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Mango coconut parfait
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Mango and Coconut Parfait (with Salted Pineapple)

One of my most favourite desserts, this Mango and Coconut Parfait (with Salted Pineapple) is really very easy to make and such a lovely, light way to finish off a meal. 
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time1 hr 30 mins
Course: Dessert
Servings: 4


Mango layer

Coconut layer

  • 270 ml canned coconut milk (I like Ayam brand)
  • 1 tbsp grass-fed or organic gelatin
  • 1 tsp vanilla -powder, extract or essence
  • 2 tbsp rice malt syrup, honey or maple syrup -optional


Mango layer

  • In a powerful blender or food processor purée the mango until smooth. Sprinkle over the gelatin and mix through.
  • Add the boiling water and mix well until the gelatine has dissolved.
  • Pour into 4-6 glasses and refrigerate to set.
  • Once set make your coconut layer.

Coconut layer

  • Place half the coconut milk in a small pot with the vanilla and sweetener and heat, stirring until the sweetener dissolves (only a minute or so) then remove from the heat immediately.
  • Sprinkle the gelatin over the unheated half of the coconut milk, mix together until dissolved and then add to the hot coconut milk, mixing until combined and the gelatin is dissolved.
  • Allow to cool a little and pour a layer on top of the mango jelly.
  • Return to the fridge to set.
  • Chill until you are ready to serve.


  • I've served this with salted pineapple (diced about half a cup of  pineapple into small cubes and cook over a high heat with a tablespoon of salted butter for a few minutes).  If you'd like a more caramelised pineapple, add a tablespoon of sweetener as well as the butter.
  • Toasted coconut flakes
  • Passionfruit or berries would be lovely too


  • Covered in the fridge.



Replace the mango with 1 cup of raspberries, pureed and pushed through a sieve (to remove the pips). Chose rice malt syrup as your sweetener and serve with more berries. This is a good option if mango is out of season or not available to you/


You can replace the gelatin with agar-agar (I haven't recipe tested as yet).

Make a gummy slice

You can make a slice with one or both layers by setting it in a lined slice tin. 

I love, love, love creating delicious goodies with gelatin. I'd love to hear how you like this recipe. Post a comment or rate this recipe below!