

    Great recipe! We should call them biscuits! Sorry can’t stand the word “cookies” , it’s so American. I do wish we would stop copying them.

    • Thanks Penelope – good point, taken. G x

      • Sass

        So funny! Such a minor non issue but I had exactly the same thought!! x

        • I actually didn’t name these (a guest recipe). But I had this discussion re cookies vs biscuits, with a friend a while ago. She felt that biscuits were representative of something from a packet and cookies were home made. It’s like the broth vs stock argument (I think stock is now called broth since ‘stock cubes’ and packet ‘stock’ hit the supermarkets). Or maybe broth is just a trendy name? lol G x

          • Marion Martineer

            Hi Georgia, I can’t help myself, I just had to comment on this too. I agree with Penelope. Biscuits is Australian and Cookies is American. It has nothing to do with packages (except as a marketing strategy and chocolate chip cookies is great alliteration). On the stock and broth situation… same again Australian vs American. You are obviously young and Australia has been slowly become Americanised from all the TV shows that have been re-run over the years!

    • Fiona

      Haha, my Mum growls at me when I say cupcakes, she tells me they’re patty-cakes!

  • Claire

    These were so simple to make and delicious. My boys love them. Thank you! Xx

  • tania

    They are easy and delicious, but save yourself some time and make a double batch!

    • Glad you enjoyed them Tania – great tip, I always make double of my faves too G x

  • Rachel

    Simple and works exactly the same from frozen banana (I didn’t thaw first, just blended with the toasted coconut in my thermomix). The real test will be with the kids in the morning!

  • Ha ha – thats one I haven’t heard before x

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